Habits 2 Goals: The Habit Factor® Podcast With Martin Grunburg | Goal Achievement, Productivity  Success Simplified

Habits 2 Goals: The Habit Factor® Podcast With Martin Grunburg | Goal Achievement, Productivity & Success Simplified


If youve ever struggled to achieve your goals you are not alone! The reason just might be because ALL prior goal achievement methods missed ONE key element H A B I T! That's right, The Habit Factor® (bestselling book and app) exposed a timeless truth that helped to launch an entirely new genre of productivity apps (habit trackers) and help thousands around the world achieve their goals faster!Theres a reason top coaches, consultants, trainers, Professional athletes, Olympians, PhDs and the very best learning institutions world-wide have adopted and recommend The Habit Factor®.This is your chance to learn and apply The Habit Factor's insights and specific goal achievement methodology (plus, habit alignment technology) to achieve your biggest and most important goals faster than you ever thought possible! Check it out learn more at: http://thehabitfactor.comLook for our series: Step-by-step: How to Make 2018 a Breakthrough Year!

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  • S618: Knowledge vs. Wisdom
    S618: Knowledge vs. Wisdom
    Duración: 15min | 01/11/2019

    "Knowledge is knowing tomato is a fruit; wisdom is not putting it into a fruit salad.” ~Miles Kington On this Frequently Asked Friday, we tackle the age-old question: What's the difference between knowledge and wisdom? Earlier this season we tackled wisdom as a standalone topic. This time, though, a LinkedIn post inspires Martin to revisit the question and review some of the common myths and misunderstandings. A key distinction is that wisdom—much like principles—does not waiver. The wisdom of thousands of years ago is as true today as it was then. Knowledge, on the other hand, is not static; it changes from one day to the next. Eggs are bad for you, then they are good for you. There were nine planets in our solar system, now there are eight. Knowledge is backward-looking and evolves over time. In fact, understanding that knowledge is backward-looking inspired one of the most knowledgeable people ever, Albert Einstein, to proclaim, "imagination is more important than knowledge." Listen in to learn more about

  • S617: Goal-Setting 201
    S617: Goal-Setting 201
    Duración: 45min | 30/10/2019

    "If Artificial Intelligence (AI) is goal-directed behavior, then setting meaningful and worthwhile goals is a true sign of real intelligence." Henry J. Evans joins Habits2Goals to pick up where last week's episode, Goal-Setting 101, left off, continuing our discussion of the massive topic of goal-setting.  Last week we discussed the what, why, and how of goal-setting, among other things learning why SMART goals aren't smart, how to become the best version yourself that you can imagine, how to stay motivated, and how habits and tracking are game-changers when you're creating your own vision of yourself.  This week, we look at the importance of setting goals, managing the inevitable setbacks that come with goal setting, how accountability plays a role, and why tracking habits is the magic secret sauce in goal achievement. Listen in to hear more on why goal-directed behavior is the very definition of intelligence, why goals are mostly about your capacity to set the goal and go after it, how tracking is key, and

  • S616: Shut Up!
    S616: Shut Up!
    Duración: 13min | 28/10/2019

    "If everything is energy—and it is—what do you think happens when you flap your gums?"  Today's Mind Bullet is a bit brutal but necessary: Shut Your Freaking Mouth! In other words, silence.  We talked about this idea in a blog post called "Shut Your Pie Hole," discussing oversharing as a personal development hurdle, and it is eloquently explained in this TED Talk: Derek Sivers, Keep Your Goals to Yourself. This MBM was sparked by a Facebook post by someone who continually complains. When good things happen, such as finally getting a new job, there's yet more griping and rambling about downsides, even on day one.  Their story is on repeat; it's habitual complaining. Where's the gratitude? Where's the personal responsibility? So shut up!  It's not just about constant complainers. We lose focus and dissipate our energy every time we mindlessly overshare, especially when it comes to goals.  Sometimes it seems like everyone needs to tweet or express publicly whatever sound bite is in their head. Keeping quiet and

  • S615: Where Can I Find Hope?
    S615: Where Can I Find Hope?
    Duración: 15min | 25/10/2019

    "Where there is hope in the future, there is happiness in the present.” On this Frequently Asked Friday, we tackle the question: Where can I find hope? In our recent How Can I Stay Motivated? episode, we discussed failure as a stepping stone to success, not the opposite of success. In fact, the opposite of success might be hopelessness, because, without hope, there's no opportunity to create our ideal future. Temporary feelings of hopelessness and sadness are normal, but persistent hopelessness is dangerous. Hope means there's opportunity in the future, and since no one knows what the future truly holds, we are free to use hope to craft and believe in a better future. While creating a great future takes vision, goals, faith, and belief, it all begins with an understanding of hope. Where there is hope in the future, there is happiness in the present.  Listen in for more on holding onto hope; using a hopeful future to drive today's happiness; and how to manufacture hope through goals, heroes, and even books. En

  • S614: Goal Setting 101
    S614: Goal Setting 101
    Duración: 47min | 23/10/2019

    "Success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal or ideal.” ~Earl Nightingale Today's episode brings back legendary former co-host Henry J. Evans—a dynamic marketing expert, best-selling author, speaker, and consultant—for an important introduction to goal-setting. Habits2Goals exists to help listeners learn to set and achieve goals, supported by habits, and live life to their full potential. But it's important to take it back to the beginning for a refresher on just HOW to set goals in the first place—and why it's so critical. Goals can be as broad as your overall life purpose or as minute as what you're doing right now, today, and setting goals requires an understanding of your own values. The first step, as MG calls it, is "beginning with the end in mind." Project yourself 5, 10, 20 years down the road. Who is that person? What habits do they have? Are you proud to be this person? What do you want to be like and how do you want to be? Then you can go about building that person from the ground up. N

  • S613: Belonging
    S613: Belonging
    Duración: 11min | 21/10/2019

    "I long, as does every human being, to be at home wherever I find myself." Maya Angelou Today's Mind Bullet once again digs into the root of a word to find more understanding. This time, we look at the word belonging.   A Facebook post is the genesis of this episode. A friend shared a post on a military veteran's experience of belonging and how finding that sense of belonging post-service was a difficult search.  The first definition of "belong" is to possess something. The second is to be a member or part of a particular group. Think about that first definition when you find yourself searching for that sense of belonging. Perhaps that journey should start inside and become something you possess rather than something you seek. Listen in to hear more about the idea of belonging, possessing an internal sense of belonging before trying to find it outside, and how belonging, just like everything else, begins with you. *** New listeners: By texting the word "HABITS" to the mobile phone number "33444" you will inst

  • S612: What Are the Keys to Happiness?
    S612: What Are the Keys to Happiness?
    Duración: 16min | 18/10/2019

    "There is no way to happiness; happiness is the way.” ~Buddha On this Frequently Asked Friday we tackle the massive idea of happiness once again. In season 4 we addressed the topic "How Can I Be Happy?" toward people fighting through depression and sadness. Today, however, we explore the question, "What Are the Keys to Happiness?" A paradigm-shifting concept is simply to choose happiness. The idea of happiness as a choice goes back thousands of years, and yet too many of us expect perfect circumstances to bring us happiness. To achieve happiness, your basic circumstantial needs (food, shelter) must be met. Taking care of our bodies is vital, as our energy relies on health and wellness.  Optimizing your environment influences your happiness. Surround yourself with positivity to set yourself up for success at choosing happiness. Importantly, goal achievement via habit tracking—along with the right mindset—is a critical element of happiness. Listen in for more on about making happiness a choice, setting yourself

  • S611: Paul Reynolds
    S611: Paul Reynolds
    Duración: 42min | 16/10/2019

    "Put yourself in the shoes of others and make it part of your core values; it's the basis of customer-centered ideology.” ~Paul Reynolds This week's Habits2Goals interview spotlights a phenomenal CEO and entrepreneur, Paul Reynolds, whose business insights come fast and furious. Paul is a lifelong entrepreneur and the CEO of EasiHair Pro, a leader in the hair extension industry that utilizes a revolutionary tape-in method. Growing up in Capetown, South Africa, with an entrepreneurial father, Paul learned the value of both hard work and taking time to enjoy life. He immigrated to the U.S. with his family, attended San Diego State University, and dreamed of owning his own business. His father steered him toward an accounting career to prepare him for the rigors and challenges of entrepreneurship, and while he enjoyed the work, he yearned for the freedom of working for himself. He figured out that "niches bring riches" and was inspired by his father's wig business to found EasiHair. Wigs were a niche, and hair e

  • S610: Lost
    S610: Lost
    Duración: 10min | 14/10/2019

    "Being 'lost' isn't as much about not knowing where you are as much as it is about knowing where you want to go."  Today's Mind Bullet stems from a reader's feedback, appreciating the way we dig into the etymology of a word to extract its true meaning and look at it in a new light. We did this with our Quest episode, and today we put the spotlight on the word lost. First, why do we do this? A Zen quote says, "To the beginner all things are possible, and to the expert few things are possible." When we keep a growth mindset—a beginner's mind—we find ourselves always open to learning. Too often we close ourselves off to learning with our preconceived notions.  Take the word lost. The definition of lost is, "Unable to find one's way; not knowing one's whereabouts." We usually default to the second understanding of lost—not knowing one's whereabouts. But the first part of the definition is critical when we're trying to move on from our own feelings of being lost. We've all said it and felt it: "I feel lost." But i

  • S609: How Can I Stay Motivated After Failure?
    S609: How Can I Stay Motivated After Failure?
    Duración: 11min | 11/10/2019

    "Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” ~Thomas Edison Today's Frequently Asked Friday is deceptively straightforward: How can you stay motivated after repeated failures? First, let's get a "right perspective" on failure. Is failure the opposite of success? Absolutely not! Anyone who has ever succeeded has failed along the way. Think about Thomas Edison and his fabled 10,000 failures before he refined and invented the lightbulb. Was he wondering how to stay motivated? No! Every time he failed, he felt one step closer to success. Whether in business or any area of life, "failure" isn't the opposite of success. Failure means energy and effort was put toward a goal, so the experience is valuable. The real danger is hopelessness. But what about motivation? Think about your motive. As Tony Robbins said, "If you have a big enough why, you can always find the how." Listen in to hear about using failure as a stepping stone to success, figuring out if

  • S608: Shay Eskew
    S608: Shay Eskew
    Duración: 53min | 09/10/2019

    "I learned early on that I couldn’t control what happened to me, but I could control what I did about it.” ~Shay Eskew Habits2Goals is proud to present a powerful interview with best-selling author, motivational speaker, Ironman, and fellow Rim-to-Rim-to-Rim adventurer Shay Eskew.  Shay's story is inspiring and motivating, showing that self-made success is possible despite overwhelming obstacles. At the age of 8, a neighbor's child accidentally set Shay on fire. Shay saved the life of his 7-year-old friend and suffered burns on more than 65 percent of his body.  Despite being told he'd never play sports again—and enduring more than 35 surgeries over the last 36 years—Shay is a four-time Ironman, member of Team USA, and 25-time Ironman 70.3 athlete. He is ranked in the top 1 percent of Ironman athletes worldwide and has competed in 11 Triathlon World Championships in seven countries on four continents.   Shay shares his gut-wrenching fight to rise above his injuries and reclaim his life, and how he rose above

  • S607: The 10,000 Hour Rule
    S607: The 10,000 Hour Rule
    Duración: 11min | 07/10/2019

    "Practice isn't the thing you do once you're good. It's the thing you do that makes you good." ~Malcolm Gladwell Today's Mind Bullet revolves around a famous success tenet that, when you look deeper, simply reflects the magic of The Habit Factor: The 10,000-hour rule.  The 10,000-hour rule was made famous in Malcolm Gladwell's book Outliers, which discusses the outlier-type variables that influence success, for example when you were born.  10,000 hours spent practicing a skill. This rings a bell. What is created when you do something over and over again until you become unconsciously proficient? That's right! A habit! In Outliers, while Gladwell points out the seemingly random occurrences that contribute to success, he discusses one consistent success factor that holds true across all instances: the 10,000 rule. That is, practicing a specific task that can be accomplished with 20 hours of work a week for 10 years, leading to otherworldly proficiency. Tune in for more on Gladwell's 10,000-hour rule, the one gr

  • S606: How Long To Develop a Good Habit?
    S606: How Long To Develop a Good Habit?
    Duración: 18min | 04/10/2019
  • S605: David Rendall
    S605: David Rendall
    Duración: 01h06min | 02/10/2019
  • S604: Quest
    S604: Quest
    Duración: 19min | 30/09/2019
  • S603: How to Kill a Bad Habit
    S603: How to Kill a Bad Habit
    Duración: 11min | 27/09/2019
  • S602: Michel Kripalani
    S602: Michel Kripalani
    Duración: 01h04s | 25/09/2019
  • S601: Your Future Self
    S601: Your Future Self
    Duración: 11min | 23/09/2019

    "We tend to believe that in the future, we're much, much better." "You can't build a reputation on what you are going to do." Henry Ford Habits2Goals kicks off its sixth season with a powerful Mind Bullet: Your Future Self.  A topic called "behavioral economics" was the catalyst for this mind bullet. In his book The Undoing Project, author Michael Lewis discussed the concept of behavioral economics—the idea that humans are not rational creatures. They're emotional. Sometimes they eat too much, sometimes they drink too much, etc. The concept of behavioral economics cropped up again in an NPR podcast featuring Richard Thaler, who won a Nobel Prize for behavioral economics and is the author of Misbehaving: The Making of Behavioral Economics. Thaler said something that resonated: "We are all better in our future self." Think about it: Our future self is amazing! We say things like, "I'm going to get her flowers next week." "When I get my raise, I'm going to save more money." I'm going to eat better, give more, sa

  • Planning
    Duración: 29min | 16/09/2019

    "Every minute you spend in planning saves 10 minutes in execution; this gives you a 1,000 percent Return on Energy!”. ~Brian Tracy "Plans are worthless, but planning is everything. ~Dwight Eisenhower *** First, some great news! Season 6 of Habits2Goals officially kicks off next Monday, September 23, complete with our Mind Bullet Mondays, Interview Wednesdays, and Frequently Asked Fridays! Mark your calendars, make sure you're subscribed, and tell a friend! *** Today's Mind Bullet, Planning, tackles a subject that has huge implications on our lives, yet it's something so obvious that it gets overlooked, much to our detriment. You may know about planning. You may agree that it's important. But are you doing it? Do you have a plan for your life? We're good at things like planning a vacation. But we rarely take the time to pause, breathe, and ask ourselves the hard questions: Where do you want to be in 60 days? 90 days? A year? Three years? These are powerful questions because when we visualize ourselves hitting

  • Synergy
    Duración: 19min | 09/09/2019

    "Synergy is what happens when one plus one equals 10 or 100 or even 1,000! It's the profound result when two or more respectful human beings determine to go beyond their preconceived ideas to meet a great challenge." ~Stephen R. Covey Today's Mind Bullet, Synergize, flows from last week's THEM, which discussed how significant relationships are to our lives and how important it is to take the "smooth handle" in our interactions. Any discussion of synergy has to include a recap of the great Stephen R. Covey book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Be Proactive: YOU! are responsible. Begin With the End in Mind: Have vision and Foresight Put First Things First: This is the kernel of The Habit Factor, where we intentionally craft habits in line with our goals to reach them more quickly. (These first three habits are about "personal victory," i.e., you. The next 3 habits move into "public victory," i.e., relationships) Think Win-Win: Your intention takes others into account. Seek First to Understand, Then

  • THEM!
    Duración: 22min | 02/09/2019

    "Always take things by the smooth handle." ~Thomas Jefferson On the heels of the previous episodes "Nobody Cares," "Hypnotized," and "YOU," which all focused inwardly, this week's mind bullet shifts to look at THEM—other people.  Nobody Cares looked at the idea that we're all carrying burdening stories we needn't be lugging around; Hypnotized examined how we convince ourselves that certain self-defeating stories are true; and You emphasized that the best way to improve the world is to improve yourself.  While improving ourselves is always the first part of the equation, we can't do it alone. We have to understand how to work with others.  Thomas Jefferson once said, "Always take things by the smooth handle." This means that when dealing with other people, instead of trying to force your way and lobby for your cause, try to understand their point of view and work with them.  Benjamin Franklin was a great example of taking things by the smooth handle, as explained in Walter Isaacson's excellent biography. Ben w

  • YOU!
    Duración: 11min | 26/08/2019

    "Nobody improves the world without first improving themselves." "Nothing will bring you peace; you must bring yourself to it." "Joy is not in things, it is in us." Today's Mind Bullet topic, YOU, builds off the past two episodes. In Nobody Cares, we examined the strange and often damaging beliefs we hold onto, and in Are You Hypnotized? we looked more deeply at the stories we tell ourselves that hold us back. The common denominator, of course, is YOU. Things don't change; you change. There is no "out there," there is only in here. If you want the world to change, changing yourself is the only way. Whatever the problem, "you" is the answer." Looking inward is the greatest gift you can give to yourself and the world. Listen in to hear more about taking 100 percent responsibility for your life by understanding YOU are in control of your own thoughts, words, views and intensions, and using concentration and energy to focus on your own life experience.  Enjoy the episode!  *** New listeners: By texting the word "H

  • Hypnotized
    Duración: 12min | 19/08/2019

    "The greatest illusion you'll ever know is the 'reality' in which you believe." Today's Mind Bullet centers around a massive concept: How hypnotized are you?  We're all hypnotized, that is, we buy into beliefs about ourselves and the world around us—which isn't a bad thing. But if you're not experiencing your ideal life—if you're dissatisfied and unhappy—the first place to look is at those beliefs about yourself you hold so firmly.  The idea of being hypnotized by our beliefs was touched upon in last week's episode, "Nobody Cares," which discussed how we carry around stories about ourselves, both fearing and expecting reactions from others. These stories are our beliefs, and what we believe has a direct effect on our happiness and self-worth.  We believe our beliefs wholeheartedly; they touch upon everything in our lives — our self-worth, whether or not we're athletic, how and what we should eat, politics, attractiveness, etc. "I'm an introvert." "I'm destined to be overweight." "I'm not someone who takes on

  • Nobody Cares
    Nobody Cares
    Duración: 15min | 12/08/2019

    "You wouldn't worry so much about what others think of you if you knew how seldom they do." ~Eleanor Roosevelt Today's topic is unexpectedly enlightening: Nobody cares. Nobody cares — and that's a good thing. This subject was triggered by a book that was a joy to read called "Barbarian Days: A Surfing Life," by William Finnegan, a Pulitzer Prize-winning New Yorker columnist who chronicles his surfing adventures. At one point, worried about people finding out he was a "dumb surfer," he eventually came to the conclusion that "apparently, nobody cared." Whether it's beliefs we carry around or perceptions of ourselves we strive to shape in the minds of others, the truth of the matter is, nobody really cares.  MG once wrote a book, "The Three C's of Success," under a pen name, thinking, "Who am I to be writing about success?" Ultimately, he shouldn't have bothered with the pen name—nobody was judging. Stephen King wrote a book under a pseudonym "Richard Bachman" because of a publisher's concern that he was being t

  • Efficacy
    Duración: 17min | 05/08/2019

    "Self-efficacy is your first step toward goal achievement and following PARR is the key to self-efficacy." Today's topic, efficacy, is especially relevant to new listeners and those starting out on their goal-achievement journey. Self-efficacy, in fact, is the ability to produce a desired result, as in a goal. When attempting a goal, we all have to bridge a gap between where we are (X) and what we want to accomplish (Y). Surprisingly, this has less to do with discipline or motivation than it does with self-efficacy.  How do we create the bridge from where we are to our desired destination? Self-efficacy is the key, and PARR (Plan, Act, Record, Reassess) is your golden ticket to self-efficacy. Say your goal is to lose 30 pounds. To get from +30 to -30, following the Habit Factor methodology, you download the tracking sheet or use the tracking tool in the app. You decide on the habits that will get you to your goal and start tracking them.  What does this have to do with self-efficacy? We've planned; now we're

  • No Pain, No Pain
    No Pain, No Pain
    Duración: 15min | 29/07/2019

    "No man is free who cannot command himself."~Pythagoras You may be familiar with the old adage, "No pain, no gain." But on a dingy wall in a college apartment by the beach, MG and his roommates had a sign that read, "No pain, no pain." This phrase is even more enlightening in the context of these MBM episodes that have been focusing on challenge and change.  We often get the question, why do I need to challenge myself? Life is hard enough already. Yes, life is hard; therefore, giving ourselves challenges, often physical, helps us to create mental breakthroughs and personal growth. "No pain, no pain." Not challenging yourself, not putting yourself in a state of growth, is comfortable. There's no pain — TODAY. But this is static thinking. Because life is dynamic, you may end up paying for that comfort and pain-free existence later, with health issues or emotional roadblocks. We get too wrapped up in dichotomous thinking, but life is about balance. It's this AND that. Go fast AND slow. Life is short AND long. Yo

  • Eat That Frog!
    Eat That Frog!
    Duración: 16min | 22/07/2019

    "If the first thing you do each morning is eat a live frog, you can go through the rest of your day knowing that was probably the very worst thing that will happen to you the rest of your day."~Brian Tracy Your “frog” is your biggest, ugliest, perhaps most difficult and often most important task, the one you are most likely to procrastinate on and keep pushing out into an unspecified future. Chances as good that each and everyone of us are avoiding something; a doctor's appointment, paying a bill, making a phone call, etc., There is undoubtedly a brutal task starring you in the face and often the irony is we only make these tasks seem larger and more difficult by putting them off. "Nothing is so fatiguing as the eternal hanging on of the uncompleted task" goes an old saying. And Lao Tzu advised, "Do the difficult things while they are easy and the great things while they are small. For some of us the "Frog" is getting ourselves to the gym every other morning. So, the challenge for us is to stop thinking about

  • Foresight
    Duración: 38min | 15/07/2019

    "The best way to predict the future is to create it." ~Drucker This week's topic has applications in all facets of life, from our daily routines to relationships and goals: foresight.   Foresight is the ability to predict what might happen or what may be needed in the future. Foresight can be a useful skill, a tool to sharpen, and can arm us with better preparation to be successful. Think about it: How many times during the day do you use foresight as a tool in your life? Say you're heading into a company meeting. You may imagine what the meeting will look like and sound like. What goals or aspirations do you have going into the meeting? How might you best achieve those goals? Your foresight will likely serve you well. Whether it’s a company meeting, relationship, financial or career goals, or any other objective, foresight is a tool unique to humans and one that should be sharpened!  This episode was recorded before MG's Rim2Rim2Rim Grand Canyon Hike (read about it here), and during the episode he discusses

  • Climbing II
    Climbing II
    Duración: 31min | 08/07/2019

    "Give yourself physical challenges and they will create mental breakthroughs!"  Last week we introduced MG’s latest “challenge and change” experiment, merging the metaphorical and literal concepts of climbing and understanding the endurance and strength that climbing brings. In this episode, we recap his adventures conquering the R2R2R Challenge from June 30-July 1, sharing lessons learned along with a few tales from this experience alongside a group of Ironman/entrepreneurs. Concepts from The Pressure Paradox dominated this challenge, highlighting the importance of the 3 P’s: Plan, Prepare and Practice. After all, the higher the stakes, the greater the importance of planning, preparing and practicing -- and these stakes were high! Except sometimes we throw ourselves a curveball during a challenge: MG never foresaw the possibility that he’d be trail running at least the first half of each day, but that’s exactly what he decided to do when a small fraction of the group took off at 4:45 a.m. in the early dawn

  • Climbing
    Duración: 23min | 01/07/2019

    "After climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb." ~Nelson Mandela The Habit2Goal podcast's mission is particularly in line with today's subject: climbing. We're all climbing metaphorically through the challenges in our lives, but MG's latest physical challenge merged the metaphorical and literal, learning about the endurance and strength that comes from climbing.  If everything goes according to plan, as you listen to this episode MG will be headed back from the North rim of the Grand Canyon back to the South, after going the previous day from the South to the North. It's called the Rim-to-Rim-to-Rim (R2R2R) challenge, and preparation and training for the last three months has been fairly intense. Challenge and change is a common theme on Habits2Goals. We set new challenges because life is hard -- we can either sit around and settle into complacency or we can go out and test our mental and physical toughness. Since this latest challenge was quite literally about climbing,

  • Entropy
    Duración: 18min | 23/06/2019

    "If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration." ~Nikola Tesla "We cannot create or destroy energy, it simply transforms." ~Albert Einstein Today's Mind Bullet topic is a big one that ties into our fascination with ENERGY: entropy.  The first law of thermodynamics is the idea that the energy cannot be created or destroyed in an isolated system. The second law of thermodynamics is entropy — within a system, disorder is always increasing.  We see entropy all around us in our chaotic, daily lives, as things break down, get rebuilt, and break down again. We see entropy in action as we age, watching our own bodies break down. In fact, perhaps nothing illuminates time itself as a forward motion better than entropy. You never see things un-break unless you are watching a film in reverse! Fighting entropy has spawned untold businesses. Think of the tidying up empire Marie Kondo has built based solely on reducing the chaos of clutter in our lives. Think of the succe

  • Success
    Duración: 24min | 17/06/2019

    "You have to put in many, many, many tiny efforts that nobody sees or appreciates before you achieve anything worthwhile." ~Brian Tracy Today's Mind Bullet is as big as they get combining many essential components within The Habit Factor: the overarching concept of Success. What is success to you? What criteria would you ascribe to someone you deem to be successful? The great Brian Tracy, in his Psychology of Achievement, breaks down the criteria for success: 1. Peace of mind. 2. Health (energy, vibrancy). 3. Relationships (healthy, loving). 4. Financial freedom (free from money worry and stress). 5. The pursuit of worthy goals and ideas. This, of course, is what the Habit Factor process, awareness and methodology is all about! Goals and ideals, after all, are a byproduct of having a purpose and direction. 6. Self-actualization: the idea of becoming the most and best of what we can become -- and this only happens through the pursuits of worthy goals and ideas! It's worth noting that all these criteria have a

  • Challenge and Change III
    Challenge and Change III
    Duración: 16min | 10/06/2019

    "Nobody improves the world without first improving themselves." "If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you." We've explored the subject of Challenge and Change twice before, once from the angle of MG's challenge journey and the perspective of "all life is an experiment," and once again to explore jumping into new challenges with a "now or never" attitude. There isn't a topic as critical to The Habit Factor's fiber as challenge and change; The Habit Factor methodology is designed to guide you through your transformation on your way to your goals. But the question still remains: Life is already hard enough. Why do we need to throw in a massive undertaking like an Ironman, a half-marathon, writing a book, or whatever monster goal you have hovering in the back of your mind? One answer: It's because life itself is challenging, and change is a great constant that challenging ourselves with goals makes us stronger and more resilient. Challenges will always be present so who do you think is going to fare b

  • Chess II
    Chess II
    Duración: 17min | 03/06/2019

    "Chess is life in miniature. Chess is struggle, chess is battles. ~Garry Kasparov”  Last week we explored the topic of chess as a metaphor for the goal-achievement process, illustrating the strategic thinking, planning, defensive posturing and awareness you'll need on your goal achievement journey.  This week, we look at the lessons of chess that come into play when problem-solving.  At a Memorial Day barbecue, MG ran into an old friend with a complicated life -- running a business, handling a divorce, raising children and navigating a new relationship. When the topic turned to  his sailboat, on which he and his family loved to play games, MG asked, "How often do you play chess?" Without skipping a beat the friend responded, "'I'm playing chess every da."  Without hearing the prior Chess podcast episode, he intuitively equated the complex game to the logic, strategy, vulnerability assessment, small victories and sacrifices required to navigate the challenges of day-to-day life.  When facing problems in life,

  • Chess
    Duración: 16min | 27/05/2019

    "Life is a kind of Chess, in which we have often points to gain, and competitors or adversaries to contend with.” ~Benjamin Franklin On this in-between-seasons Habits2Goals episode, we explore the fascinating Mind Bullet topic of chess. Chess is thousands of years old and encompasses infinite possibilities, confounding even the grand masters. Its strategies and complexities have dynamic applications to real life.  When you play the game, whether against a person or a computer, your "goal" is clear: Get the king. On the way to your goal there will be many battles. Some pieces will be strategically sacrificed to protect another piece. The entire way, you're forced to look at things logically from your end goal.  Chess has many benefits, from raising confidence and IQ in children to enhancing your ability to focus and recollect. Chess develops your skills of foresight and planning; you see the layers you must wade through to get to the end goal.  Chess is a phenomenal tool for strategic thinking and planning, u

  • Go DEEP!
    Go DEEP!
    Duración: 21min | 20/05/2019

    "The first step in the acquisition of wisdom is silence, the second listening, the third memory, the fourth practice, the fifth teaching others.” ~Solomon Ibn Gabirol  Today's in-between-seasons Mind Bullet Monday delves into the idea of going deep and what it means for true wisdom and how it can help your own personal goal achievement journey.  We've discussed wisdom in the past, and we know that mastery and learning come via repetition. In this vein, re-listening to a Brian Tracy podcast on relationships sparked a new gem of understanding.  around the concept of "going deep." In the quote above, Solomon Ibn Gabriel's fifth step in the acquisition of wisdom — teaching others — means that you've learned something so thoroughly and completely that you can convey its nuances others. You have gone deep on the subject. We all have some kind of remarkable and specific knowledge already — we've gone deep in those areas. But it's critical to stretch yourself and go deep in new areas, getting to know new subject mat

  • Challenge and Change (Part Deux)
    Challenge and Change (Part Deux)
    Duración: 22min | 13/05/2019

    "Nobody improves the world without first improving themselves." On this in-between-seasons Mind Bullet Monday, we discuss a topic that helped spur the Habit Factor itself: challenge and change.  If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you. Today we're taking a look at CHALLENGE and CHANGE through the prism of a few examples. The goal is to inspire YOU to find/create a new, personal challenge! First, we reviewed MG's personal "burpee" challenge in a prior episode. Feeling the need to challenge and improve himself physically, he set a goal back in January to do 15 burpees a day for 30 days — a goal that quickly changed to 30 burpees (done within five minutes) for for thirty days straight. 98 days later... his streak ended doing 45 a day on the "off" days and 120 on "target" days. Following P.A.R.R. (Plan, Act, Record, Reassess) MG upped the challenge in each successive four week tracking period. By the time the streak ended on April 11, he was doing as many as 5 sets of 15 daily. Habitstrength kicked in!

  • Frustration
    Duración: 22min | 06/05/2019

    "All successful people learn that success is buried on the other side of frustration . . .  You get through [roadblocks] by plowing through frustration, taking each setback as feedback you can learn from, and pushing ahead." ~Tony Robbins Today's topic on this in-between-seasons Mind Bullet Monday is the significance of frustration as it relates to habit and goal achievement. First, a little background and context. Circling back to last season, we focused an episode on Tony Robbins and his Keys to Wealth and Happiness. The first key is: "You must learn how to handle frustration." Frustration is a toxic byproduct of pressure that can actually block our success. What cause frustration? There's other people, impatience, expectations, and a lack of control, among other things. But the only solution for frustration is YOU and your ability to manage and mitigate this negative force.  Viewed through the prism of goal achievement, when we're frustrated, we're dissipating our energy. Our attention becomes fractured an

  • Balance
    Duración: 18min | 29/04/2019

    “It is the same with people as it is with riding a bike. Only when moving can one comfortably maintain one’s balance." ~Albert Einstein "Set peace of mind as your highest goal and organize your life around it.” ~Brian Tracy Last week we talked about the timeless concept of wisdom. Today, on this in-between-seasons Mind Bullet Monday episode, we continue our exploration of values with a foray into balance. Like wisdom, balance is a value of utmost importance. It's critical to note that balance is not a static state, but rather a continuous process.  Think about a tightrope walker. At any one moment in time, if you took a snapshot the walker would appear off balance, tenuous, leaning this way and that. Balance is maintained and regained with slight adjustments. It's the same with our lives. There are times we feel off-balance, depressed, angry, or unsettled. Regaining our equilibrium is a dynamic process, making slight adjustments here and there to set us right again. It's OK to find yourself off balance at tim

  • Wisdom
    Duración: 22min | 22/04/2019

    “Wisdom is equal measure experience plus reflection." ~Aristotle "In seeking wisdom, the first step is silence; the second, listening; the third, remembering; the fourth, practicing; the fifth, teaching others.” ~Solomon Ibn Gabirol Philosophers, including the Stoics, are among the few to really ponder wisdom, which makes sense if you think about the true meaning of the word "philosophy"— love of wisdom. A few seasons back we discussed the importance of having a philosophy. The value of wisdom is tightly integrated to your own personal philosophy.  Wisdom is unique in its timelessness. As a principle it is unchanging, unwavering. Think of the Golden Rule: Treat others as you want to be treated. It was true thousands of years ago and it's true today. Think of patience and kindness. They are always going to be representative of maturity and character. Knowledge, on the other hand, is ever-changing. We learned there were nine planets in our solar system, but then Pluto got demoted. Knowledge shifts, and it's les

  • Control
    Duración: 15min | 15/04/2019

    “There are two things you should never worry about. Those things you can control and those things you can't control." According to the National Institute of Health: “Belief in one's ability to exert control over the environment and to produce desired results is essential for an individual's well-being. It has been repeatedly argued that the perception of control is not only desirable, but it is likely a psychological and biological necessity." Having some control over our surroundings is essential to our well being! This begs the question, what do I control? Better yet, what do I think I control? In a world full of people and situations we can't control, where should I put my time, attention and energy?  Too many of us waste a great deal of energy on politics, sports, and our opinions. We carry these judgements, opinions and emotions from our past and they greatly weigh us down. When we direct our energy toward those things we can control — our health, thoughts, attitude, behavior, we can actually become "enl

    Duración: 22min | 08/04/2019

    “Done is better than perfect.”  "If we commit ourselves to the successful completion of a task, then we personify excellence." - Halik "Whatever it takes to finish things, finish. You will learn more from a glorious failure than you ever will from something you never finished." -Neil Gaiman Getting started on your goal achievement journey is the crucial first step, one we recently covered. However, today's topic is all about Finishing! If starting is the most important step (and it is), finishing is a very, very close second. Often we find fear-based excuses are what keep us from both, starting and finishing. Consider energy and its two major forms: kinetic and potential. It's the completion of your goal which shifts its energy state from the realm of potential energy to kinetic energy. Think about an amazing book, until it is actually finished, it is only potential energy and once it is published it becomes kinetic and begins to set the world on fire! Using the acronym S.T.A.R.T. (Simple Today Actions Repeat

    Duración: 23min | 01/04/2019

    “What gets measured gets improved.”  ~Peter Drucker When it comes to achieving your goals, the importance of tracking cannot be stressed enough. (Check out this Season 2 episode, Why Tracking Is Important.) To put it simply, the people who track are serious about goal achievement. So, if you're not tracking, you just do not want it badly enough! Tracking reinforces your intention. When you track, you are demonstrating and reaffirming your intention about what it is you really want. Think about our good buddy Ben Franklin, who tracked his habits to develop his desired 13 virtues. Fast forward to today, we have the example of the Oscar-winning documentary Free Solo, where rock climber Alex Honnold attempts to conquer the first free solo climb of El Capitan's 900-meter vertical rock face at Yosemite. Guess what Alex did during his preparation? Via journaling, he tracked his training and progress, reinforcing his intention. Another example: The author and speaker Jack Daly (a guest on this podcast) tracks ever

  • Luck
    Duración: 19min | 25/03/2019

    “I am a great believer in luck, and I find that the harder I work, the more I have of it.” ~Thomas Jefferson “I found that luck is quite predictable. If you want more of it, take more chances, be more active, show up more often.” ~Brian Tracy This in-between season episode of Habits2Goals brings us a Mind Bullet Monday focused on luck! When you think of luck, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Some people feel they're "lucky," while others insist they're just "unlucky." It stands to reason though that having the mindset that favorable events and opportunities are coming your way certainly can't hurt! Teena Seelig's great Ted Talk on luck discusses the idea that increasing luck often involves the addition of some risk factor — emotional, spiritual, financial and more. Taking more risks it appears allows for opportunities and chance to work in our favor. Every time you take a greater and greater risk, it allows your "luck sails" to catch more wind —opportunities according to Teena. The point is, even

  • S T A R T !
    S T A R T !
    Duración: 18min | 18/03/2019

    “The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” ~Mark Twain "What is not started today is never finished tomorrow." ~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe  "Action is the real measure of intelligence." ~Napoleon Hill On a Magnificent Mind-Bullet Monday "tweener" episode, we connect to discuss a topic massive in its breadth, but often never given enough consideration: Starting. Getting started. Start! Begin! Of course, everyone knows you have to start to achieve anything. But knowing and doing are two separate things. We can't complete something we've never begun. Taking that first step is often the one thing keeping you from achieving your goals! Continuing on your goal's journey actually gets easier, over time, when you take advantage of the remarkable gift of HABIT! But you can't craft supportive habits if you don't get started. So, use  S.T.A.R.T. as an acronym: Simple Today Actions that are Repeated and Tracked. What are the habits that are going to be repeated from one day to the next that are going to fuel your

  • FEAR!
    Duración: 26min | 11/03/2019

    “Fear = False Evidence Appearing Real.” ~Zig Ziglar This in-between season ("tweener") episode addresses a topic we've danced around in the past but never fully explored: Fear. Fear can cripple our growth, stopping us from pursuing our goals. Coming at this topic from a few different angles. What is the antidote to fear? Courage! But how do you develop and strengthen courage? Courage is (you guessed it) a habit! The first step includes ACTION. When we become fearful we contract; there's less and less action, we begin to doubt ourselves, which feeds the fear— and a vicious cycle ensues. Action fuels motivation, not the other way around. Action feeds courage.  Listen in to hear how to take action in the face of fear and how pressure fits into the picture. Enjoy the episode! *** New listeners: By texting the word "HABITS" to the mobile phone number "33444" you will instantly receive your "hack"/habit tracker/habit development template, or you can download it here: thehabitfactor.com/templates. Feel free to share

  • Deconstructing Cue-Routine-Reward
    Deconstructing Cue-Routine-Reward
    Duración: 25min | 04/03/2019

    “I hope, therefore, that some my descendants shall follow this example [tracking habits] and reap the benefits.” ~Ben Franklin As season 5 of Habits2Goals comes to an end, we introduce a new format: Once-a-week Mind Bullets that will serve to tide you over until season 6 officially begins! We hope this keeps you fired up as you head toward your goals! If you're wondering what Cue, Routine, Reward is, think about rats in a maze. There's a cue (piece of cheese/placed into a maze), a routine (running through the maze), and finally a reward (eating the cheese).  Popularized on the web and via many books many people think this is HOW one develops a habit. And it sounds logical — until you realize that in terms of intentional habit development, [C,R,R] is BACKWARDS looking. This is not a forward-thinking methodology. Rather, The Habit Factor methodology teaches P.A.R.R.: Plan, Act, Record, Reassess, which takes advantage of our innate human ability to use INTENTION, to PLAN our actions. PARR reminds us that RECORDI

  • S5: 51: Too Late?
    S5: 51: Too Late?
    Duración: 10min | 01/03/2019

    "Whether you think you can or you can't, you're right." ~Henry Ford On this Frequently Asked Friday we ask the seemingly ominous-sounding question: Is it too late? Too late for what? Too late to achieve our goals... too late to realize our ideal future. Just as the great Henry Ford proffered in the quote above, it may depend on what you think.  At 50, Ray Croc started the McDonalds juggernaut. Colonel Sanders was in his mid-60s when he sold his famed recipe and the KFC franchise was launched. The founder of Wal-Mart was 44 when he opened his first store. The examples go on and on. The stories echo the same themes: Failure, rejection, success. It may sound cliched, but it's important to realize that if it's been done before, we can do it too! Even if it hasn't been done before, we can do it! Recall the episode, Anyone Can Do It! Listen in to be inspired to fight through repeated failure and rejection, become the person you are meant to be, and understand that it's never too late to go after your goals! Enjoy t

  • S5: 50: Kindness
    S5: 50: Kindness
    Duración: 16min | 27/02/2019

    "Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible ” ~Dalai Lama On a special Mind Bullet Wednesday episode of Habits2Goals, we address a subject that infiltrates every aspect of our lives: Kindness. Be kind. It costs nothing. It's always possible. Tuning into kindness invokes echoes of karma: When we are kind, there's a great chance that energy is coming back our way. When we're unkind, that energy is coming around too — often much more quickly.  And there's another aspect to kindness. When you are kind to others — complimenting, encouraging — it INSPIRES them. Kindness is empowering to others and boosts their energy. The effect of kindness on others sends ripples of inspiration through the world, and with attention and awareness, we can cultivate kindness as — you guessed it — a HABIT! Listen in for more on the power of kindness to change your life and the live of others, and how HABIT and PARR can inform this positive energy. Enjoy the episode! *** New listeners: By texting the word "HABITS" to the mobile p

  • S5: 49: In Here
    S5: 49: In Here
    Duración: 09min | 25/02/2019

    “Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength; Mastering yourself is true power.” ~Lao Tzu We begin our week with a Magnificent Mind Bullet Monday that explores a simple yet important concept: In here. Look within. It's important to read books, listen to podcasts, take classes, learn and seek knowledge "out there," but all that input is more valuable when it's brought into a strong internal foundation. Do we have a good understanding of ourselves "in here"? Do we know what our values are "in here"? What is the vision? What is the mission? All of this knowledge is "in here." Understanding who you are, both strengths and weaknesses, is critical. Your beliefs. Your values. Your mission. (The Habit XP Planner offers these types of exercises and serves as a tool to fortify yourself.)  Need the answer? It's in here! Listen in for advice on meditating, sitting quietly and getting to know yourself on a foundational level, and how the more you work "in here," the more v

  • S5: 48: What Is Habit Alignment?
    S5: 48: What Is Habit Alignment?
    Duración: 16min | 22/02/2019

    "All men's natures are alike. It's their habits that carry them far apart." ~Confucius Today's Frequently Asked Friday throws it back to the basics when discussing a fundamental part of the Habit Factor's methodology: What is Habit Alignment? At its simplest, Habit Alignment is the realization that identifying the core, recurring behaviors -- the positive habits -- that support your goal is the quickest way to achieve that goal. When it comes to goal achievement, The Habit Factor says focus LESS on the To-Do list and focus MORE on the habits that will help you achieve your goal.  Habit Alignment identifies the few, most important behaviors to intentionally craft into habits to support your goal. Want to write a book? What are the habits that will support this goal? (Hint: It's not just about writing, it's about overall wellness.) It's all reinforced by the process of tracking! PARR: Plan, Act, Record, Reassess. When you consider habit alignment, the big "a ha moment" is the recognition that our goal requires

  • S5: 47: Virtue
    S5: 47: Virtue
    Duración: 15min | 20/02/2019

    "Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence, but we rather have those because we have acted rightly. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.” ~Aristotle This Wednesday we feature a special Mind Bullet episode that explores a topic that has fascinated some of the greatest minds of all time: Virtue. But this isn't about being "virtuous" or better than other people. Throwing it way back, 2,000 years ago the Stoics came to the conclusion that the development of one's virtue -- one's self -- is the highest good.  Taking it from another angle, where does a virtue come from? As the Aristotle quote above teaches, virtue is a habit. No discussion of virtue is complete without talking about Ben Franklin, whose famed quest to develop and habitualize virtues led him to say, "I hope, therefore, that my descendants will follow this example and reap the benefits.” The most rewarding exercise in his life was crafting and

  • S5: 46: Anyone Can Do It
    S5: 46: Anyone Can Do It
    Duración: 15min | 18/02/2019

    "Anyone can do it.” ~Bob (AKA: The Rock) A simple and powerful Mind Bullet begins our week: Anyone Can Do It!  Taking inspiration from The Rock and Kevin Hart's comedy "Central Intelligence," we examine a throwaway line from The Rock's character, Bob Stone.  Kevin Hart's character, Calvin Joyner, is flabbergasted by Bob's transformation from overweight high schooler to muscular and fit adult. "How did you do it?" Calvin asks. Modestly, Bob says it really wasn't much — he just did one thing: Work out six hours a day for 20 years. "Anyone can do it," he adds.  Yes, anyone COULD do it. Anyone CAN do it. But does anyone actually do it? Remember, if it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you. And the "it" is highly personal. Anyone CAN challenge themselves, everyone COULD complete their challenge, but DO we?  Listen in for inspiration on identifying what YOUR next challenge is, whether it's physical, mental, or social, and how The Habit Factor and PARR can turn you into someone who DID IT! Enjoy the episode!

  • S5: 45: What Binds You?
    S5: 45: What Binds You?
    Duración: 12min | 15/02/2019

    "Habit: A shackle for the free." ~Ambrose Bierce On a special Frequently Asked Friday (recorded outside), we ponder a question essential to life: What binds you?  Sitting outside at a bayside park soaking in the sunshine, pondering the idea of what truly binds us— what holds us back, MG looked down to see a small metal clamp, like a hiker's clamp. Foreshadowing: It is a binding tool, a shackle! Consider what it is that really holds us back? Is it ourselves? Or, is it the force of habit— our repetitive thought and behavior habits? The interesting thing is with some awareness and intention we are FREE to choose new, positive habits and use the very same force (habit) that binds us to set us free!  By directing the force of habit, we can set our sails and guide us toward our goals and a positive future. Listen in to hear about a unique, insightful experience that crystallizes the idea of being bound by our habits. Enjoy the episode! *** New listeners: By texting the word "HABITS" to the mobile phone number "3344

  • S5: 44: Challenge and Change
    S5: 44: Challenge and Change
    Duración: 18min | 13/02/2019

    "If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you."  On this special Mind Bullet Wednesday episode of Habits2Goals, we ponder the idea of challenge and change.  Taking inspiration from the quote above, MG shares his own new challenge journey and how it is bringing forth change in his life. Ending a mediation one day in early January, he found himself in need of a new physical challenge, and it came to him from out of the blue: "You're going to do 15 burpees a day for the month of January." (What's a burpee, you ask? Check this out! And (it goes w/out saying) don't try any new exercises without talking to your doctor!) Remember, "All life is an experiment." This experiment quickly grew and changed, offering incredible insights and changes. After all, if we don't create our own challenges, life will do it for us! Listen in to hear more about this new physical challenge and how it is yielding both physical and mental benefits -- and how Habit and PARR come into play. Enjoy the episode! *** New listeners: By te

  • S5: 43: Idealization
    S5: 43: Idealization
    Duración: 14min | 11/02/2019

    "If one advances confidently in the direction of [their] dreams, and endeavors to live the life which [they have] imagined, [they] will meet with a success unexpected in common hours." -Henry David Thoreau We start the week with a magnificent Mind Bullet Monday that addresses a topic we've never fully explored: idealization. What does idealization mean to you? The pursuit of a goal is idealization in action!  In the process of pursuing our ideals and goals CONFIDENTLY, we find things falling into place in the present.  People all too often build boundaries to idealization. It's hard to think about ideals in the midst of real-life relationship, career or financial problems. But in fact idealization is the only way to begin the quest for something better. Listen in for more on how idealization can help improve each category in your life (mind, body, spirit, social) and how taking the time intentionally to create ideals can become a moving target of success. Enjoy the episode! *** New listeners: By texting the w

  • S5: 42: Common Goal-Setting Mistakes
    S5: 42: Common Goal-Setting Mistakes
    Duración: 22min | 08/02/2019

    "The bend in the road is not the end in the road unless you fail to make the turn.” This Frequently Asked Friday takes it back to the basics: What are the common mistakes people make when going after their goals?  Behold the Dirty Dozen — perhaps the top 12 mistakes we make when it comes to goal-setting. What happens when we set goals and don't achieve them? We're less likely to set more goals! Conversely, when we set goals and DO achieve them, we are much more likely to go out and set and achieve even more goals!  So it's critical to set yourself up for success and avoid some common mistakes. From talking about your goals, relying on a to-do list, and focusing on the outcome, to NOT anticipating setbacks — and much more — listen in for tips on an optimum environment for goal achievement, and how aligning Habits via PARR will help. Enjoy the episode! ***** New listeners: By texting the word "HABITS" to the mobile phone number "33444" you will instantly receive your "hack"/habit tracker/habit development templ

  • S5: 41: Counting
    S5: 41: Counting
    Duración: 13min | 06/02/2019

    "I don't count my sit-ups; I only start counting when it starts hurting because they’re the only ones that count." ~ Muhammad Ali This special Mind Bullet Wednesday episode discusses a simple yet powerful concept: Counting. Mentally or physically fatigued? Talk yourself into a little bit more.  It may not seem like a BIG idea, but counting is a an under rated tool that can yield huge benefits and help you breakthrough, both physically and mentally. At the gym, when you're trying to talk yourself into another set, you can tell yourself "just do three more," or "just do five more." And when you reach that small goal you can sell yourself on more and more. We often sell ourselves way short of what we're capable of! It's not just a tool for exercise; it's a helpful as a productivity method. Challenge yourself to focus on one task for 30 minutes, distraction-free. Can you do 10 more minutes? 20? Counting helps you not just raise the bar; it helps you get started and pushes you into your second (or third, or eighth

  • S5: 40: Intentional
    S5: 40: Intentional
    Duración: 15min | 04/02/2019

    "Watch your thoughts, they become your words; watch your words, they become your actions; watch your actions, they become your habits; watch your habits, they become your character; watch your character, it becomes your destiny."  Today's Monday Mind Bullet touches upon a fascinating topic, placing attention upon the concept of being intentional.  What is intention? In a Season 3 episode entitled Intention, we spoke at length about the topic, discussing in depth Wayne Dyer's great book The Power of Intention where he spells out the "seven faces of intention." In our interview with Drew Goodmanson, he discussed the concept of "success" something he attributes to becoming very intentional, putting in the time necessary to identify and plan — to write out specific goals about who he is going to become. How intentional are you when it comes to your aspirations? Not just making a New Year's goal, but taking the time to look at your mind, body, spiritual and social realms to boost your wellness? Listen in for more

  • S5: 39: The Best Gift You Can Give?
    S5: 39: The Best Gift You Can Give?
    Duración: 13min | 01/02/2019

    "The greatest gift you can give somebody is your own personal development." ~ Jim Rohn What is the greatest gift you can give your loved ones? Is it money? A house? Love? This Fantastic Frequently asked Friday proposes a different angle: Perhaps the greatest gift you can give anybody is YOUR own personal development. When YOU are stronger and better — spiritually, mentally and physically — you not only gives your loved ones a great gift, but you take the first step toward improving the world. Nobody improves the world without first improving themselves! If you're attacking life and your own personal development, taking a cue from Emerson and his adage that "all life is an experiment," then you are bound to grow and change, becoming a better you each day. Listen for advice on giving your loved ones the greatest gift and attacking life as an experiment -- with the help of Habit Factor and PARR! Enjoy the episode! ***** New listeners: By texting the word "HABITS" to the mobile phone number "33444" you will insta

  • S5: 38: Drew Goodmanson: A Revolution of One
    S5: 38: Drew Goodmanson: A Revolution of One
    Duración: 01h18s | 30/01/2019

    "Everything is a trick to keep you from focusing on the real issue, which is you! I would suggest the listeners need to start a revolution of one." ~Drew Goodmanson Habits2Goals is proud to present a conversation with entrepreneur extraordinaire Drew Goodmanson. A lifelong entrepreneur, Drew has built and sold multiple companies and is a highly sought-after executive coach, leader and strategic advisor. Fresh out of college and into his first cubicle-based job, it took Drew about six months to realize he was an entrepreneur at heart. Taking a leap of faith, Drew started his own business — a staffing and recruiting company that soon counted Amazon.com as a client. Over the next two decades Drew went on to start and sell multiple businesses and build one of the fastest-growing SaaS companies in the U.S. Today Drew is focused on helping entrepreneurs benefit from his hard-won wisdom, and experience exponentially more value when they sell their companies.  Tune in for a fascinating discussion of not just entrepre

  • S5: 37: Greater Than Circumstance
    S5: 37: Greater Than Circumstance
    Duración: 11min | 28/01/2019

    "Nothing splendid has ever been achieved except by those who dared to believe that something inside themselves was superior to circumstance.” ~Bruce Barton Today's Monday Mind Bullet is rooted upon the great quote above: When you think about it, some of the greatest achievers have burst through circumstances and struggles to attain unlikely success. Think Steve Jobs and his "reality distortion field." When told his vision was impossible, he insisted and created the future of communication. He wouldn't take no for an answer. Where there's a will, there's a way (if you will)!   We're all going through the grind, fighting our battles, trying to handle the circumstances life throws at us. Dig deep inside and find the strength to push through! Listen in for more on why "you got this." You are resourceful enough -- if you believe you are -- to find a way to be superior to whatever circumstance you face. Enjoy the episode! *** New listeners: By texting the word "HABITS" to the mobile phone number "33444" you will in

  • S5: 36: Where Do I Begin?
    S5: 36: Where Do I Begin?
    Duración: 14min | 25/01/2019

    "Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve." ~Napoleon Hill “Clarity is essential. Knowing exactly what you want builds your self-confidence immeasurably.” ~Brian Tracy You're down. You're dejected. Things need to turn around for you. This Frequently Asked Friday brings us back to the beginning with a simple question: Where do I begin? First, it's important to note, as you're picking yourself up, that there is a distinction between failing (the activity) and knowing that YOU, the person, are certainly not a failure.  Failure, as we've noted in the past, is stepping stone along the path that we all go through. As long as they're non-lethal, failures are a necessary and important step on your path toward becoming your best self. So where do we start? Recalling Covey's adage "Begin with the end in mind," we must find clarity. Where is it you're trying to go? What is it that you're trying to accomplish? Do you believe IT is possible? Listen in for more about digging yourself out of a hole,

  • S5: 35: Intelligence
    S5: 35: Intelligence
    Duración: 17min | 23/01/2019

    "In life, goals are not optional." ~Grunburg "Action is the real measure of intelligence." ~Napoleon Hill This special Mind Bullet Wednesday edition brings us a fascinating follow-up to our Alex Bates interview on artificial intelligence: In order to develop artificial intelligence, the programmer MUST begin with a GOAL. Therefore, does it not stand to reason as intelligent beings, we MUST have goals. To put it another way: If artificial intelligence is "Goal directed behavior." What is "real" intelligence? Ultimately, whether we want to admit it or not, REAL intelligence is the establishment of, and pursuit (action) of goals. The natural follow-up question is, "How do I set goals?" While "S.M.A.R.T." Goals have been a favorite methodology since the 80's it never accounted for the force HABIT plays in goal achievement! The Habit Factor continues to teach and preach that when positive habits are aligned with your goals, you are on the fastest most efficient path to achieve your goals.  To be intelligent then i

  • S5: 34: Keep Your Trap Shut
    S5: 34: Keep Your Trap Shut
    Duración: 14min | 21/01/2019

    "Repeatedly, psychology tests have proven that telling someone your goal makes it less likely to happen.” ~Derek Sivers When it comes to goal achievement, lots of accountability advice urges you to TALK about your goals and share your progress with others. The idea is that this will keep you on track. But is this good advice?   The tendency may be to talk about our goals and progress, but there is incredible power in keeping your trap shut! Your big problem with goal achievement might be dissipating your energy with early self-congratulations.  Listen in for more on why withholding your precious energy might make your goal achievement easier — and more satisfying when you get there. Enjoy the episode and check out this blog post explaining to you in great detail 7 reasons to keep your yapper SHUT! *** New listeners: By texting the word "HABITS" to the mobile phone number "33444" you will instantly receive your "hack"/habit tracker/habit development template, or you can download it here: thehabitfactor.com/tem

  • S5: 33: The Value of Negative Emotions
    S5: 33: The Value of Negative Emotions
    Duración: 17min | 18/01/2019

    “Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.” ~Carl Jung “Where there is hope in the future there is happiness in the present.” Is there any value to negative emotions? Well, it may depend on the specific negative emotion. In truth, there IS value to many negative emotions; they serve a purpose. Is fear beneficial? It certainly can be — it can even be a motivator and even a lifesaver — as long as it doesn't prevent you from moving forward, growing and challenging yourself. As the Carl Jung quote above explains, within certain emotions, such as anger and irritation, we can turn inward and grow in our own emotional intelligence. We can use these emotions to grow ourselves -- as long as we don't dwell in the negative space. But it's important to make it a HABIT to constantly be aware of our emotions and shine the spotlight on ourselves. Listen in for insight into turning negative feelings into emotional positives. Enjoy the episode! ***** New listeners: By texting the

  • S5: 32: Alex Bates: Augmented Mind
    S5: 32: Alex Bates: Augmented Mind
    Duración: 55min | 16/01/2019

    "The next wave of AI will be able to augment people to become superhuman. Solutions will be at the ready for nearly all problems facing humanity." ~Alex Bates Habits2Goals presents a powerful interview with Alex Bates, a phenomenal entrepreneur, inventor and bestselling author of Augmented Mind: AI Superhumans and the Next Economic Revolution. When Alex was growing up in Portland, battling for computer time with his siblings, he developed an obsession with the emerging Internet and artificial neural networks. Alex, fascinated by entrepreneurship, took his interest in AI and machine learning and in 2006 founded Mtelligence to harness the deluge of sensor data in the industrial IoT with the mission of creating a "world that doesn't break down." After spending a decade on the front lines of the AI revolution, Alex discovered the one key ingredient that was missing from mainstream AI research — humans!  His new book explains how augmenting humans, combining human intuition and artificial intelligence, will herald

  • S5: 31: Bohemian Rhapsody Lessons
    S5: 31: Bohemian Rhapsody Lessons
    Duración: 14min | 14/01/2019

    "It takes the same energy to think small as it does to think big. So dream big and think bigger.” ~ Daymond John This Mind Bullet Monday was inspired by the awesome movie Bohemian Rhapsody, which is gaining accolades for its lead actor and compelling story of Freddy Mercury and Queen's rise to success.  There are a few nuggets of wisdom in this movie that we can all keep in mind while chasing our goals and dreams, overlaying some themes from the movie onto our own lives. The first "big idea" is to think BIGGER. At one point, Freddy prods his bandmates to see themselves as more than just a popular touring band and to actually record an album -- and aim to be legendary!  Where can you think big strategically?  The next big idea is to "synthesize." In the movie, Freddy indulges his creative instinct to blend opera with rock. Where can WE use this synthetic creativity in our lives? Listen in to for more personal development mind bullets from Bohemian Rhapsody and see how you can apply these lessons to your life.

  • S5: 30: Buffetts Hiring 3 Cs
    S5: 30: Buffett's Hiring 3 C's
    Duración: 10min | 11/01/2019

    “It's better to hang out with people better than you. Pick out associates whose behavior is better than yours and you'll drift in that direction.”. ~Warren Buffett What are Warren Buffett's criteria for hiring employees? Buffett is one of the wealthiest men in the world who possesses incredible insight into investing and business. What does it take to get hired by him? What he says ought to matter! First, a potential employee must be curious -- someone who is a perpetual student and constant learner. Knowledge is fluid and curiosity is so important because it allows us to connect the dots between disciplines. Trait number 2? Coachability! Learning isn't enough if you aren't coachable. Managers today are coaches more than anything, and the greatest coaches reinforce the good and positively redirect what needs tweaking. Trait number three: Character (ethics). The first two don't matter a whole lot with no ethics behind them! Listen in for a fun and fascinating look at one brilliant man's insight into what makes

  • S5: 29: Strength, Mastery, Power
    S5: 29: Strength, Mastery, Power
    Duración: 16min | 09/01/2019

    "Self control is strength. Right thought is mastery. Calmness is power." ~James Allen, As a Man Thinketh On this doozy of a Wednesday Mind Bullet Habits2Goals episode, we meditate upon these James Allen words: "Self control is strength. Right thought is mastery. Calmness is power." Giving this great wisdom The Habit Factor spin, we take a look at the first idea, "Self control is strength." Discipline and self control are HABITS and can be developed. This is where strength originates, because if we can't control ourselves, we have nothing upon which to build our own strength. When we examine "Right thought is mastery," via the prism of Habit Factor and PARR, we see that challenging our thinking is essential to putting ourselves in a positive head space.  Can you kill the negative thought patterns and emotions that cripple you? Listen in for more insight into gaining true power and emotional poise -- and how HabitStrength puts us in control! Enjoy! *** New listeners: By texting the word "HABITS" to the mobile p

  • S5: 28: Look Up!
    S5: 28: Look Up!
    Duración: 09min | 07/01/2019

    "Keep looking up. That's the secret of life." ~Snoopy It's a true Mind-Bullet Monday as we take on this little nugget of wisdom that came out of the blue: Look up! Look at the sky, the treetops, the clouds more often!  Our vision tends toward eye level at best, and ground level at worst. But looking up immediately changes your perspective. You get a more panoramic view — in more ways than one. When we're beaten down by life's challenges, our gaze tends to lower. But looking up gives us a new perspective, according to research, and triggers other parts of the brain as well as changing your thinking patterns and mood Are YOU looking up? You may be surprised by what happens next! Listen in for more on pausing, looking up, and changing your perspective -- and see how it affects your world! Enjoy the episode! *** New listeners: By texting the word "HABITS" to the mobile phone number "33444" you will instantly receive your "hack"/habit tracker/habit development template, or you can download it here: thehabitfactor.

  • S5: 27: 2018 Take-Aways
    S5: 27: 2018 Take-Aways
    Duración: 16min | 04/01/2019

    “Sitting quietly, doing nothing, Spring comes, and the grass grows, by itself.” ~ Zen proverb "Don't just do something — sit there." As we settle into our brand-new 2019, this Frequently Asked Friday episode addresses what we gleaned from last year: What lessons have we learned from 2018?    Lesson number one: The FUNDAMENTALS. Take a look at the things we do every day. Are we doing them right? Never be afraid to backtrack and hone, strengthen and improve the fundamentals -- even breathing! MG's Lesson number two: MEDITATION. After years of trying to be expedient and efficient with meditation, a talk with Fred Gratzon, author of The Lazy Way to Success, brought new insight into the power of not trying so hard. Sometimes pulling back is the lesson. What gifts and lessons did 2018 bring to you? Listen in for more lessons from last year, and learn how living life like an experiment may bring the biggest rewards in 2019. Enjoy the episode! ***** New listeners: By texting the word "HABITS" to the mobile phone numb

  • S5: 26: 5 Keys to Successful Resolutions
    S5: 26: 5 Keys to Successful Resolutions
    Duración: 15min | 02/01/2019

    “Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other.” ~Abraham Lincoln On this Wednesday Mind Bullet episode, we wish our listeners a Happy New Year and share five ways to make sure YOUR resolutions are successful! Whatever we RESOLVE to do (these are, after all, resolutions), it is our job to set our goals. No one else is going to set our goals for us! What does your heart desire? If we begin with the end in mind, as the late, great Dr. Stephen Covey advises in his 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, we can ask ourselves: If I were to die tomorrow, what experience would I most regret not having?  You may want to reduce debt, run with the bulls, lose weight — this exercise unveils your DESIRE.   What comes after DESIRE? Listen in for the rest of the key ingredients that will make your goals a reality--whether it takes one year or 10! Enjoy the episode! *** New listeners: By texting the word "HABITS" to the mobile phone number "33444" you will instantly receive your "hack

  • S5: 25: 2018 Highlights and Lessons Learned
    S5: 25: 2018 Highlights and Lessons Learned
    Duración: 27min | 31/12/2018

    "The unexamined life is not worth living." ~Socrates Habits2Goals welcomes in the New Year with a look back at 2018. It's a time to reflect on a brilliant year, with thoughts, highlights and lessons learned.  As important as it is to look forward and set goals, it is just as crucial to reflect. And reflecting and assessing is, of course, part of PARR (Plan, Act, Record, Reassess) and habit building. MG looks back on his personal 2018 highlights and reflects on the importance of learning new skills and putting yourself out there -- reinforcing the idea that "life is an experiment, and the more experiments you make, the better." Are YOU viewing life as an experiment? Listen in for some inspiration to live YOUR best life in 2019 as you reflect back on your accomplishments of 2018. Enjoy the episode! *** New listeners: By texting the word "HABITS" to the mobile phone number "33444" you will instantly receive your "hack"/habit tracker/habit development template, or you can download it here: thehabitfactor.com/temp

  • S5: 24: What Are Foundational Habits?
    S5: 24: What Are Foundational Habits?
    Duración: 11min | 28/12/2018

    “Our character is basically a composite of our habits. Because they are consistent, often unconscious patterns, they constantly, daily, express our character.” ~ Stephen Covey For this Frequently Asked Friday Habits2Goals episode, we ask a burning question that speaks to the core of goal achievement: What are foundational habits?    Sometimes referred as keystone habits, these are the habits that, over the course of a lifetime, will have the greatest compounding effect. Think about the habits we perform every day — eating, breathing, how we sleep, drinking water. Since they are performed every day, they have the greatest impact on our life AND our other habits. The compounding effect is powerful!  These habits influence — and infiltrate — all the other habits of our day. Knowing this, when we set out to design our lives, and achieve our goals, we must first look to these foundational habits. Join us for a reminder of how these keystone habits must be in alignment with our goals and how leveraging them can giv

  • S5: 23: Heat-Seeking Missile
    S5: 23: Heat-Seeking Missile
    Duración: 14min | 26/12/2018

    "You were designed for accomplishment, engineered for success, and endowed with the seeds of greatness.”  “You cannot make it as a wandering generality, you must become a meaningful specific.” ~ Zig Ziglar This special Wednesday Mind Bullet episode has us pondering our goal achievement via an analogy: You are a heat-seeking missile. Goals are not optional -- we were designed for accomplishment! Climbers don't end up on the top of Mount Everest by accident. Authors don't write a book by accident. You don't complete a marathon by accident. Goal achievers go out and complete that goal -- once they know what their target is. A heat-seeking missile must have a target to go after -- even a moving target. The missile corrects when necessary, never wavering. It is self-correcting because it knows where it is trying to go!  It's hard to hit a target you can't see, and as goal-seekers, we need to figure out where we're trying to go and how to get there.  Listen in to be inspired by our unique predilection for goal achi

  • S5: 22: The End
    S5: 22: The End
    Duración: 14min | 24/12/2018

    "Everything will be OK in the end, and if it's not OK, it is not the end." ~John Lennon This Christmas Eve Mind-Bullet Monday episode ponders a sobering and seemingly heavy topic: The end.  Every morning for the last 13 years, MG takes his dog out for a frisbee session on the beach, complete with audience and aerials. But on a chilly recent morning, when Roxy the dog pulled up a little cramped and lame, the thought occurred: The end is coming. Not today, not tomorrow, but the beginning of the end is here. The end is all around us and it's happening all the time -- bittersweet, but an integral part of the dynamism of life. The one great constant in life is change, so the end is often just a transformation -- a metamorphosis.  Listen in for an inspiring conversation about embracing the sometimes bittersweet metamorphosis of life. Enjoy! *** New listeners: By texting the word "HABITS" to the mobile phone number "33444" you will instantly receive your "hack"/habit tracker/habit development template, or you can do

  • S5: 21: What Are the Three Rules?
    S5: 21: What Are the Three Rules?
    Duración: 10min | 21/12/2018

    "Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible." ~ Dalai Lama On this Fantastic Frequently Asked Friday episode, we ponder a question that applies to family, business, goal-setting and all other aspects of life: What are the three rules?  Rule number one: Be Responsible. Own it. Take responsibility. No blaming or shaming. Rule number two: Be Grateful. Change your expectations for appreciation. Rule number three: Be Kind.  These rules serve as a simplified winning formula to make each day your masterpiece! Listen in for a reminder of some simple ways to find happiness and calm as we take our place in this world -- and how PARR can play a role. Enjoy the episode! ***** New listeners: By texting the word "HABITS" to the mobile phone number "33444" you will instantly receive your "hack"/habit tracker/habit development template, or you can download it here: thehabitfactor.com/templates. Feel free to share the episode and leave a review on iTunes!  ***** Subscribe iTunes here! Subscribe: Android | RSS ***** RES

  • S5: 20: Enlightenment
    S5: 20: Enlightenment
    Duración: 14min | 19/12/2018

    "Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water.” ~ Zen quote On a special Wednesday Habits2Goals Mind Bullet, we ponder a topic we somehow haven't gotten to in five seasons: Enlightenment. The perplexing quote above shares with us that once we reach enlightenment, the work "out there" doesn't change. What changes is the "in here" -- what goes on within us. We go about our day, but we see things differently. So what is enlightenment? Is it oneness? An understanding of universal principles? Unity, love, kindness? Unifying principles that create a lens through which you see life? Or, does enlightenment mean something else altogether? Listen in for a fascinating discussion about a literal translation of enlightenment -- a "lightening of the load" when negativity is cast away. Enjoy! *** New listeners: By texting the word "HABITS" to the mobile phone number "33444" you will instantly receive your "hack"/habit tracker/habit development template, or you can download it her

  • S5: 19: Time!
    S5: 19: Time!
    Duración: 13min | 17/12/2018

    "We always overestimate the change that will occur in the next two years and underestimate the change that will occur in the next 10. Don't let yourself be lulled into inaction." ~ Bill Gates Why are we overly ambitious in the short term but woefully shortsighted as we envision our long-term future?  In the goal-setting arena, we impatiently set our sights on short-term success. Who has time for 10 years of planning and hard work? We want success THIS year! But when we view the idea of reaching our goals as a process, we see that daily efforts compound over time and our ultimate success is greater than we could have imagined -- if we stick to the process. Listen in for a fascinating discussion of patience and persistence, and reaping the rewards of taking the slow road.. Enjoy! *** New listeners: By texting the word "HABITS" to the mobile phone number "33444" you will instantly receive your "hack"/habit tracker/habit development template, or you can download it here: thehabitfactor.com/templates. Feel free to

  • S5: 18: Why Do I Suck?
    S5: 18: Why Do I Suck?
    Duración: 11min | 14/12/2018

    "Ask a Garbage In question, you get a Garbage Out response."  This Frequently Asked Friday was inspired by a Google search gone awry. When typing, "Why do I . . . " the search engine autofilled a tragic question: "Why do I suck?   The quality of our questions directs our focus, attention and energy. So if we're asking "Why do I suck...at life...at relationships," etc., this is not a quality question. Our energy is clearly in the wrong place. Asking a better question is a good place to start. Ask positive questions. Remember, where your attention goes, your energy flows! Begin with the end in mind: How do you create a quality question when you know what your goal is? Listen in for a fascinating look at reframing your questions to create momentum and energy, looked at through the filter of Covey's great book, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Enjoy the episode! ***** New listeners: By texting the word "HABITS" to the mobile phone number "33444" you will instantly receive your "hack"/habit tracker/habit devel

  • S5: 17: Resistance
    S5: 17: Resistance
    Duración: 16min | 12/12/2018

    "What you resist not only persists, but will grow in size.”  ~ Carl Jung Is frustration and futility really worth it? Too often we get caught up in frustration and cling to what should be happening — we resist — instead of accepting what is and finding a solution. What are you resisting? Resisting can make things worse and often complicates your true end goal. Whether it's something as significant as hearing impairment or insignificant as a NEW pen that doesn't work, if we respond positively to what we perceive as a negative experience, the frustration dissipates.  Listen in for some revelations about how to positively respond to a bad situation, accept the circumstances, and go about finding a solution -- bringing light (acceptance) to a dark (negative) situation. Enjoy! *** New listeners: By texting the word "HABITS" to the mobile phone number "33444" you will instantly receive your "hack"/habit tracker/habit development template, or you can download it here: thehabitfactor.com/templates. Feel free to shar

  • S5: 16: Seeking Simple Mind
    S5: 16: Seeking Simple Mind
    Duración: 11min | 10/12/2018

    "The successful man is the average man, with laser-like focus." ~Bruce Lee  "Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal." - Henry Ford Today's Mind Bullet Monday brings us back to the fundamentals: the benefits of being simple-minded.  It's not what you may think. A "simple mind" refers to a calm mind, full of concentration. Simplification is often the key to success. Too many brilliant, talented people are getting so caught up in overthinking — what might happen, what could happen — that nothing gets accomplished. That's energy and attention wasted! Listen in to hear about keeping it simple and focused, and how the Habit Factor works because it "dummies down" the process of habit development and goal achievement. Enjoy! *** New listeners: By texting the word "HABITS" to the mobile phone number "33444" you will instantly receive your "hack"/habit tracker/habit development template, or you can download it here: thehabitfactor.com/templates. Feel free to share the episod

  • S5: 15: Whats the Best Way To Meditate?
    S5: 15: What's the Best Way To Meditate?
    Duración: 15min | 07/12/2018

    "All men's miseries derive from not being able to sit in a quiet room alone." ~Blaise Pascal This Fantastic Frequently Asked Friday episode is a topic near and dear to MG's heart — especially these days: What is the best way to meditate?  The answer isn't cut-and-dried, but the first step is to BEGIN. Just do it! Meditation is a practice, so don't forget to track it. Secondly, experiment! There's no one right way to meditate. Don't get caught up in form and function, how to sit, etc. Maybe you stretch. Maybe you don't want to close your eyes. Who cares? Just experiment and track it! Listen in to hear about common meditation mistakes (don't try to be efficient), and how to experiment with your surroundings, hit your meditation stride, and find the tools to bring stillness and clarity to your life. Enjoy the episode! ***** New listeners: By texting the word "HABITS" to the mobile phone number "33444" you will instantly receive your "hack"/habit tracker/habit development template, or you can download it here: th

  • S5: 14: The Hardest Thing in the World
    S5: 14: The Hardest Thing in the World
    Duración: 15min | 05/12/2018

    "To think is easy. To act is hard. But the hardest thing in the world is to act in accordance with your thinking” ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe On this special Wednesday Mind Bullet episode, we explore a topic rooted in the great quote above by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. To paraphrase: Thinking is easy. Acting is hard. But to act as you think is the most difficult of all! Taking action is a common theme here at Habits2Goals. Recall Napoleon Hill's words: "Action is the real measure of intelligence."  How often do we "think" we should eat a certain way. Do we always act that way? We think we should save money. Do we? Acting as we think is difficult! But this is more than discipline or willpower: Are we acting in coherence with our thinking? The beginning of acting as we think is the (drumroll) . . . establishment of a habit! Listen in for a discussion of why goal-setting sometimes crumbles and how self-efficacy -- the ability to produce a desired result -- is the direct product of PARR.  Enjoy! *** New listene

  • S5: 13: Impatience
    S5: 13: Impatience
    Duración: 13min | 03/12/2018

    "It is the height of stupidity to believe that in the course of your short life, your few decades of consciousness, you can somehow rewire the configurations of your brain... time will mercilessly expose your weakness and impatience." ~Robert Greene On this Mind Bullet Monday we revisit a topic that can't be addressed enough: Impatience. In short, there are no shortcuts to greatness. Robert Greene's fascinating work, Mastery, offers a brutal take on the subject: Essentially, he says, it's the "height of stupidity" to be impatient -- to think you can rest on your laurels and not actively pursue mastery. We're all a little bit impatient — it's ingrained in us to some extent. We of the microwave generations have become wired for instant gratification. But we cannot translate this impatience and reliance on any shortcuts to reach true mastery -- success. Listen in to hear a fascinating angle on impatience, and how to actually embrace the process of reaching true mastery and following the process -- for as long as

  • S5: 12: Sequential Days for Habit Development?
    S5: 12: Sequential Days for Habit Development?
    Duración: 08min | 30/11/2018

    "Consistency over time vs. a short burst of activity is what ultimately encourages and supports the development of any habit." Today's Frequently Asked Friday episode aims to bust a myth: "To form a habit you must perform the behavior every day." That is absolutely NOT true! The worst part, believing such a myth might actually prevent you from trying to develop new, positive habits! What is important -- above all else -- is consistency over time! Remember P.A.R.R.: Plan, Act, Record Reassess. The process of habit tracking for 28 days will allow the "seedling" of your habit to take root. Raising the minimum success criteria and going another 28 days will instill it even further!   Listen in to hear what actually has to happen to create a habit and develop a skill. Enjoy the episode! ***** New listeners: By texting the word "HABITS" to the mobile phone number "33444" you will instantly receive your "hack"/habit tracker/habit development template, or you can download it here: thehabitfactor.com/templates. Feel f

  • S5: 11: John Assaraf, Innercise!
    S5: 11: John Assaraf, Innercise!
    Duración: 01h54s | 28/11/2018

    "Are you interested in achieving your life's goals and becoming successful or are you committed? Understanding that difference changed my life!" ~ John Assaraf Habits2Goals is proud to present a personal development, living legend, Mr. John Assaraf — bestselling author, CEO of NeuroGym, business growth expert and leader in the field of brain research and brain retraining. When John was 19 years old — broke, jobless and spiraling downward — he met a business mentor who asked him a question that changed his life: "John, are you interested in achieving your goals or are you committed? If you're interested you'll take the easy way, but when you're committed you will do whatever it takes. You will change your beliefs about yourself." John never looked back and found that we all have the power to change our lives.  Learn about "Innercise" neuroscience of success and goal achievement — and how John Assaraf became the poster child for how dramatically your life can change once you learn to master your mindset. Enjoy

  • S5: 10: The Mind Creates the Abyss
    S5: 10: The Mind Creates the Abyss
    Duración: 08min | 26/11/2018

    "The mind creates the abyss; the heart crosses it. " - Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj This Magnificent Mind Bullet Monday is inspired by a powerful quote: "The mind creates the abyss; the heart crosses it." Sometimes our thoughts and our reasoning can create problems, especially when it comes to goal setting. When we overthink things, the "abyss" gets bigger and bigger as we rationalize our way out of our hopes and dreams.  But when we quiet the mind, instead of focusing on the obstacles, we can commit -- and then solve the problems along the way! Listen in to hear how dialing down your thinking and throwing your heart into your goals can bring you untold rewards! Enjoy! *** New listeners: By texting the word "HABITS" to the mobile phone number "33444" you will instantly receive your "hack"/habit tracker/habit development template, or you can download it here: thehabitfactor.com/templates. Feel free to share the episode and leave a review on iTunes!  ***** Subscribe iTunes here! Subscribe: Android | RSS ***** TOOL

  • S5: 09: What Are the Worst Self-Help Cliches?
    S5: 09: What Are the Worst Self-Help Cliches?
    Duración: 15min | 23/11/2018

    "Remember, it's rarely either/or; it's BOTH!" This Frequently Asked Fridays episode comes on the heels of our "What Are Your Favorite Self-Help Quotes?" episode.  This week, we go the opposite direction: "What are the worst self-help cliches?" Some of these platitudes are regurgitated so much they are actually painful to hear, misunderstood and detrimental to our well-being. The problem is, our life views don't have to be an either-or situation. Don't get caught up in a train or tract of thinking that may trap you! Listen in to hear the top three worst self-help cliches and why they are both true and missing some key ingredients -- and how they fall victim to dichotomous thinking.  Enjoy the episode! ***** New listeners: By texting the word "HABITS" to the mobile phone number "33444" you will instantly receive your "hack"/habit tracker/habit development template, or you can download it here: thehabitfactor.com/templates. Feel free to share the episode and leave a review on iTunes!  ***** Subscribe iTunes here

  • S5: 08: Joe Apfelbaum: Mojovation
    S5: 08: Joe Apfelbaum: Mojovation
    Duración: 56min | 21/11/2018

    "In my awareness journey, I had to rewire how I looked at health and how I looked at my energy. The better my energy is, the better my life is." ~ Joe Apfelbaum Today's powerful Habits2Goals interview features Joe Apfelbaum -- a  phenomenal entrepreneur, CEO, Google Certified trainer and coach who lives and breathes personal development. His work has been featured in Business Insider, the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Entrepreneur and more. Besides incredible business accomplishments, Joe has one of the greatest personal development stories around: Six years ago he was 260 pounds, smoking, overeating, not exercising. He had a successful business but was abusing his body and ultimately his mind.  Listen in to hear about Joe's journey toward taking his energy -- mind body and spirit -- up a notch, finally feeling complete with who he is, and see how habit played a key role. Enjoy the show! RESOURCES FROM THIS EPISODE Visit Joe's Website and sign up for his newsletter Join Joe's Mojovation Group on Facebook Find

  • S5: 07: Garbage In, Garbage Out
    S5: 07: Garbage In, Garbage Out
    Duración: 09min | 19/11/2018

    "In computer science, garbage in, garbage out (GIGO) is where flawed, or nonsense input data produces nonsense output or 'garbage'." For this Habits2Goals Mind Bullet Monday episode, we look at a fundamental concept that is at once simple and profound: "Garbage in, garbage out." In other words, our input produces our output. From a goal achievement standpoint, it's easy to see that habit is the input while goals are the output. But it isn't just about goal achievement -- "garbage in, garbage out" is applicable to multiple angles of life, from language to food to thought. In fact, what we put in equals what we get out. If we're putting in the wrong information -- or misinformation -- the results will be lacking. Listen in for a reminder to ask yourself, "Where is garbage flowing into my life?" Where are your results disappointing you? Enjoy! *** New listeners: By texting the word "HABITS" to the mobile phone number "33444" you will instantly receive your "hack"/habit tracker/habit development template, or you

  • S5: 06: What Is the Aim of Life?
    S5: 06: What Is the Aim of Life?
    Duración: 11min | 16/11/2018

    "Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life; the whole aim and end of human existence . . . Our happiness depends upon ourselves." ~ Aristotle Our FFAF (Fantastic Frequently Asked Friday) is a doozy that falls into the realm of philosophy: What is the aim of life?  Stripping away the environmental contexts we all are ensnared in, several philosophies try to tackle the question.  Is the aim of life to be happy, a la the Dalai Lama? But what if happiness is choice, crafted for ourselves? Is the aim of life to be of service? Or, as Aristotle says, to better ourselves -- pursue virtue?  Perhaps the aim of life is multifold. Listen in for a fascinating discussion of the meaning of life -- and how habit contributes to the end goal. Enjoy the episode! ***** New listeners: By texting the word "HABITS" to the mobile phone number "33444" you will instantly receive your "hack"/habit tracker/habit development template, or you can download it here: thehabitfactor.com/templates. Feel free to share the episode and lea

  • S5: 05: Henry J. Evans
    S5: 05: Henry J. Evans
    Duración: 38min | 14/11/2018

    "How do you want to paint your future? With a brush of fear and the wrong choices? Or with the brush of hope and going in the right direction?" ~ Henry J. Evans Today's interview — an important discussion about getting unstuck in life — connects with Habits2Goals' great friend and former co-host Henry J. Evans, a dynamic marketing expert, best-selling author, speaker and consultant on accountability, strategy execution and emotionally intelligent leadership. We ALL will come to a point when we get stuck in one area of life or another -- mind, body, spirit, social, finance, adventure, business -- the critical thing is how we respond. When you're stuck, you've likely created a fear-based story that keeps you from moving. When you find yourself lost and stuck, what are the tools to rattle yourself and get yourself unstuck and moving again?  Listen in to this interesting discussion about changing your physiology and "state" of being using some real, practical tips not to mention how to apply The Habit Factor meth

  • S5: 04: Trust the Process
    S5: 04: Trust the Process
    Duración: 12min | 12/11/2018

    "Trust the process. Your time is coming. Just do the work and the results will handle themselves." ~ Tony Gaskins An inspiring Mind-Bullet Monday speaks to all of us: When something doesn't go our way in the moment, all is not lost. Accept what happens and trust the process — trust the universe. Too often, the story you create in your head can hold you back. "They're against me. It wasn't right. I've been treated unfairly." What if the story you're telling yourself in your head isn't true? What if you're exactly where you are meant to be, learning the lessons you need to learn? When life doesn't unfold the way you expect it to, how you respond is key. When you accept what happens and trust the process -- trust the universe -- so many good things can still happen for you.  Listen in and hear about how being a good sport isn't just an act. It's an acceptance that something good can still come out of a situation. Enjoy! *** New listeners: By texting the word "HABITS" to the mobile phone number "33444" you will i

  • S5: 03: What Are Your Favorite Habit Quotes?
    S5: 03: What Are Your Favorite Habit Quotes?
    Duración: 15min | 09/11/2018

    "All men's natures are alike— it's their habits that carry them far apart." ~ Confucius This first Frequently Asked Friday of the season is near and dear to MG's heart: What are your favorite habit quotes?  Long a huge fan of personal development quotes, especially about habit, MG says that the right quote at the right time -- if it truly resonates -- can offer clarity and be a real game-changer in life. Quotes by some of the greatest thinkers of ALL time truly encapsulate the seemingly magical force of habit. Listen in to hear some favorite quotes about habit along with some honorable mentions. Perhaps one will strike a chord with you! Enjoy the episode! ***** New listeners: By texting the word "HABITS" to the mobile phone number "33444" you will instantly receive your "hack"/habit tracker/habit development template, or you can download it here: thehabitfactor.com/templates. Feel free to share the episode and leave a review on iTunes!  ***** Subscribe iTunes here! Subscribe: Android | RSS ***** RESOURCES RE

  • S5: 02: Mark Moses: Make BIG Happen!
    S5: 02: Mark Moses: Make BIG Happen!
    Duración: 47min | 07/11/2018

    "If you think BIG and act BIG, you WILL be BIG!" ~Mark Moses Habits2Goals kicks off Season V with a B I G interview: entrepreneur, best-selling author, philanthropist and 12-time Ironman triathlete Mark Moses. Mark's business, CEO Coaching International, coaches more than 100 CEOs and entrepreneurs in nine countries, helping them increase profitability, meet business objectives and reach new heights. His recently released book, Make Big Happen: How to Live, Work, and Give Big, stems from Mark's lifelong credo that you can achieve anything if you believe in yourself.  Mark says, "Let's not dream about it: Let's do it!" Four big questions frame the book as well as Mark's philosophy: What do you want? How do you get what you want? What's going to get in the way? How do you hold yourself accountable? Listen in to hear a fascinating discussion about figuring out what you want — if you were to wake up a year from now celebrating, what exactly would you be celebrating?  Listen in to learn more! Enjoy the show! RE

  • S5: 01: See the Reaching
    S5: 01: See the Reaching
    Duración: 13min | 05/11/2018

    "If you want to reach a goal, you must 'see the reaching' in your own mind." ~Zig Ziglar Welcome to Season 5! This Mind-Bullet Monday kickoff discusses vision — the critical importance of seeing the completion of your goal long before you actually accomplish it.  Recently, MG has become fascinated with slacklining. You may have seen this at parks or beaches, where people attempt to balance along a suspended length of webbing between two anchors. Addicted to the challenge of slacklining on the beach, but frustrated by an inability to "see" himself succeeding at a difficult trick, he found himself stuck — until a small boost gave him the vision he needed to break through. Listen in to hear more about the gift of vision and how the ability to believe first will help you "see the reaching" and achieve your greatest goals. Enjoy! New listeners: By texting the word "HABITS" to the mobile phone number "33444" you will instantly receive your "hack"/habit tracker/habit development template, or you can download it here

  • Were BACK! The Bridge Episode + Get Unstuck Free Course
    We're BACK! The Bridge Episode + "Get Unstuck" Free Course
    Duración: 07min | 18/10/2018

    "It's not a question of whether you will or won't become stuck, the question is how are you going to respond?" Today's episode MG checks in to tell you he's alive (extended summer vacation ; ) and he's excited to let you know that Season V is in the queue and will go live 11/5! Fantastic interviews, mind-bullets and FAFs are on their way... AND he urges you, should you feel stuck or want a SOLID KICK in the *SS to join the newly setup, FREE "Get Unstuck" Course (limited time). It's a very powerful, step-by-step review of The Habit Factor method and includes important exercises, quizzes and templates— all FREE. Get after it! -- >>FREE UNSTUCK COURSE HERE (limited time) Enjoy the episode! ***** Subscribe iTune here! Subscribe: Android | RSS ***** ~~NEW~~ The New HabitXP Planner! Grab your FREE copy of As a Man Thinketh (PDF) right here: As a Man Thinketh The Magic of Thinking BIG! (David Schwartz) The Success Principles (Jack Canfield) Getting Things Done! (Allen's Great Book!) TRELLO! >>> RESOURCES!!

  • S4: 51: How Many Habits To Start?
    S4: 51: How Many Habits To Start?
    Duración: 09min | 01/07/2018

    "When you align and craft habits intentionally to your goals, it's like running with the wind at your back." Today's FAF: "What is the recommended number of habits to start tracking as a newbie?" The short answer is no more than three habits at a time, especially when you're starting out and it's important to know why! It's a testament to the effectiveness of the P.A.R.R. habit development methodology that users are so tempted to add more habits to track. But less is really the key when you start out! Listen to learn the key's of effective habit tracking for any newbie and why The Habit Factor has established itself as the gold-standard for habit development and goal-achievement! Enjoy the episode! ***** Subscribe iTune here! Subscribe: Android | RSS ***** ~~NEW~~ The New HabitXP Planner! Grab your FREE copy of As a Man Thinketh (PDF) right here: As a Man Thinketh The Magic of Thinking BIG! (David Schwartz) The Success Principles (Jack Canfield) Getting Things Done! (Allen's Great Book!) TRELLO! >>> RESOURCE

  • S4: 50: Standards!
    S4: 50: Standards!
    Duración: 17min | 27/06/2018

    "If you want to change your life, you have to raise your standards." ~ Tony Robbins Standard: A level of quality or attainment. Used or accepted as normal or average. In this second-to-last episode of Season IV -- and 50th episode of the season! -- this special Mind-Bullet Wednesday ponders the concept of standards. We subconsciously set "acceptable" standards in the major areas of our lives -- appearance, dress, diet, wealth, etc. Sometimes, setting a new standard -- demanding  more of yourself -- can dramatically boost your health, self esteem and more. Since we tend to get what we accept, let's set the bar higher! Challenge just ONE of your currently acceptable standards to create a higher quality of life — and see once again how it all tracks back to HABIT. Enjoy! New listeners: By texting the word "HABITS" to the mobile phone number "33444" you will instantly receive your "hack"/habit tracker/habit development template, or you can download it here: thehabitfactor.com/templates. Feel free to share the epi

  • S4: 49: Language and Thought
    S4: 49: Language and Thought
    Duración: 14min | 25/06/2018

    “The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their proper name." ~ Chinese Proverb    Today's MBM, (Mind-Bullet Monday) centers around an insight intrinsic to The Habit Factor: How language shapes our thinking. Language shapes how we think and therefore how we solve problems! For instance, why is it that scholars and "experts" in goal achievement hadn't previously identified the intentional crafting and alignment of habits as a methodology for goal achievement? Instead focusing on tasks and "next steps". Here's the reason: For the most part, habit has carried with it a "negative" connotation, ie: smoking, drinking, drugs, biting nails, etc. Thus, making it more difficult to naturally associate habit as a process/methodology for goal achievement. Why does this matter? When you understand words/language with greater precision it translates to different thinking! As you research and work toward your goal be sure to investigate and analyze the language that surrounds it. Listen in to hear more about how language

  • S4: 48: What Do You See?
    S4: 48: What Do You See?
    Duración: 08min | 22/06/2018

    "It's not what you look at that matters. It's what you see." ~ Henry David Thoreau When things go sideways, what do you see? When it all hits the fan, how do you spin it? How well are you able to hold your vision when you hit obstacles? Are you able to keep your eyes on the prize? The great Henry Ford once said, "Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal." The great Brian Tracy put it this way: "Clarity is 95% of success." Always know, if you look hard enough, there's a pony in there somewhere! Enjoy the episode! ***** Subscribe iTune here! Subscribe: Android | RSS ***** ~~NEW~~ The New HabitXP Planner! Grab your FREE copy of As a Man Thinketh (PDF) right here: As a Man Thinketh The Magic of Thinking BIG! (David Schwartz) The Success Principles (Jack Canfield) Getting Things Done! (Allen's Great Book!) TRELLO! >>> RESOURCES!!

  • S4: 47: H. J. Evans: Tequila and Two Decisions
    S4: 47: H. J. Evans: Tequila and Two Decisions
    Duración: 33min | 20/06/2018

    "Decide what you want to be -- and go be it!" ~Tequila Truck Habits2Goals welcomes back former co-host Henry J. Evans, a dynamic marketing expert, best-selling author, speaker and consultant on accountability, strategy execution and emotionally intelligent leadership. Henry discusses his reaffirmed belief in the PARR methodology and how important it is to track and measure your behavior. "That which is tracked and measured is improved!" MG shares his most recent behavior-tracking journey, "The Path to 178!" where he vowed to reduce his body fat to lower levels than when he was 38 years old.  Tracking, both hosts, explain, is the ironic path to freedom! Recall:   "discipline = freedom." Henry shares that a trusted tracking system lets you "offload" these things from your mind, helping you truly be in the present. Save the mind for big thinking! The Big Idea discussed in this episode springs from both meditation and tequila: A tequila truck sign that read, "Decide what you want to be and go be it!" This unlikel

  • S4: 46: Keys to Wealth and Happiness
    S4: 46: Keys to Wealth and Happiness
    Duración: 12min | 18/06/2018

    “If you want to become all you can become, do all you can do, hear all you can hear, see all you can see, you’ve got to learn how to handle frustration." ~Tony Robbins   This intriguing Mind-Bullet Monday episode is inspired by something Tony Robbins shares in his book Unlimited Power: The 5 Keys to Wealth and Happiness -- which effectively coincide with both The Habit Factor and to an even greater degree, The Pressure Paradox. Viewed from The PRISM Of PRESSURE in particular, the first four keys are particularly insightful, directly relating to our ability to understand and respond to pressure -- and how to use it to your advantage. According to Tony's concepts, we see that in many ways, pressure is an essential force for wealth and happiness! Listen in to hear how each of these concepts ties back to pressure and how to turn your obstacles into opportunities for greatness. Enjoy! Feel free to share the episode and leave a review on iTunes!  ***** Resources Mentioned in this Episode Unlimited Power, by Tony Ro

  • S4: 45: What is HabitStrength?
    S4: 45: What is HabitStrength?
    Duración: 12min | 15/06/2018

    "The more we do a thing, the easier it is to do. It's not that the nature of the task has changed, but our ability to do it has increased." ~Ralph Waldo Emerson When you want to develop a habit -- getting up early, for example, or flossing -- you may wonder how long will it take. Despite articles that say 21 days or 66 days, the answer isn't clear cut. Desire is the foremost component, followed by the capacity to perform the work and the knowledge about how to get it done. The key to habit development and perhaps success itself is HabitStrength! It's important to know that HabitStrength increases over time with consistent use -- and, it isn't binary.  By following the P.A.R.R. methodology (Plan, Act, Record, Reassess), for each 4 week period you increase your frequency per week and minimum success criteria. By doing so your HabitStrength increases! Listen in for tips and examples on increasing your HabitStrength and meeting your goals more easily! Enjoy the episode! ***** Resources Mentioned in This Episode T

  • S4: 44: Accounta What?
    S4: 44: Accounta What?
    Duración: 15min | 13/06/2018

    "Your accountability group is NOT the determining factor, your desire is." Accountability can certainly help alter and affect your environment, leading to the performance of better behaviors and habits. But there's a downside to accountability: Some of us defer -- giving up our ownership, control and responsibility. If you think you need accountability to succeed, you are at serious risk of failing! You are your own and best source of accountability. If you really want it -- your goal, behavior, etc. -- OWN IT! The best way to really own it is to begin tracking your behaviors and hold yourself accountable. All you need is YOU, a piece of paper or a simple app, and the WILL to hold yourself accountable! The difference is your desire. Listen in to hear more about holding yourself accountable through the magic of habit tracking. Enjoy! New listeners: By texting the word "HABITS" to the mobile phone number "33444" you will instantly receive your "hack"/habit tracker/habit development template, or you can download

  • S4: 43: Have a Philosophy
    S4: 43: Have a Philosophy
    Duración: 14min | 11/06/2018

    “The years teach much which the days never knew." ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson Today's Mind-Bullet Monday is a little heavy, but very necessary to consider: Have a philosophy. Have a set of beliefs and ideals that you can lean on and stand by. Harkening back to a few episodes ago, the Self Concept and its importance, your philosophy is the next critical piece of the framework supporting your being. Everyone is ultimately a product of their own philosophy -- their beliefs and ideals -- but always leaving yourself open and adaptable. ("You don't know what you don't know.") How do you start crafting a philosophy you believe in? It's a process that can begin with examining your values! Values will help to form a personal philosophy. What do you stand for? What do you believe in? Tune in to hear how trusting your ideas and beliefs is essential and how it is why The Habit Factor itself came to fruition.  Enjoy! Feel free to share the episode and leave a review on iTunes!  ***** Resources Mentioned in this Episode The Sel

  • S4: 42: What Gets You Out of Bed?
    S4: 42: What Gets You Out of Bed?
    Duración: 11min | 08/06/2018

    "People are not lazy. They simply have impotent goals." ~Tony Robbins When you rolled out of the rack this morning, were you fired up? Or did you think of it as just another grind? If you don't have a goal that excites you, you may just be going through the motions.   Maybe you're saying, "I don't really want the type of goal that scares me!" Well, as Martin shares, he's never felt more alive than when he was in the process of attacking a big, hairy, audacious goal! So, what fires you up every morning? Are you exciting to be learning, growing and challenged? Find the beauty of waking up to a goal that scares you (at least a little bit) — in a good way.   Enjoy the episode! ***** Subscribe iTune here! Subscribe: Android | RSS ***** ~~NEW~~ The New HabitXP Planner! Grab your FREE copy of As a Man Thinketh (PDF) right here: As a Man Thinketh The Magic of Thinking BIG! (David Schwartz) The Success Principles (Jack Canfield) Getting Things Done! (Allen's Great Book!) TRELLO! >>> RESOURCES!!

  • S4: 41: Contemplation
    S4: 41: Contemplation
    Duración: 16min | 06/06/2018

    Noun: The action of looking thoughtfully at something for a long time. This special, non-interview Wednesday "Mind Bullet" is inspired by a previous episode, The Best Use of Your Mind, where MG breaks down the profound insights in David Allen's fantastic book, Getting Things Done! -- namely, that writing down your ideas and thoughts frees space for new creativity. "The weakest ink is stronger than the strongest memory." But today's mind bullet is the exact opposite — celebrating the capacity to hold on to an idea and truly, deeply contemplate it. Contemplation is the capacity to grasp an idea and study it over a long period of time. We're talking deep, reflective thought. Challenge yourself to do both! Appreciate the value of emptying your mind (in this overly-stimulated world) AND, find value and magic in contemplating "big" ideas for long periods of time. Hear how years of contemplation led to the creation of both The Habit Factor and The Pressure Paradox. (Ten years between the two books). So what's the bi

  • S4: 40 Whale Done!
    S4: 40 Whale Done!
    Duración: 14min | 04/06/2018

    "Catch People Doing Things Right." ~ Ken Blanchard   Today's Mind-Bullet Monday is based on Ken Blanchard's brilliant book on positive relationships, Whale Done! As a leader/parent/partner, how do you get people to do what you want/need them to do? More importantly, how do you get YOURSELF to do what needs to be done? In Whale Done, Ken shares how it's crucial to catch people doing something right ("Whale Done!) instead of catching them doing something wrong (Gotcha!). Think about it: Trainers have somehow convinced 5-ton whales to leap out over the water and jump over a rope. How is that possible? Turns out the trick the whale trainers use is to simply begin with the rope underwater! Then, over time, slowly and incrementally they increase the rope's height all while offering intense praise and rewards— accentuating the positive! MG asserts that if this is the process to get a 5-ton whale to jump out of the water... how can it not work with other people— even difficult people and most importantly, ourselves —

  • S4: 39: Why Do Habits Exist?
    S4: 39: Why Do Habits Exist?
    Duración: 24min | 01/06/2018

    Today's FAF (Frequently Asked Friday) is a back-to-basics concern: "Why do habits exist?" At first blush, this may seem like a nonsensical question, but the question and its answer became life-altering for MG! As The Habit Factor book and app was being created, MG Googled the burning question, "Why do habits exist?" He got a big fat nothing! Not only were there no answers, but the question hadn't even been asked yet. Today you get a very different result, with some differing reasons and motivations— nonetheless, the answer isn't easy to come by. (MG wrote more about this in this blog post.) Listen in to learn what is at the very root of The Habit Factor, and the ideas behind Habit Alignment technology being the key to goal achievement Enjoy the episode! ***** Subscribe iTune here! Subscribe: Android | RSS ***** ~~NEW~~ The New HabitXP Planner! Grab your FREE copy of As a Man Thinketh (PDF) right here: As a Man Thinketh The Magic of Thinking BIG! (David Schwartz) The Success Principles (Jack Canfield) Getting

  • S4: 38: Bridging the Gap!
    S4: 38: Bridging the Gap!
    Duración: 15min | 30/05/2018

    “The essence of goal achievement: You are energy, and your goal is going to require energy...Habit alignment, therefore, is the most efficient way to achieve your goal.” In a special, non-interview Wednesday "Mind Bullet," MG shares how anyone can "bridge the gap" -- that is, go from point "A" (where they are now), to point "B" (their goal)! Bridging the gap is essentially what everyone wants to do. Yet few of us understand how to go about goal achievement in the most efficient and effective way possible: habit alignment. MG leads the listener through a simple exercise and explains a radical realization -- one he wishes he was taught 30-plus years ago: HABIT (and "habit alignment") is the key to goal achievement. And the best way to develop supportive habits is to follow P.A.R.R.: Plan, Act, Record and Reassess. New listeners: By texting the word "HABITS" to the mobile phone number "33444" you will instantly receive your "hack"/habit tracker/habit development template, or you can download it here: thehabitfac

  • S4: 37: Everything a Miracle
    S4: 37: Everything a Miracle
    Duración: 11min | 28/05/2018

    “If anything is a miracle, then everything is."  Today's Mind-Bullet Monday explores the idea that if anything at all can be called a miracle, then everything must be a miracle. Why does the heart begin to beat? Why do we yawn? How is it that our planet rotates on an axis at 1000 miles an hour and rotates around the sun at almost 70,000 miles per hour and you are sitting there reading this? How does this one planet have all the ingredients for life? Miracles. MG explores the idea that everything around us is a miracle -- but like habit -- we are so surrounded by it that we cease to recognize it. We're swimming in miracle after miracle but we are so desensitized that we don't revel in the magic and beauty of it all. So how does this affect you? YOU are part of everything. And if everything is a miracle so are YOU! You have the ability to create — to co-create your own ideal future. Don't fall into the illusion that miracles are few and far between. YOU are part of the miraculous everything! Without illusion t

  • S4: 36: Meditation and Prayer: Whats the Difference?
    S4: 36: Meditation and Prayer: What's the Difference?
    Duración: 21min | 25/05/2018

    "Prayer is you speaking to God. Meditation is allowing the spirit to speak to you." ~Deepak Chopra Mantras? Levitation? In Today's FAF (Frequently Asked Friday) MG addresses the misunderstandings surrounding meditation and reveals how his practice has influenced so many areas of his life including the creation of The Habit Factor. After recently stumbling upon the book The Lazy Way To Success, MG came to realize the error in his "efficient" meditation ways — namely that meditation should not be rushed. (Listen in to MG's interview with Lazy Way author Fred Gratzon here.) So, what's the difference between meditation and prayer? While both are spiritual and valuable, meditation is about becoming still, quiet and LISTENING to your spirit and intuition. Prayer, on the other hand, is you speaking and communication in an outward bound fashion.  MG shares his experience with both and how each has helped to inspired and influence so many aspects of his life. Enjoy the episode! ***** Subscribe iTune here! Subscribe:

  • S4: 35: All Life: An Experiment!
    S4: 35: All Life: An Experiment!
    Duración: 21min | 23/05/2018

    “All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make, the better.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson In a special, non-interview Wednesday "Mind Bullet", MG shares his experience with a combination of health, diet, and workout experiments on his way to his own wellness goals. Leading with Emerson's philosophy, that "All life is an experiment". MG adds personal emphasis and then announces the release of a new, one-of-a-kind personal development tool: The HabitXP Journal / Personal Planner! The Habit XP Journal is totally unique— created from scratch and has powerful sections for writing down and revisiting your VISION, MISSION and VALUES -- as well as experiments and exercises to help you discover and document those habits to help you craft your ideal life! The HabitXP Journal walks you through your own "life experiments" as if you were a scientist, gathering data, documenting results and propelling you toward your goals. The Habit XP Journal is an excellent tool for you and your habit-minded friends and family on th

  • S4: 34: The Self Concept
    S4: 34: The Self Concept
    Duración: 14min | 21/05/2018

    “If you argue for your limitations, you get to keep them.” ~ Jim Kwik "I'm not a good  _______________ " (fill in the blank) "I'm the type of person who can ________________ " (fill in the blank) Today's Mind-Bullet Monday examines the complex construct of our self concept: Did you know that consciously (mostly unconsciously) we allow the beliefs we've constructed about ourselves to define (and limit) ourselves? We've all constructed a narrative about who we are as people. This set of beliefs -- structure -- becomes an intrinsic part of our identity. The MOST IMPORTANT idea though is; because we've created our self-concept it is malleable, not fixed. Therefore, you have the power at anytime to redefine your limiting self concepts! Think about it this way, who constructed the idea that you're, say, not a good reader? After all, reading is a skill that you can get better over time! The key idea is this, figure out where you've constructed barriers within your self concept -- and begin to tear them down, turning

  • S4: 33: Are You Still Hoping?
    S4: 33: Are You Still Hoping?
    Duración: 09min | 18/05/2018

    "It takes as much energy to hope as it does to plan." ~Eleanor Roosevelt Today's FAF (Frequently Asked Friday): "Are You Still Hoping?" Are you hoping you'll get a better job? Make more money? Meet that special person. Are you waiting for someone to call you out of the blue to offer you that big break? We HOPE that you're NOT hoping! The great Eleanor Roosevelt once said, "It takes as much energy to wish as to plan." Not to mention the energy that worrying sucks up! So what's your plan? We all need hopes and dreams -- but there's nothing preventing you from crafting a good plan -- a strategy. And what's the best place to start planning? Identifying the behaviors that align with your goals. Enjoy the episode!  *** Feel free to share the episode and leave a review on iTunes!  ***** Subscribe iTune here! Subscribe: Android | RSS ***** ~~NEW~~ The New HabitXP Planner! Grab your FREE copy of As a Man Thinketh (PDF) right here: As a Man Thinketh The Magic of Thinking BIG! (David Schwartz) The Success Principles (J

  • S4: 32: Scott Duffy: Breakthrough!
    S4: 32: Scott Duffy: Breakthrough!
    Duración: 01h01min | 16/05/2018

    "What is the difference that makes THE difference between the people who stand out -- the outliers -- and everyone else?" ~Scott Duffy Scott Duffy is a TV/online personality, best-selling author, brand ambassador and business growth expert. As a teenage entrepreneur/ business owner with a house painting franchise , Scott came to learn and understand the power of the business model — the importance of finding a blueprint for success. Scott discusses the challenges related to his entrepreneur's innovation mindset within a franchise model and some other great lessons learned, like: What is the purpose of being in business, today?  A devastating car crash as a college student became a metaphor for how to overcome business challenges for Scott — sometimes you can be cruising along, during the best of times and something comes out of nowhere to knock you off course and force you start over. Listen in to learn how Scott's struggle to recover from a traumatic brain injury led to his wealth of motivational knowledge,

  • S4: 31: The Inward Man
    S4: 31: The Inward Man
    Duración: 12min | 14/05/2018

    “The inward man is renewed day by day." Today's Mind-Bullet Monday is near and dear to MG's heart: "The inward [person] is renewed day by day." The concept of renewal is seen time and time again in Habits 2 Goals because it speaks to the incredible importance of silence --stillness, meditation -- to our health and wellness. Finding time daily for quiet is a great start, but MG's new philosophy when it comes to stillness is: The more the better. Meditation is transformative to the health of our thoughts and body and MG has learned there are no shortcuts. Who's got time for any of this? As Brian Tracy says, "There's never enough time to do everything, but there's always enough time to do the most important things." Listen in to hear how and why meditation should be a non-negotiable part of your day. Enjoy! Feel free to share the episode and leave a review on iTunes!  ***** Subscribe iTune here! Subscribe: Android | RSS ***** ~~NEW~~ The New HabitXP Planner! Grab your FREE copy of As a Man Thinketh (PDF) right

  • S4: 30: Whos the DJ In Your Life?
    S4: 30: Who's the DJ In Your Life?
    Duración: 11min | 11/05/2018

    Today's FAF (Frequently Asked Friday): "Who's the DJ in your life?" When you're at a good party with great music, can you feel the energy? The good vibes uplift your mood and send you on a positive upswing! With our habits of thought, we are essentially playing our own inner soundtrack on a daily basis -- these thoughts grow stronger the more they are played (repeated), just like any habit! And what you don't "play" /repeat gets weaker. Take control of what your inner DJ is playing. Ensure your thought habits are aligned with our goals, taking you where we want to go. If your inner DJ is playing songs of self-doubt -- over and over -- how can you tweak the soundtrack to select tracks that are supportive of your goals? MG shares ways to train your inner DJ -- control your habits of thought -- to drive out the negativity and replace it with good "tracks" that can be put on replay! Enjoy the episode! Feel free to share and leave a review on iTunes and be sure to subscribe! *** BOOKS/Resources: Enjoy and share! T

  • S4: 29: Cameron Herold: Vivid Vision
    S4: 29: Cameron Herold: Vivid Vision
    Duración: 55min | 09/05/2018

    "I really want people to stop complaining about life being hard and start choosing to be better." ~Cameron Herold Author, speaker, visionary, lifelong entrepreneur and "CEO Whisperer" Cameron Herold is the mastermind behind the exponential growth of multiple companies. Groomed to be an entrepreneur from childhood, Cameron always learned best by jumping in and running businesses -- in fact, he had run eight businesses by the age of 20 and coached 120 CEOs by the age of 28 -- achieving his "World MBA." Cameron's true education was experience, living by the motto "Conceive, Believe, Achieve." Tune in to hear how Cameron uses the habit of gratefulness to stay positive and on track, and how voracious, goal-directed reading keeps him achieving more every year. In typical "Habits 2 Goals" style, the interview covers everything from dealing with difficult days to defining success. We explore what habits are essential to the guest's success, advice the guest would give his/her 20-something self, favorite books, quotes

  • S4: 28: Paying Rent Daily
    S4: 28: Paying Rent Daily
    Duración: 14min | 07/05/2018

    “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not a single act, but a habit.” ~ Aristotle "Ill habits gather by unseen degrees. As brooks make rivers, rivers run to seas." ~ Ovid Today's Mind-Bullet Monday has us pondering the idea: We pay rent not once a month, but in actuality every day. We like to think we pay our rent or mortgage once a month but the truth is we pay it every single day, simply divided by the days in a month. In the same way, excellence doesn't come to us all at once. The price of excellence is paid every day, and the currency is habit. Somewhere along the line we started looking for shortcuts. Going to the gym only when we feel like it. Waking up when we feel like it. Putting in the work sometimes. But ultimately these shortcuts backfire. Build the discipline -- build the habit. This is where excellence lies: Excellence lies in paying the rent every day. How can we shift our mindset to be willing to pay our rent every day? MG reminds us of a little something he likes to call P.A.R.R

  • S4: 27: How Can I Be Happy?
    S4: 27: How Can I Be Happy?
    Duración: 10min | 04/05/2018

    Today's FAF (Frequently Asked Friday): "How can I be happy in a world gone crazy?" Pollution, war, moral bankruptcy, atrocities that go beyond our comprehension -- we're living in a world full of challenges, and it's easy to become overwhelmed and depressed. But we have lives to lead and children to raise, so how can we find a semblance of peace and happiness amid all the chaos? MG addresses this question by reaffirming Buddha's observation... that bringing light to any darkness is the answer. Being sad, down, and empathetic are normal reactions to the problems in the world -- but these emotions aren't helpful to the problem or, perhaps more importantly, yourself. A quote often attributed to Buddha says: "Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of that candle cannot be shortened." How can you make the decision -- the choice -- to be happy? How can you choose to be the light in spite of the darkness? Enjoy the episode! Feel free to share and leave a review on iTunes and be sure to su

  • S4: 26: Tim Ortiz: Event Vibe
    S4: 26: Tim Ortiz: Event Vibe
    Duración: 01h08min | 02/05/2018

    "My most important habit is looking at my own behavior — I've developed the habit of observing my own habits." ~Tim Ortiz Entertainment industry entrepreneur Tim Ortiz is in the business of making dreams come true and memories that last a lifetime. As the founder/owner of Event Vibe -- which handles bookings, ticketing, promotion and all aspects of nightlife events -- Tim knows that even in a glamorous industry, hard work and the daily grind pay off. But Tim also knows that balance in life for entrepreneurs -- whose work is all-consuming -- is key to true success. At around minute 38 in this episode, MG and Tim get into a deep and fascinating discussion about HABIT as it relates to success. An early enthusiast of The Habit Factor, Tim details how the Habit Factor methodology altered his perspective and how he began to view his world and his habits altogether differently. Tune in to hear how Tim uses habit to achieve balance in life — and how he lifts himself up when the daily grind gets him down. In typical "

  • S4: 25: Comfort Whore?
    S4: 25: Comfort Whore?
    Duración: 16min | 30/04/2018

    “No man is free who cannot command himself.” ~ Epictetus “Through discipline comes freedom.” ~ Aristotle Today's Mind-Bullet Monday is a little risqué -- and risky: You may know someone who is a comfort whore... perhaps, intimately! (Google at your own risk!) Building on previous episodes that center around the concepts of controls and constraints, MG revisits the idea that we are selling out our long-term goals for instant gratification. There's nothing wrong with comfort; we all seek it, crave it and deserve it. But we need to do the hard stuff too. How can you tell if you've become one yourself? MG suggests your results will speak for themselves. Is your health where you'd like it? How about your weight? Your work success? Are your goals being met? Oscillation is key -- adding controls and constraints to our lives, mixed in with the comfort we seek, creates a healthy balance. Remember, Habit works both ways: The stronger the comfort habit becomes, the more you threaten your true goals. Nip it in the bud! A

  • S4: 24: Whats the Best Way To Schedule Your Calendar?
    S4: 24: What's the Best Way To Schedule Your Calendar?
    Duración: 10min | 27/04/2018

    Today's FAF (Frequently Asked Friday): "What's the best way to schedule your calendar?" While this is a very personal process, MG shares a few tips and philosophies, which, of course, incorporate the magic of habit to boost efficiency. Many businesses and entrepreneurs use the concept of Theme Days (e.g. marketing on Wednesdays) or creating "chunks" of time to dedicate towards a project. However you dedicate your time, the key ideas are RHYTHM and PATTERN -- the overlay of rhythm and pattern work to reinforce habit. The more rhythm and pattern in your calendar, the more efficient and effective you will be. Hmmm, sounds like Habit Alignment!  How do YOU prioritize your schedule toward building a recurring behavior mechanism that sets you up for success? Tune in to the episode and start learning how to create rhythm and pattern in your calendar! Enjoy the episode! Feel free to share and leave a review on iTunes! BOOKS/Resources: The Habit Factor (Audible!) The Habit Factor® Book (Amazon Kindle) The Success Prin

  • S4: 23 Hal Elrod: The Miracle Morning
    S4: 23 Hal Elrod: The Miracle Morning
    Duración: 55min | 25/04/2018

    "How you start your day is arguably the single-most important determining factor in how you live your day... and how you live your day is how you live your life!" ~Hal Elrod Hal Elrod is on a mission to elevate the consciousness of humanity, one morning at a time. Hal is the author of The Miracle Morning -- which has been translated into 27 languages, has over 2,000 five-star Amazon reviews and is practiced daily by over 500,000 people in 70+ countries. In simplest terms, the Miracle Morning is a transformative 6-step morning routine based on the best habits Hal could find in books, in others and himself. But Hal’s story is not a simple and straightforward success tale. Hal grew up in a small mountain town near Yosemite, where he got his first taste of entrepreneurialism as a 15-year-old mobile DJ. He discovered his sales and people skills at 19 working for Cutco Cutlery. But a promising career – and his life – nearly ended forever after 20-year-old Hal was hit head-on by a drunk driver at 70 miles per hour.

  • S4: 22 Fight or Flight?
    S4: 22 Fight or Flight?
    Duración: 10min | 23/04/2018

    “Between stimulus and response, there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.” Viktor E. Frankl Today's Mind-Bullet Monday centers around the concept of — when faced with a heated, fearful or difficult situation — the human "fight or flight" response is triggered. But MG suggests we take a harder look at the "OR" in "fight or flight." Is it really a case of either/or? MG recounts some recent experiences: 1. Two grown adults in a disagreement. One points a finger at the other, who says, "Don't you point at me!" Then the pointee later does some finger pointing of his own. Fight? 2. A golf course misunderstanding leads to heated exchange of words, the destruction of an innocent ball wash -- and the dramatic marching exit of the offended party. Flight? Fight or Flight? How about a third option? How about instead of fighting or fleeing we pull our "stuff" together and move on? Look, we all lose our cool from time to time. But MG proposes we ge

  • S4-21: How To Stop Overwhelm
    S4-21: How To Stop Overwhelm
    Duración: 11min | 20/04/2018

    Today's FAF (Frequently Asked Friday): "How can I feel less overwhelmed?" In this crazy world of stimulus, demand, distraction and stress, too many of us are living a diminished quality of life by simple being overwhelmed. MG addresses this question from a few different angles, but the main bullet point is this: If at any point we feel overwhelmed, it simply means we don't know what our Number One Priority is. Think of a Days of Our Lives-style timer with sands flowing through an hourglass: No matter how much sand there is, only one grain can flow through at a time. So how can you learn to diminish your overwhelm and free your mind along with your time? 1. Prioritize: Your first step is to make a list and identify your top priority -- multitasking only leads to more overwhelm. 2. Lose Your Habit Shackles: Next, understand that HABIT is at play. If you are feeling overwhelmed, know that you are bound by your habits. Your habits should be serving you! Here's a great quote (look for it as a future Mind Bullet Mo

  • S4-20: David Katz: The Plastic Bank
    S4-20: David Katz: The Plastic Bank
    Duración: 59min | 18/04/2018

    "Who can't become more than they are today?" ~David Katz David Katz grew up on a small island off Vancouver, British Columbia, where he became acutely aware of just what was washing up on the beach. A lifelong entrepreneur – beginning as a 12-year-old landscaper for hire – Katz always saw opportunities where others saw problems. He joined his entrepreneurial and spiritual callings to create The Plastic Bank, whose ambitious goal is to make plastic waste a currency that transcends poverty while stopping the flow of plastic into our oceans. How did such a paradigm-shifting idea take hold? As Katz put it, "We were living in the future of a possibility that didn’t exist – we had to invite people into that possibility." In true entrepreneurial fashion, Katz encountered one obstacle after another. So just what made him think he could tackle a challenge as big as saving the planet? Katz believes we are all a culmination of all the decisions we’ve ever made and experiences we’ve ever had. How his successes and failur

  • S4-19: Desire Level 11!
    S4-19: Desire Level 11!
    Duración: 13min | 16/04/2018

    "The starting point of all achievement is desire!" ~Napoleon Hill In this episode MG suggests that there is a very simple way to know if you REALLY WANT IT (your goal) BADLY ENOUGH. It's an extremely simple litmus test. A similar message was covered in a prior episode, "What do you really want?" When you want something badly enough you'll always find a way. In fact, one of MG's favorite sayings is "Where there is a will, there is a way!" Therefore, desire and determination take precedent over the "how". The "how" comes when one is determined/totally committed to achieving their goal! So, how will you know if you really want to achieve your goal as badly as you think? The simple answer is right here! Enjoy! **NEW** Ask MG YOUR toughest question WITHIN A REVIEW ON iTunes... Chances are very good that it'll be answered on a forthcoming episode! Feel free to share and leave a review on iTunes!  The New HabitXP Planner! Grab your FREE copy of As a Man Thinketh (PDF) right here: As a Man Thinketh Enjoy the episode!

  • S4-18: Your Biggest Limiter?
    S4-18: Your Biggest Limiter?
    Duración: 11min | 13/04/2018

    Chances are good that you are exactly where you are because that is where you want to be..." Quick question: "What do you think is your biggest limiter as you strive to be more successful?" If "all learning is remembering" (Plato) than the listener is guided back to a prior episode, "Learning Mastery". While cleaning his garage, MG ran across one of his favorite old books and is struck by a particular passage within the personal development classic, The Magic of Thinking BIG! (David J. Schwartz) Here's the passage: "Where success is concerned, people are not measured in inches or pounds or college degrees, or family background; they are measured by the size of their thinking. How big we think determines the size of our accomplishments."  ~David J. Schwartz So, how BIG are you thinking these days? The size of your thinking (and related belief) must be the over-arching limiter. Consider how difficult it is for your achievements to outgrow your thinking! Your vision and what you believe you are capable of must b

  • S4-17: Nir Eyal: From Hooked to Indistractable
    S4-17: Nir Eyal: From Hooked to Indistractable
    Duración: 52min | 11/04/2018

    "These are two industries (gaming & advertising), let's face it, that are dependent upon changing your behavior; they have to specialize in mind-control..." ~Nir Eyal Nir Eyal seems to be wired for creativity and, as he describes it, lives at the intersection of psychology and technology. Nir has a storied and successful background in technology startups (as a founding entrepreneur) and has emerged from both the gaming and advertising space with a keen interest in the various ideas (and ingredients) that help to make products/apps successful— to make them stick and become habit forming. As Nir put it, "Let's face it, these are two industries (advertising and gaming) that are dependent upon changing our behaviors." By having a "front-row seat" within each of these industries, Nir continued to search and understand just what components helped to formulate habit-forming products and services. So, when he couldn't find that answer/book, he decided it was time to write it. Hence, his bestseller, Hooked, was bo

  • S4-16: Corn from Corn
    S4-16: Corn from Corn
    Duración: 11min | 09/04/2018

    "A man's mind may be likened to a garden which may be intelligently cultivated..." The beginning of personal transformation begins with "right" thinking. For this Mind-Bullet Monday, MG revisits James Allen's classic, "As a Man Thinketh" and specifically points to the phrase, "nothing can come from corn but corn". "Good thoughts and actions can never produce bad results; bad thoughts and actions can never produce good results. This is but saying that nothing can come from corn but corn, nothing from nettles but nettles. Men understand this law in the natural world, and work with it; but few understand it in the mental and moral world (though its operation there is just as simple and undeviating), and they, therefore, do not co-operate with it." How often do we pay lip service to the idea of "positive thinking" without understanding the idea is rooted upon this very concept. How much bad can come from thinking good and positive thoughts? Earl Nightingale used to liken our minds to a massive earth mover and sug

  • S4-15: Whats the Best Way to Build a Good Habit?
    S4-15: What's the Best Way to Build a Good Habit?
    Duración: 19min | 06/04/2018

      Today's FAF (Frequently Asked Friday) "What's the best way to form (or build) a good habit?" MG tackles this question by dispelling some very popular misinformation on the internet mostly directed at something known within psychology as the "habit loop" or, Cue, Routine, Reward. Cue, Routine, Reward does little, if anything, as a process or methodology to help someone to develop a good, positive habit and here are just a few reasons why: Cue, Routine, Reward is: 1) Based upon tests with lab animals; mice and rats NOT humans 2) Involves little, if any, PLANNING on how to develop the good behavior (habit)! 3) It lacks any planning mechanism. Cue, Routine, Reward doesn't allow for the establishment of "targets". For instance, are you going to "Read" every day or just 3 times a week? And, when you read, are you reading for 10 pages or 20 minutes? 4) Cue, Routine, Reward provides NO instruction or recommendation about the recording or, TRACKING of their behavior. 5) Lacking any "tracking/recording" mechanism, Cu

  • S4-14: Bing Bush Jr: How to be the Real You
    S4-14: Bing Bush Jr: How to be the Real You
    Duración: 01h26min | 04/04/2018

    "Success is loving yourself authentically and living from that space..." ~Bing Bush Jr. What hasn't Bing Bush Jr. done? Attorney, entrepreneur and horse-racing aficionado just for starters.  MG kicks off this interview with the statement, "If they were teaching life clinics, Bing Bush Jr. would be a master instructor." Growing up in Kentucky, Bing developed a lifelong love for horses. Upon visiting his sister in San Diego, he also fell in love with the ocean and the Southern California lifestyle. Bing's legal work was essential in helping a client who'd tragically lost a son in a trucking accident to win a substantial judgement (the largest of its kind at the time). Later, that same client would assist Bing in his effort to raise the funds needed to being his new Abbondanza Racing group.  @AbbondanzaRacing In typical Habits 2 Goals style, the subjects covered in this interview include dealing with difficult days, defining success, habits, goals and, as the title suggests, "how to be (become) the real you." Bi

  • S4-13: No Prophet in His Hometown
    S4-13: No Prophet in His Hometown
    Duración: 10min | 02/04/2018

    "Truly I tell you," he continued, "no prophet is accepted in his hometown." Luke 4:24 Variations include: "Only in his own home and hometown is a prophet without honor." "I tell you this," Jesus added, "prophets are never welcomed in their hometown. Think about the term "prophet" perhaps as just another word for teacher or maybe even thought-leader. The key idea is that as you begin to transform and grow yourself and your skills and develop your own ideas the place to win acceptance is not likely to be your friends, associates or even family. Why is that? Well, one reason is they may have a difficult time reconciling who you are today with who you once were. Your family and friends might regard you as that same troubled teenager or twenty something party goer instead of an industry-wide recognized Ph.D. The beauty is, ultimately it doesn't matter as their acceptance of your creativity and work should not be your main goal anyway. While they may not understand or champion your work, it isn't personal --it's ju

  • S4-12: How can I overcome challenges?
    S4-12: How can I overcome challenges?
    Duración: 14min | 30/03/2018

    "Our energy flows where our attention goes..." Today's FAF (Frequently Asked Friday) is: "How can I overcome challenges of the past to focus on a bright future?" MG runs through five paradigm shifting mindsets —a recipe— for anyone to get over an unfortunate past situation and get back on track! Tips/Steps: 1) Meaning: What is the meaning your currently giving the situation? Can you spin it from defeating to empowering? 2) Time: Consider just how fluid/dynamic life is, specifically how quickly time moves and this helps you to realize and guide your metamorphosis! 3) Focus: Our focus determines how we feel. Direct your focus toward "things" bigger than you and away from yourself! How can you be of service to others? 4) HabitStrength!: Knowing that even discipline is a habit empowers you to realize that anything that is difficult now can and will become easier overtime with effort and practice. 5) Results!: Assess results continuously using the feedback not to beat yourself up but to inspire you. Scientists don

  • S4-11: Fred Gratzon: The Lazy Way to Success
    S4-11: Fred Gratzon: The Lazy Way to Success
    Duración: 01h26min | 28/03/2018

    "You can recognize truth by its beauty and simplicity." ~Dr. Richard Feynman “I am lazy and anti-authoritarian. I have a short attention span, a shorter memory, and no intellect. I am devoid of marketable skills and I despise routine. I have never held a job for longer than two months and, in the entire history of the United States government, I am one of five people (at most) to have been fired from a civil service job. Fortunately, these are ideal qualifications for an entrepreneur. ” Fred Gratzon It seems as though Fred Gratzon has lived several amazing lives. Ask him how it's happened and to where the credit ought to go, he's quick to reference one thing; Transcendental Meditation. In 1979 with no money, no business experience, and no knowledge whatsoever of how to make ice cream Fred founded, The Great Midwestern Ice Cream Company. 1984, it was judged by People Magazine as “the best ice cream in America”. Fred had signed a non-compete clause with the investors of Great Midwestern Ice Cream which forbade

  • S4-10: Hyper-Effective Personal Growth Begins Here.
    S4-10: Hyper-Effective Personal Growth Begins Here.
    Duración: 13min | 26/03/2018

    "All men's miseries derive from not being able to sit in a quiet room alone." ~Blaise Pascal How over-stimulated are you? Most people don't know and here's how to find out, just try to meditate. Blaise Pascal wasn't being overly dramatic with his above statement. It's hard to be creative or productive when you are overstimulated. MG suggests that for every minute you mediate you'll  get ten minutes back, much like what happens when you take time to proactively plan. Stillness, silence and emptiness (nothingness) is THE source of not just us but the solutions we seek.  Too many people listening will just shake their head, "Yep, I know, I should meditate." But in their head, they're telling themselves they don't have the time." Don't know how? There is a discussion around that as well! Enjoy the episode! Feel free to share and leave a review on iTunes!  Thanks for your help in selecting our Season IV Cover art! The Success Principles (Jack Canfield) Getting Things Done! (Allen's Great Book!) TRELLO! Enjoy and

  • S4-09: Why did you write The Pressure Paradox?
    S4-09: Why did you write The Pressure Paradox?
    Duración: 19min | 23/03/2018

    "Pressure like habit is neither good nor bad. It's a neutral, super-natural force. Pressure may  be the greatest creative force in the universe." This episode begins where the last FAF (Frequently Asked Friday) left off. After covering why he wrote The Habit Factor® the discussion here carries onward to the subject of pressure with TPP, (The Pressure Paradox™). After The Habit Factor was published there was pressure (so to speak) to better understand how our environment, in particular, pressure influences our behaviors and habits. In fact, the basic laws of physics related to Pressure; for instance, P = F/A has significant application to our personal productivity, performance and even our peace of mind. That's right, discover how pressure is a requirement for peace of mind. Enjoy the episode! Feel free to share and leave a review on iTunes!  Thanks for your help in selecting our Season IV Cover art! The Success Principles (Jack Canfield) Getting Things Done! (Allen's Great Book!) TRELLO! Enjoy and share! Tha

  • S4-08: Wallace J. Nichols: A Super BLUE Mind
    S4-08: Wallace J. Nichols: A Super BLUE Mind
    Duración: 01h04min | 21/03/2018

    "I've always felt my best when I was near, in, at, or on water... Blue Mind isn't about what we're adding, it's about what we're removing." ~Wallace J. Nichols Dr. Wallace "J" Nichols, called “Keeper of the Sea" by GQ Magazine and “a visionary" by Outside Magazine is an innovative, silo-busting, entrepreneurial scientist, movement maker, renown marine biologist, voracious Earth and idea explorer, wild water advocate, bestselling author, sought after lecturer, and fun-loving Dad. He also likes turtles (a lot). In this engaging interview MG and Dr. J cover all sorts of ground from creativity and happiness theories to even a bit of Shakespeare. Wallace moved from New York to Chicago and ultimately received his Ph.D. in Tuscon — just a hop and skip to Mexico's shores where he studied sea turtles. "This was the book I really wanted to read but I couldn't find anywhere. Ultimately, I tried to get a mentor of mine to write it, although his reply was, 'great idea! You write it!'" Blue Mind is much bigger than just th

  • S4-07: The Magic and Freedom of Choice
    S4-07: The Magic and Freedom of Choice
    Duración: 20min | 19/03/2018

    "We all have it... the freedom of choice, the ultimate freedom and it lies in that space..." This was originally slated to be the kickoff episode for Season IV but it got pushed back a bit... ; ) How well do you use what is likely your greatest gift; your freedom to choose? "There are three great constants in life" Dr. Covey used to say. In this episode key ideas about choice and how it influences everything from our emotions (including happiness) to the meaning we give events and even, the outcomes we experience. How we choose our thoughts directs our energy. Our energy / focus directs how we feel. How we feel influences our actions and results. So, are you selecting conscientiously and wisely? Do you select thoughts that support your goals and ideals? Do you select thoughts that make you feel good and empowered? Finally, there is a classic, powerful FORMULA that emerges to us produce those outcomes we desire! Enjoy the episode! Feel free to share and leave a review on iTunes!  Thanks for your help in selec

  • S4-06: FAF: Why Did you Write The Habit Factor?
    S4-06: FAF: Why Did you Write The Habit Factor?
    Duración: 18min | 16/03/2018

    "This probably sounds super-corny...  around 2003, I felt absolutely compelled to write the book..." MG kicks this one off with his "GTR" (Good Things Report) about a wonderful teacher at a university in Canada who emailed requesting to use the GRIT Pyramid artwork (a top shared post) for her class. In this  "FAF", Frequently Asked Friday, MG delves into some deeper background about the germination of The Habit Factor®, the inspiration for the book and app and his personal experience that wonderfully help to make the ideas more practical. Then, he takes a turn into a much bigger "WHY" and comes to a point, "I didn't know we were going to go there" calling it a "confession" of sorts. Enjoy the show! Thanks for your help in selecting our Season IV Cover art! The Habit Factor® Book (Amazon Kindle) The Pressure Paradox® Book (Amazon Kindle) Getting Things Done! (Allen's Great Book!) Enjoy and share! Thank you! >>>FREE RESOURCES to keep your mind tuned!! >> The Path to Habit Mastery! (Free Webinar) TRELLO! As a Ma

  • S4-05: Jairek Robbins: Putting Purpose into Action!
    S4-05: Jairek Robbins: Putting Purpose into Action!
    Duración: 58min | 14/03/2018

    "I don't think it's about finding purpose... it's about taking what you're already doing and putting purpose into it." ~Jairek Robbins LEARN IT. LIVE IT. GIVE IT. That's Jairek's motto and mission and few people on the planet are as well versed on personal development as Jairek Robbins. And, the best part may be that Jairek is a consummate student who actively studies and, more importantly, practices what he preaches. In this entertaining interview, made more so by an amazing technical error at the most inopportune time (not edited out) Jairek and Martin roll through his many experiences including his education at USD (a semester at sea) and then a semester off to volunteer and serve in Africa. The experiences led to many great stories and insights about joy, happiness and purpose— to name a few. Jairek shares these stories and a near death experience that greatly influenced the course of his life. Finally, JR shares some wonderful tech tools (apps) and books that continue to provide value to his life and tho

  • S4-04: What Do YOU Really Want?
    S4-04: What Do YOU Really Want?
    Duración: 18min | 12/03/2018

    "Once again, the answer reveals itself to be BOTH... we must not take life too seriously AND we must take it very seriously." ~Grunburg Often we'll hear, "he/she takes life too seriously." Sure, there are many times that can be a real problem. After all, "nobody gets out alive" right? At the same time, it's important to recognize that real success isn't an accident and that those who "arrive" in life, so to speak, know exactly what it is they want and are clear about where they are going. To put it simply, they are serious— they become very intentional and believe they can influence the direction of their life. Ralph Waldo Emerson put it this way, "The world makes way for the man who knows where he is going." In this episode Martin reaffirms this crucial idea: ONLY you know what it is you want and in order to get it you must become very responsible and intentional about its achievement. MG shares this great reminder his own pursuit of a personal (health) goal and what exactly he believes makes all the differe

  • S4-03: What Makes a Good Habit (Part Deux)
    S4-03: What Makes a Good Habit (Part Deux)
    Duración: 14min | 09/03/2018

    "Habit is neither good nor bad... it's a neutral force we can either craft intentionally to serve our goals or they will form unintentionally, which rarely serves our goals.".." This one begins with a chuckle as MG explains how this episode is a "part deux" recap of Season One's most popular episodes. Due to its popularity, MG wants to set the record straight and revisit both WHY the show has this title in the first place and than address the question itself, "what makes a good habit?" Enjoy the show! Thanks for your help in selecting our Season IV Cover art! The Habit Factor® Book (Amazon Kindle) The Pressure Paradox® Book (Amazon Kindle) Getting Things Done! (Allen's Great Book!) Enjoy and share! Thank you! >>>FREE RESOURCES to keep your mind tuned!! As a Man Thinketh Free Webinar: (Mini Course)Why Happiness is a Habit and how to cultivate it! Free Webinar: (Mini Course) Focus & Discipline >> The 28 Day Breakthrough! TRELLO! Check it out and be sure to subscribe! >>

  • S4-05: Roz Savage: An Ocean of Purpose
    S4-05: Roz Savage: An Ocean of Purpose
    Duración: 01h14min | 06/03/2018

    "There was nothing in that work that fed my soul and I can remember... I just felt like my soul was dying" ~Roz Roz Savage holds a law degree from Oxford, is a Yale World Fellow, a Guinness World Record Holder, and the only woman to have rowed across three oceans: The Atlantic, Pacific and Indian (in that order). Yet, Roz spills her guts in this candid interview about being a "recovering management consultant" terribly unhappy chasing a three-car garage and professional career, all while she sensed her "soul was dying." Out of desperation and a great sense of urgency, "while there was still a soul left to shrivel," she dives into the world of self-help/personal development and comes across Covey's great work, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. She is struck by Habit #2, which is: "Begin with the end in mind,"  so she does exactly that by writing two versions of her obituary, one as if nothing were to change and the other as if she had led her ideal life. Check it out! BTW: Be sure to look out for he

  • The Best Use of Your Mind?
    The Best Use of Your Mind?
    Duración: 09min | 04/03/2018

    "The mind is for having ideas not holding them." ~David Allen How often do you write down your thoughts? Do you have a system for doing so? Season IV is finally here and Martin breaks down Allen's profound insight in today's MBM (Mind Bullet Monday). His point; the best use of our minds is for creating new ideas but NOT for holding them. Note: There is an added bonus when we write our ideas down... can you guess what it is? Thanks for your help in selecting our Season IV Cover art! Getting Things Done! (Allen's Great Book!) TRELLO! Enjoy and share! Thank you! >>>FREE RESOURCES to keep your mind tuned!! As a Man Thinketh Free Webinar: (Mini Course)Why Happiness is a Habit and how to cultivate it! Free Webinar: (Mini Course) Focus & Discipline >> The 28 Day Breakthrough! Check it out and be sure to subscribe! >>

  • Could This be the Very Best Thing to Know?
    Could This be the Very Best Thing to Know?
    Duración: 16min | 19/02/2018

    "I am the wisest man alive, for I know one thing, and that is that I know nothing." ~Socrates How much do you value the unknown? How much do you appreciate what you do not know? Rumi - the great Sufi mystic put it this way. "Sell your cleverness and purchase bewilderment." And, Lao Tzu the great Chinese philosopher said, “To know that you do not know is true knowledge. To think you know when you do not is a disease. Recognizing this disease as a disease is to be free of it.” So, Socrates put it one way, Lao Tzu and Rumi another! On the cusp of Season IV, (BE SURE TO VOTE FOR THE NEW COVER ART HERE! It takes just two clicks!!) This "bridge" episode challenges the listener to embrace the unknown. "Not knowing can be incredibly liberating and lead you to a place of trust and faith." Rather than being totally self-defeating, learning to appreciate and accept what you don't know can take you to a place of powerful humility. The smartest most logical people in the world ultimately, run up again the unknown. Logic

  • How to make 2018 a Breakthrough Year, (STEP #9, The Mastery Mindset)
    How to make 2018 a Breakthrough Year, (STEP #9, The Mastery Mindset)
    Duración: 34min | 15/01/2018

    "Be like water..." ~Bruce Lee [STEP #9, MASTERY, in this BREAKTHROUGH mini-series, "How to Make 2018 Your Best, Breakthrough New Year Ever!"] Step #9 =  The Mastery Mindset! Step #1: Decide Step #2: Assess Step #3: Values, Mission and Vision Step #4: Passion & Purpose Step #5: Energy & Enthusiasm Step #6: GOALS! Step #7: HABIT! HABIT! HABIT! Step #8: HabitStrength™ When you think about the concept of "mastery" what comes to mind? Martin begins this show reviewing that invariably, after you go through each of the first 8 steps, you will come upon OBSTACLES. It's the true Master who regards obstacles as simply opportunities in disguise. Recall, that there are three great constants in life; change, choice and principles. Therefore the idea of mastery as a destination— an arrival point— can only be an illusion. If change is a constant, and it is, the idea of perpetual learning to become a "master" is essential. In this episode Martin recaps the very traits essential to the Mastery Mindset and even takes h

  • How to make 2018 a Breakthrough Year, (STEP #8 HabitStrength™)
    How to make 2018 a Breakthrough Year, (STEP #8 HabitStrength™)
    Duración: 23min | 04/01/2018

    "Discipline is a habit. GRIT is a habit. The more good behaviors you can habituate the less you will need to rely on willpower." [STEP #8,  (week #8) in the BREAKTHROUGH mini-series, "How to Make 2018 Your Best, Breakthrough New Year Ever!"] Step #OCHO =  HabitStrength!! Step #1: Decide Step #2: Assess Step #3: Values, Mission and Vision Step #4: Passion & Purpose Step #5: Energy & Enthusiasm Step #6: GOALS! Step #7: HABIT! HABIT! HABIT! And, now we delve into... part deux of Habit; HabitStrength! Think about habit development just like muscle development. It isn't about a set number of days, it's about a process and the P.A.R.R. process/method we covered in the last episode. People don't go to the gym and ask, "How long will it take to develop my biceps?" No. They start with 15lbs and curl that weight until within a few weeks it feels light (they get stronger) so they up the weight to 20lbs then 25, 30, 35lbs, etc. Each successive week of planning, acting, recording and reassessing helps to develop t

  • How to make 2018 a Breakthrough Year, (STEP #7) HABIT! HABIT! HABIT!  )
    How to make 2018 a Breakthrough Year, (STEP #7) HABIT! HABIT! HABIT! ; )
    Duración: 37min | 28/12/2017

    "Cosmic Habit Force is the greatest of all natural laws. It is Nature's comptroller through which all other natural laws are coordinated.” ~Napoleon Hill [STEP #7,  (week #7) in the BREAKTHROUGH mini-series, "How to Make 2018 Your Best, Breakthrough New Year Ever!"] Step #7 =  HABIT! (Cosmic Habit Force, Habit Alignment & P.A.R.R.) Step #1: Decide Step #2: Assess Step #3: Values, Mission and Vision Step #4: Passion & Purpose Step #5: Energy & Enthusiasm Step #6: GOALS! And, now we delve into... HABIT! HABIT. HABIT. HABIT. It's worthwhile to keep in mind that when The Habit Factor® was first  introduced, habit was an afterthought if any thought at all when it came to goal achievement. This was primarily due to its negative connotation, "smoking, drinking, drugs," etc. Even in what is regarded as one of the best self-help books of all time, Think & Grow Rich, habit, as a force for goal achievement was NOT identified, not as a specific process to develop and align habits to one's goals. In fact,

  • How to make 2018 a Breakthrough Year, (STEP #6)
    How to make 2018 a Breakthrough Year, (STEP #6)
    Duración: 17min | 21/12/2017

    "Success is goals, and all else is commentary.” ~Brian Tracy [STEP #6,  (week #6) in the BREAKTHROUGH mini-series, "How to Make 2018 Your Best, Breakthrough New Year Ever!"] Step #6 =  GOALS! Step #1: DECIDE. Step #2: Assess Step #3: Values, Mission and Vision Step #4: Passion & Purpose Step #5: Energy & Enthusiasm And, now we're on to step #6, GOALS!!! BT is a hero and a living legend in the personal development space and I'm fairly sure NOBODY has created more quality personal development content than Mr. Brian Tracy. Point is... the man is a walking 'master-class' in personal development and if he's suggesting goals are (equal to) success, than we probably ought to pay more attention to them, right? So, in this episode we do just that... Zig Ziglar used to say, "Don't be a wandering generality, you must become a meaningful specific." Goals allow us to become a meaningful specific. What is your #1 Goal right now? Where is that goal written? Is it posted somewhere were you can see it? Do you revisit

  • How to make 2018 a Breakthrough Year, (STEP #5)
    How to make 2018 a Breakthrough Year, (STEP #5)
    Duración: 17min | 14/12/2017

    "Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.” ~R.W. Emerson [Here's STEP #5 (week #5) in our BREAKTHROUGH mini-series, "How to Make 2018 Your Best, Breakthrough New Year Ever!"] Step #5 =  Energy & Enthusiasm! Step #1 was about Deciding. Step #2 was about Assessing Step #3 was about Values, Mission and Vision Step #4 was about Passion & Purpose And, now we're on to Energy & Enthusiasm! It's simple math really... YOU are energy and your goal is going to require energy in order to be achieved.  Mark twain once quipped, "And what is a man without energy? Nothing— nothing at all." It cannot be over-stated... the quality of your energy and enthusiasm will have a direct influence upon the achievement of your goals. The quality of your energy and enthusiasm will have a direct influence upon your goals! #habits #goals (tweet that one ; ) So, when it comes to your "energy being" what do you do DAILY to optimize your energy? What is your diet like? Have you fine-tuned your diet lately? Are you track

  • How to make 2018 a Breakthrough Year, (STEP #4)
    How to make 2018 a Breakthrough Year, (STEP #4)
    Duración: 15min | 06/12/2017

    "The unexamined life is not worth living.” ~Socrates [This is STEP #4 in our BREAKTHROUGH mini-series, "How to Make 2018 Your Best, Breakthrough New Year Ever!"] Step #4 =  Passion & Purpose. Step #1 was about DECIDING. Step #2 was about ASSESSING Step #3 was about Values, Mission and Vision And, now we're on to passion and purpose! You may be thinking... "Oh no! More work!?" Recall Lao Tzu's famous statement, "Knowing others is wisdom, knowing our self is enlightenment"" So, in this episode, we do exactly that, further examine ourselves; our passions,  strengths, weaknesses and in the process may just discover our purpose. The good news is this, if you've been struggling to identify your purpose, chances are these exercises are going to help get you a lot closer. Finally, to underscore the significance of this important step, "Your purpose in life is to find you purpose and give your whole heart to it." ~Buddha So, get AFTER IT! Be sure to click on the F RE E resources: PDF's (pdf 1 and 2- Strength &

  • How to make 2018 a Breakthrough Year, (STEP #3)
    How to make 2018 a Breakthrough Year, (STEP #3)
    Duración: 20min | 04/12/2017

    "Work harder on yourself than you do on your job. When you work hard on your job you make a living and when you work hard on yourself you'll make a fortune.” ~Jim Rohn [NOTE: This is our NEW YEAR BREAKTHROUGH Series, "How to Make 2018 Your Best Breakthrough New Year!"] Step 1# is about deciding. Step #2 is about awareness and assessment. So, STEP #3 is... YOUR CORE VALUES. MISSION and VISION That sounds like some work doesn't it? Which is why 95% of people never go through these exercises. They require deep introspection, humility and courage. But, it's no coincidence that the greatest organizations and companies do these exercises they have figured this out. Truth is, it was only after doing this exercise for my company that I realized I HAD TO DO THIS FOR MYSELF and it was a game-changer! Thus, it's part of the FOUNDATION for our Personal Breakthrough Series. Why don't most people do these exercises for themselves? First, they require work (time and energy). The other reason is people begin to doubt themsel

  • How to make 2018 a Breakthrough Year, (STEP #2)
    How to make 2018 a Breakthrough Year, (STEP #2)
    Duración: 18min | 28/11/2017

    "Awareness is like the sun. When it shines on things, they are transformed.” ~Thich Nhat Hanh [NOTE: This is our NEW YEAR BREAKTHROUGH Series (at least 8 new episodes, taking you step-by-step, "How to Make 2018 Your Biggest Breakthrough New Year!"] If Step # was about DECIDING (and it was), this week is all about awareness and assessment. STEP #2: Assess. This episode we're reminded that all information is good information if we're honest and courageous enough to shine the light on ourselves. To that end, Martin shares another Jim Rohn classic quote, "Learn to work harder on yourself than you do on your job. If you work hard on your job you can make a living, but if you work hard on yourself you'll make a fortune." Turns out, we ALL tend to go bust our butt at our jobs working 40+ hours every week but how much time are we spending on our own personal development and improvement? The point is, now that we've DECIDED we are going to change, it's time for US to get to work on ourselves and become the change we s

  • How to make 2018 a Breakthrough Year, (STEP #1)
    How to make 2018 a Breakthrough Year, (STEP #1)
    Duración: 17min | 19/11/2017

    "You cannot change your destiny over night but you can change your direction.” ~Jim Rohn [NOTE: This is the first in our, NEW YEAR Series (at least 8 NEW episodes, taking you step-by-step, "How to Make 2018 a Breakthrough Year!"] Most people "want" some change and / or improvement in their life. But "wanting" is not the same is making a clean and clear delineation. DECIDING what specifically will change for the better is entirely different than wanting or hoping. STEP #1: DECIDE. Martin shares a Tony Robbins' great quote, "A real decision is backed by action." This helps to take us out of the realm of "wishing" or "wanting" and moves us toward a definitive DECISION and gaining some real momentum. Turns out, the Latin root and meaning of decide is to "cut-away". "To me that means we are intent on cutting-away from our old habits and eager to setup/begin new behaviors/habits that we can align to our new goal!" Deciding is the beginning of transformation! Deciding is that fundamental first step and a real decisi

  • Why Adding Controls  Constraints to Your Life is Essential
    Why Adding Controls & Constraints to Your Life is Essential
    Duración: 18min | 23/10/2017

    "The freedom of tomorrow lies in the discipline of today." The "BIG" idea for this mind-bullet Monday revolves around the importance of implementing controls and constraints into our lives. "Controls and constraints!?" You may be saying, "That sounds horrible, uncomfortable and pretty lame!" Well, it turns out that controls and constraints tend to be precisely the types of parameters that can help you forge new behaviors (habits) to assist you in achieving your goals more quickly. Even The Habit Factor's P.A.R.R. methodology demonstrates this with its frequency per week, minimum success criteria, and tracking period (4 weeks). Perhaps more importantly (and paradoxically): It turns out that freedom is born from controls and constraints. Consider the person who never develops and institutes any controls and constraints in their life (diet, exercise and or/finances, etc.). This is a person who will likely struggle for a long time. Conversely, the person who institutes controls and constraints (disciplines) relat

  • Burning Ships Not Bridges
    Burning Ships Not Bridges
    Duración: 19min | 18/09/2017

    "I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.” ~Douglas Adams By: Martin Grunburg It's great to be back in the saddle and while this is NOT the official kick-off of Season 4 (Habits 2 Goals Podcast), it is my effort to get you caught up and share at least one of the great lessons I recently experienced. Admittedly, you're gonna have to be a little patient (it takes a while to set the table here) but coincidentally patience is a component part of this lessons anyway! ; ) Today, I share a bit about my long-standing partnership (23+ yrs) and it's official separation... all good, mostly. The fact is we'd been partners (3 of us) longer than most marriages exist and with our company's recent win of a prime contract award (defense) AND, given that they are in the neighborhood of 70 years old an exist strategy presented itself. How and why this may relate to you. Entrepreneurs (people in general) love to cling to motto's, slogans, trite and not so trite sayings, that guide and drive them and

  • S3-41: FAF - Got Any Advice!?
    S3-41: FAF - Got Any Advice!?
    Duración: 24min | 12/05/2017

    "God changes caterpillars into butterflies, sand into pearls and coal into diamonds using TIME & PRESSURE. He's working on you too” ~Rick Warren [NOTE: Henry and I set out to complete 35 episodes for Season III and this is episode #41. If you've enjoyed the season as much as we did putting it together, PLEASE leave a review on iTunes ; ). Also, there are more shows coming! Be sure you are subscribed! Great news is on the way! Thank you!] **Technical audio note: Apologies, we had tech issues again on Henry's end and he was forced to use a different device. At times, connection picks up various background noises. Apologies and appreciate your understanding! ; )** Coming off the heels of the recent metamorphosis episode, MG shares what he considered might be his #1 tip/piece of advice as he responds to an email. The emailer is excited about The Habit Factor and asks MG, "Do you have any advice?" At first Martin isn't too happy about the question, given the amount of "tips" and information already published.

  • S3-40: Casey Wright: Opportunity Meets Creativity
    S3-40: Casey Wright: Opportunity Meets Creativity
    Duración: 01h06min | 10/05/2017

    "Corey and I have two qualities that I think unite us. One, we are eternal optimists; we always believe our best day is coming. The other thing is that we have a high risk tolerance. We’ll keep rolling the dice. We like the idea of saying, ‘We’re going to bet on ourselves a little longer.'" ~Casey Wright Few entrepreneurs seize an opportunity as quickly and as creatively as Casey Wright. He and his brother Corey, guided by their parents, were encouraged to explore this "internet thing" in the early 2000s, and in particular, how email marketing might help their real estate firm. Their parents came to them and said they wanted to stop spending $100K on print marketing per year; the brothers thought email marketing might be the answer. To everyone's surprise, the strategy worked and Casey and his brother were off and running...sort of. "The first year was exciting, and then you have six years of things not going the way you wanted them to; I'm seeing my friends working half as hard and making twice as much money

  • S3-39: MBM - Metamorphosis
    S3-39: MBM - Metamorphosis
    Duración: 29min | 08/05/2017

    "There is nothing in a catapiller that tells you it's going to be a butterfly." ~Buckminster Fuller [Note: *Apologies* The sound quality at times is compromised in this episode. Henry had to use his cell phone and there a a few moments (briefly) where  background noise interferes. Thanks for your patience and understanding.*] "Habit is a cobweb at first and a cable at last." ~Spanish Proverb Martin and Henry get after this one on the heels of a keynote presentation Martin recently did for IREM (institute for real estate management). He talks to Henry about how he inserted these same "two themes" at the front of the presentation because they applied so well to the REstart graduates who were being honored at the luncheon. MG then discusses this powerful idea of transformation (preferring the term, "Metamorphosis") and our individual capacity to turn virtually any weakness into a strength using the force of habit. Today it's popular in the personal development world to "ignore your weakness and just focus on you

  • S3-38: FAF - How Can I Control My Temper?
    S3-38: FAF - How Can I Control My Temper?
    Duración: 13min | 05/05/2017

    "If you are patient in one moment of anger, you will escape one hundred days of sorrow.” ~Chinese Proverb Not to long ago we had an entire episode about enhancing mindfulness. Today's topic is very related and it has to do with some ideas, tips and best practices, even mindsets around how to best control one's temper. MG and Henry trade some tips and share some stories... Henry talks about his experience recently where he was so upset he had to go hit a punching bag (NOT people) for an extended period of time. "Try that for just one minute and you'll be winded and you'll also be addressing your 'fight or flight' natural response to anger and stress. It's a great way to address the pent up energy." Martin then reflects on the very powerful and insightful statement: "Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom." Viktor E. Frankl  Then, MG shares this gem from Thomas Jefferson, "When you are angry count to ten,

  • S3-37: Eric Berman: Entrepreneur Extraordinaire
    S3-37: Eric Berman: Entrepreneur Extraordinaire
    Duración: 51min | 03/05/2017

    "If you're listening to this...I want you to try this for twenty-four hours. Think about every situation, and say to yourself, 'I am responsible.' If you don't do that you'll stagnate and never get ahead." ~Eric Berman A varied and enviable background, EB has been a bachelor on the hit reality show Millionaire Matchmaker. He's stood in the winner's circle multiple times at Del Mar as part of the winning horse's ownership group. He's part owner in multiple popular restaurants throughout San Diego, and perhaps best of all (at least according to MG), he is long-term business partners with the personal development legend Brian Tracy. EB begins the show sharing how some early career success with a Facebook-like company (collegeclub.com) in the '90s goes terribly sideways as it collides head first into the exploding dot-com disaster of the late '90s. As "guy #3" in the fast-growing company, he was close to all the action when his company failed to qualify for a bridge loan amid the market collapse; before long they

  • S3-36: MBM - Intention.
    S3-36: MBM - Intention.
    Duración: 19min | 01/05/2017

    "True nobility isn’t about being better than someone else, it’s about being better than you used to be." Dr. Wayne Dyer Martin tackles this Mind Bullet Monday solo and labels it a bit of a hybrid episode since he bridges concepts and ideas from a couple prior episodes. This episode is on the heels of the synchronicity/serendipity episode where Martin and Henry compare theories on ways to create an increased frequency of such events in our lives.

 Martin then adds some of the late, great Dr. Wayne Dyer's thoughts via his bestseller, The Power of Intention. Specifically where Dyer reviews the importance of aligning with the "FACE" of the "Creative" source. In his book, Dr. Dyer spells out the "Seven Faces of Intention" Creativity, Kindness, Love, Beauty, Expansiveness, Abundance and Receptivity and how Dr. Dyer believed deeply that creating alignment / "matching up" with sources "Faces" of energy was essential. Martin then takes the entire process a step further, and perhaps makes it sound/concrete by recommen

  • S3-35: FAF - Seeking Mindfulness
    S3-35: FAF - Seeking Mindfulness
    Duración: 13min | 28/04/2017

    "Walk as if you are kissing the Earth with your feet.” ~Thich Nhat Hanh Mindfulness matters. This is the age of distractions! "Smart" phones, social media, texting, etc., our attention span continue to shrink and yet the demand for our focus and attention (in order to achieve our goals and be more productive) has never been greater! In this fun episode Henry and MG discuss some of their favorite tips to become more present and mindful. MG starts though with the important idea that BOTH habit and mindfulness (by design) are intended to work together. The way to cultivate any mindless or subconscious behavior (habit) is often via repetition and practice so it becomes "automatic!" Think, "wax on" "wax off". They exchange thoughts on various breathing exercises and MG tells Henry his favorite tip might just be to "tune in" to his senses; smell, touch, sight, sound, etc. Henry mentions a neat visual, breathing exercise and his intention to be very present and aware with encounters with others. MG and Henry both di

  • S3-34: Sarah Hardwick: Creativity, Courage  Values!
    S3-34: Sarah Hardwick: Creativity, Courage & Values!
    Duración: 57min | 26/04/2017

    It was really out of frustration... I needed some tools and I made it my mission to become the world's first values-based marketing agency!" ~Sarah Hardwick Sarah Hardwick understands the ups and downs of entrepreneurship and what it means to persevere, be resilient and succeed! A gifted and talented student from Durango High in Colorado (her father was a forest ranger in the area for 30 years!). Sarah attended University of Denver (scholarship) and decides on a marketing and business major instead of theater... "the more practical decision." Her senior year in college she visits sunny San Diego (Mission Beach) for spring break and is instantly intent on relocating as soon as she graduates. In this episode, Sarah provides keen insight into the incredible power of values and why they are so important, beyond just marketing! "When you start to act in ways that are not in alignment with your values, than it is really hard to be happy!" Sarah also touches on some incredibly difficult moments and what she consider

  • S3-33: MBM - Talk, Talk, Talk
    S3-33: MBM - Talk, Talk, Talk
    Duración: 16min | 24/04/2017

    "Silence is the source of great strength." Talk, Talk, Talk. Speaking for the most part is easy. Particularly about things we are GOING to do. However, doing them and the work they entail is hard. Which do you choose? While today’s topic has been touched upon… from various angles in prior seasons: In Season I it was SILENCE and CONCENTRATION and how silence is the source of GREAT strength and wisdom! Then, in season II’s FAF, MG addresses the question, “Should we announce our goals?” Today’s episode though is really inspired by Ryan Holiday’s latest book, “Ego is the Enemy”. A fantastic book where he’s devotes an entire chapter entitled, Talk, Talk, Talk to this idea that so many of us succubm to the easy— the idle, valueless, chatter. How easy is it to post on twitter, “I’ve just signed up for my first marathon!” Versus, the challenge to actually sign-up and NOT post anything. Instead, to get busy training and save the big announcement for when the work is done and the goal is accomplished. There is power

  • S3-32: FAF - Synchronicity
    S3-32: FAF - Synchronicity
    Duración: 16min | 21/04/2017

    "The universe conspires to help the peaceful soul." Synchronicity and serendipity are seemingly magical events that appear at the most opportune time to aid a person. In fact, the definition of serendipity is:  a "fortunate happenstance" or "pleasant surprise". Synchronicity is a concept, first explained by analytical psychologist Carl Jung, which holds that certain events are "meaningful coincidences" if they occur with no causal relationship yet seem to be meaningfully related. MG and Henry tackle this super-fun topic and discuss what they believe may be the key elements that help to contribute to such fortunate happenstances in one’s life. Henry begins with the cornerstone, essential trait that enables these pleasant, magical surprises, optimism! Martin echoes Henry’s comments and suggest that the spark in many ways is knowing exactly what your intention is; that is what you want, what your target/goal is and where you want to go! The universe it seems can only offer up these “pleasant surprises” when you

  • S3-31: Adam Dailey: Keep Moving Fast!
    S3-31: Adam Dailey: Keep Moving Fast!
    Duración: 51min | 19/04/2017

    “I think I can somehow pay for us to live in Greece for a year... that was kinda how it all started.” ~Adam Dailey Adam Dailey knows a thing or two about moving FAST. As a five-time All-American sprinter, Dailey ran for the University of Arkansas whose track teams racked up 9 NCAA titles while he was there A bit later in life, Adam and his wife (also a former track star) did what seemed incomprehensible, if not impossible, traveling around the world on a twelve month sabbatical, with their (at the time) four children! That journey is at the heart of this episode and interview and it's what inspired Adam to write his #1 Amazon bestseller, "How to Run Away From Home: And Take Your Family With You. Adam recounts much of his early struggles in an entrepreneurial venture that stemmed largely from some overly-aggressive growth goals and shares how he was able to overcome what amounted to, at one point, losing about a million dollars in just one month! Adam shares his best tips and insights about travel and warns th

  • S3-30: MBM - DEATH.
    S3-30: MBM - DEATH.
    Duración: 17min | 17/04/2017

    "Remembering that I’ll be dead soon is the most important tool I’ve ever encountered to help me make the big choices in life." ~Steve Jobs Martin and Henry attempt to tackle this MASSIVE MBM, "Mind Bullet Monday" topic— the unlikely value that is inherent in death.  While death is a tragic— the IDEA of death especially to the living ; ) provides immense value when it is used as a tool to inspire immediacy and action and add more life to the present! Martin says, "I had no idea we were going to go here but, Steve Jobs commencement speech at Stanford immediately comes to mind." "Consider" he says, how Jobs' acute awareness to his limited amount of time might've factored as a catalyst to Apple's growth in his final years." Martin even reads a few sentences from Jobs' Stanford 2005 commencement speech: "... It is Life’s change agent. It clears out the old to make way for the new. Right now the new is you, but someday not too long from now, you will gradually become the old and be cleared away. Sorry to be so dram

  • S3-29: FAF -Whats the #1 Trait for Success?
    S3-29: FAF -What's the #1 Trait for Success?
    Duración: 23min | 14/04/2017

    SUCCESS! Seems everyone wants it and today's question is (if there is one) what is the #1 trait that determines one's success. Both MG and Henry recognize this could easily result in multiple-days worth of discussions and certainly there are hundreds if not thousands of books written on the matter. Having said that, they both manage to narrow their answer down to a few, very select traits. The best part (as you know) is any of these traits is create-able via the magical force of HABIT! Tune in and then let MG and Henry know what YOU think the #1 trait is! Enjoy! Be sure to subscribe! Thank YOU for checking out this episode and we're always grateful when you SHARE our stuff w/ your friends and help us by writing a review ; ) Mentioned in this episode: GRIT! 7 Habits of Highly Effective People  ----------- More Resources (FREE! The Habit Factor's Tracking Template) The Habit Factor® (website: BLOG, tips, tools and other resources) The Habit Factor® Book (Amazon Kindle) The Pressure Paradox® Book (Amazon Kindle)

  • S3-28: Evan Saxon: Still Right Between The Acts
    S3-28: Evan Saxon: Still "Right Between The Acts"
    Duración: 50min | 12/04/2017

    “I presented this idea to the executives at Capitol Records and they kinda just laughed me out of the building...” ~Evan Saxon After a funny and bizarre episode open... where Martin says, “I’m not even going to edit that!” the two settle in and get to the business at hand. Evan shares his bumpy early academic career bouncing between junior colleges and SDSU / Northridge Universities. Ultimately, Evan drops out, as he puts it, "the pursuit of a career got in the way of my pursuit of a degree."
 Consumed by his passion for music and the music industry, Evan got his lucky break starting out as an intern at IRS Records. Then he moved into the marketing division of Capitol Records where he was offered a paid position. "I loved it! I didn't care what time I had to get up or how late I had to work. I was having a great time!"

 Years later, a bit disillusioned by what he saw in multiple executive meetings — fighting the status quo “losing control vs. taking control” as Evan puts it, he realized it was time to move

  • S3-27: MBM - Abundance!
    S3-27: MBM - Abundance!
    Duración: 16min | 10/04/2017

    "Anything other than a win/win is, ultimately, a lose/lose." ~Dr. Stephen Covey Quick question: Are you really a "big-pie" person or are you concerned that if someone takes a piece of the pie there won't be anything left for you? Which are you? BIG PIE or SMALL PIE? MG and HE get right to business and discuss this massive mental shift. Martin confesses that growing up with a very competitive mindset his early entrepreneurial struggles were exacerbated by thinking to win someone else had to lose. "One of the key lessons for me", Martin shares, "Is this idea of big pie vs small pie mentality and how there could, and should be multiple winners." The idea Covey shared changed how I negotiated and treated everyone; employees, vendors and customers etc. Henry comments that in the movie "Wall Street" Gecko's claim that "It's a zero-sum game: somebody wins, somebody loses." is just plan wrong! They talk about all the examples of businesses and owners who've given away ownership and stock within their companies to f

  • S3-26: FAF - Rapport!
    S3-26: FAF - Rapport!
    Duración: 13min | 07/04/2017

    Rapport! The value of rapport is truly incalculable. Relationships (excuse the cliche) are everything! And, some people seem to have much more success establishing it than others.  Martin shares a story as he witnessed his mentor and business partner establish instant rapport with a new client prospect and then MG challenges Henry to offer up the goods because, like his partner, Henry is a master of this. Henry shares his best tips including the essence of rapport in many ways is to be MORE INTERESTED in others and put less effort and focus in yourself, trying to be interesting. Check it out and learn some other great tips on building rapport! Be sure to subscribe! Thank YOU for checking out this episode and we're always grateful when you SHARE our stuff w/ your friends and help us by writing a review ; ) Mentioned in this episode: 7 Habits of Highly Effective People  ----------- More Resources (FREE! The Habit Factor's Tracking Template) The Habit Factor® (website: BLOG, tips, tools and other resources) The

  • S3-25: John Lingham: A Recipe for Success (and Pancakes)
    S3-25: John Lingham: A Recipe for Success (and Pancakes)
    Duración: 53min | 05/04/2017

    “Lying in that hospital bed... I did a lot of soul searching...if I'm dying, am I the man I wanted to be?” ~John Lingham Few people truly represent the American dream like John Lingham: Paying his own way through college while working as a busboy, and then ultimately becoming the owner of not one, but two restaurants. Today John Lingham has approximately 100 employees and is recognized throughout his community for his charitable giving. The lessons John shares are many and the road hasn't been easy, but John continued to seek and learn, adapt and overcome, despite the many difficulties. John then takes us inside a recent health scare/medical emergency he experienced as a side effect of medication for a skin rash. The experience left him helpless, with a white blood cell count of zero. He would spend 10 days tied to an IV that was keeping him alive. While the experience nearly killed him, he also shares how it provided many amazing insights about himself and the life he wants to live going forward. MG and John

  • S3-24: MBM - On Your Toes!
    S3-24: MBM - On Your Toes!
    Duración: 18min | 03/04/2017

    "If you want a guarantee, buy a toaster." ~Clint Eastwood Martin kicks off this episode with his GTR, (good things report) what he believes might just be a great trick to help him remember names. Henry's GTR is about his recent trip to the desert with the family to see the amazing desert bloom. The spring flowers are flourishing as a result of the recent and heavy rainfall in California. Jumping into today's topic; "Staying on your toes" they both share how easy it is to fall back into "comfort" and "security". To become complacent and then before one realizes it they are "playing" defense" and have fallen back into "protection mode" rather than pushing forward and continuing to learn and challenge themselves. It's easy to fall back on your heels, become tentative, hesitant and insecure. And, Henry and MG use the old sports analogy that is almost cliche these days. That of the football team with a big lead who will go into a "Prevent Defense". If you saw the most recent Superbowl many contend that is precis

  • S3-23: FAF - How Can I Be More Proactive?
    S3-23: FAF - How Can I Be More Proactive?
    Duración: 18min | 31/03/2017

    "How can I be more proactive?" MG and HE tackle this powerful and common question from a number of vantage points, starting with the late, great Dr. Stephen Covey and his all-important "Effectiveness Quadrant". Martin shares that by drawing out this diagram yourself it can provide a very basic and visual framework for anyone to organize those things in their life that are IMPORTANT but NOT urgent. And, addressing those consistently is the KEY to effectiveness. The challenge for most of us is that we spend so much time in the "URGENT" and "IMPORTANT" quadrant, which is Quadrant #1. And ultimately, we begin to confuse "busyness" for effectiveness and then, unfortunately the really import work we need to be addressing is neglected. Henry uses the example of personal goals and how it is that we must be able to add a sense of urgency to those projects that are most important to us but lack a sense of urgency. Then both MG and HE get into various techniques, strategies and tools to use to help anyone be more proact

  • S3-22: Fia Fasbinder: Public Speaking Insights From A Professional
    S3-22: Fia Fasbinder: Public Speaking Insights From A Professional
    Duración: 44min | 29/03/2017

    “It begins with making sure your audience knows WHY they should care in the first place.” ~Fia Fasbinder It appears as though Fia's entire career was leading her towards her current vocation, a professional speaking coach. After years in New York working as a trained actor she began working with the 52nd street playhouse which taught arts, dance and theater to inner-city youth in Harlem. Then, with her masters she began teaching at UCSD and was asked to help develop their public speaking curriculum. Today, Fia is a regular columnist for Inc. magazine online and she runs her company, The Moxie Institute which is a powerful resource for businesses and executives looking to become better speakers. In this episode Fia recounts her natural progression to her current career and covers all those natural challenges most speakers share, including how evolution has us wired to naturally fear public speaking. Then of course, Fia shares some great tips about how we can address and overcome those fears. Check out this fun

  • S3-21: MBM - The Fruits of Pain
    S3-21: MBM - The Fruits of Pain
    Duración: 16min | 27/03/2017

    "Habit; A shackle for the free." ~Ambrose Bierce Martin shares how his latest experiment, abstaining from alcohol for just one month (unable to have a beer or two a night) then evolved into another behavior experiment, a modified low carb/diet. Both of these he explains were fairly painful yet, the fruits— the rewards of each have been fantastic! "It's kinda like the frogs that are boiled to death in the pot as they are slowly cooked. The temperature rises slowly, one degree at a time and they never notice or try to escape until it's too late. The frogs are just too comfortable until, of course, they are dead." "There are two great pains in life," Jim Rohn is famous for saying. "The pain of discipline or the pain of regret." "Discipline" he assures us "weighs ounces but regret weighs tons." The bad news is there is no escaping the pain. The good news is we have a choice. And, the best news is; you should know that there is tremendous FRUIT on the other side of that pain and challenge you put yourself under! I

  • S3-20: FAF - Right Goals?
    S3-20: FAF - Right Goals?
    Duración: 21min | 24/03/2017

    Let everyone sweep in front of his own door, and the whole world will be clean." ~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe What are the right goals for a person to set? The essence of great goal setting begins with "starting with your own house" There happen to be four essential quadrants that truly reflect and indicate whether your own well being is in order: Mind, Body, Spiritual and Social. In fact, MG recalls, this is precisely the way The Habit Factor® app has been setup with specific "habit” categories. Remember, “Health is the first wealth” as Ralph Waldo Emerson has famously said. Recalling the wellness / oneness circle: It's an important exercise to divide your well being into these 4 Quadrants and then identify which of them needs immediate attention. Set your goal there first. There's another fantastic byproduct of goal setting! "30% of the time you are going to set the wrong goal… and that is actually GOLD! Think about it; had you not set the goal, you wouldn’t have known it was the wrong one!" "You're wasting

  • S3-19: Reis Paluso: Comfort Kills!
    S3-19: Reis Paluso: Comfort Kills!
    Duración: 57min | 22/03/2017

    “I can now generate heat and then move it throughout my body.” ~Reis Paluso Brian Tracy has famously said, "Comfort is the great enemy of success." So, the question is, "HOW COMFORTABLE ARE YOU?" Reis Paluso is an amazing young man. Martin knows this well as Reis was one of his first "campers" way, way back in 1994-5 at Kreative Kids Computer Camp (Poway/San Diego). Martin recounts Reis' amazing computer skills as a young lad and reflects on the joy and challenge of his first "real" entrepreneurial venture with his amazing partners (partners MG still has to this day). Reis shares in the Kreative Kids memory; learning HTML, multi-media skills (in the early days of the internet) and of course how he became a 46 wpm typist, at age 12! However, the MEAT of the this episode is all about Reis' and his recent voyage into the icy mountains of POLAND (bordering on Czech Republic). He ventured there in a quest to learn and experience the Wim Hof Method at an advanced level retreat. And, Reis confirms, this experience r

  • S3-18: MBM - Learning Mastery!
    S3-18: MBM - Learning Mastery!
    Duración: 19min | 20/03/2017

    "We do not learn, and that what we call learning is only a process of recollection." ~Plato It seems we address certain types of learning differently than say preparing to perform. In other words, to prepare for a performance we will practice, practice, and practice some more. But, when it comes to learning something we expect to see or hear it once and completely know it and be able to recall it. Crazier still, we tend to think we're not too smart if we need to relearn the same lesson over and over again. MG and HE challenge this idea. MG recalls how some of the audio lessons on his playlist he’s heard "hundreds" of times! The EXACT SAME lesson. And, he says, here's the “crazy” thing— each time he seems to pickup and learn something new. Why is that? How can you or I hear the same message three times, for instance, and learn or pickup something different each time? They cover the various reasons behind this phenomena and then, ultimately, propose this is precisely what higher education is about— for instan

  • S3-17: FAF - What is the Quickest Way to Happiness?
    S3-17: FAF - What is the Quickest Way to Happiness?
    Duración: 18min | 17/03/2017

    Today's topic involves the age-old quest for humans to BE HAPPY! That's it! "How can I be more happy?" Or as the title of the show suggests, "What's the quickest way to happiness?" As you might guess MG and HE have a few thoughts on the matter. Henry starts with a great recount of friend who "wasn't particularly happy" and gives him an exercise to perform. MG recounts a semi-related parallel story shared by the late, great Dr. Wayne Dyer. Then they go off. The list of tips gets long enough for Henry to exclaim, "I think there's a formula here!" Give this FAF a listen and let us know if you don't (or, do) come a way a little happier! ; ) Thanks for checking out this episode and we're always grateful when you share us w/ your friends and write a review ; ) Be sure to subscribe! ----------- More Resources (FREE! The Habit Factor's Tracking Template) The Habit Factor® (website: BLOG, tips, tools and other resources) The Habit Factor® Book (Amazon Kindle) The Pressure Paradox® Book (Amazon Kindle) The Habit Fa

  • S3-16: Klyn Elsbury: The Change-Maker
    S3-16: Klyn Elsbury: The Change-Maker
    Duración: 43min | 15/03/2017

    “Even in the most difficult times you are the one who gives your situation power by attaching a story to it”. ~Klyn Elsbury Klyn Elsbury is one of the real change-makers of her generation! She's written a bestselling book, taught a Zumba class, runs a recruiting firm and perhaps most incredibly has done ALL of these things while battling Cystic Fibrosis, a genetic disorder that affects mostly the lungs. In fact, Klyn made her battle with Cystic Fibrosis public in 2015 in an effort to combat big pharma and make a critical drug affordable. "I was already taking about 20 other different medications daily, there was no way I could afford that $259,000 price tag so I wrote a heartfelt blog post and that ended up going viral." Klyn touches on all of this and shares with Martin a handful of key mindsets that allow her to stay strong and push through the tough days. Klyn also shares how her company has uniquely positioned itself in the recruiting space, her take on "success", her best habits, favorite app, and a grea

  • S3-15: MBM - The Pyramid of Success
    S3-15: MBM - The Pyramid of Success
    Duración: 26min | 13/03/2017

    "Success is peace of mind, which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you made the effort to do your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming." ~Coach John Wooden What is success? How do you define it? Henry and Martin get DEEP into the subject of SUCCESS. What is it really? And, crazier still, how do YOU define it!? Don't think it's important? This about this: It's a given that 100% of people want to become a “success”. Yet, the large majority of people haven’t even taken the time to define what success means. Do you have your own definition of success? Have you refined it and studied it? Remember, it's very difficult to hit a target that you can’t see! SEE John Wooden "The Wizard of Westwood" and his success pyramid. FREE DOWNLOAD  Other definitions of success are explored: Earl Nightingale's "Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal." And, Thoreau's "If one advances confidently in the direction of their dreams and endeavors to live the life they imagine, they

  • S3-14: FAF - Opportunity Rising
    S3-14: FAF - Opportunity Rising
    Duración: 19min | 10/03/2017

    The subject of this FAF (Frequently Asked Friday) rolls right out of MG's GTR, "Good Things Report" which involves his recent visit to Dallas for Russell Brunson's Funnelhacking live event. If you're not familiar, Clickfunnels is a powerful marketing/selling software solution developed to provide business owners (really anyone who sells anything online) an easy to build, and in many cases, a pre-built sales "funnel" — a tool that drives prospects through a friendly sales process. However, the question comes up, "What was the BIG takeaway from the 3 day event?" Martin's response has almost nothing to do with the Clickfunnels software itself!  It's an inspiring takeaway though and it should fire-up anyone who's interested in promoting and selling their service/solution and/or products online. Martin shares that a couple of the speakers at the event who used RB's Clickfunnels software had sold upwards of $100,000 before they were 15. One of the key messages from the kids who presented was "Adults just over-think

  • S3-13: Henry J. Evans (Part Deux)
    S3-13: Henry J. Evans (Part Deux)
    Duración: 27min | 08/03/2017

    “You can change your destiny if you really understand marketing”.” ~Henry Evans A reintroduction of our favorite co-host is in order since there have been many new subscribers and listeners between seasons. While Henry was interviewed in depth in Season II, we take some time in this short interview to chat with Henry about his expertise (marketing) and background as well as book and some thoughts on business and money! Henry bounced around quite a bit as a kid, as his family moved about he ended up going to three different high schools! He attributes that experience to his outgoing personality. As a professional marketer, Henry recounts many of the key lessons learned (and those he wrote about in his book, "The Hour a Day Entrepreneur") and how he was able to make the leap from the corporate world to full-time entrepreneur. Henry drops a nugget at the end of the show, something Martin hadn't heard before! Check out this fun and powerful episode! MOVIE Mentioned (Trailer) The Pressure Paradox® Book (Amazon Kin

  • S3-12: MBM - Getting Unstuck and into the Flow
    S3-12: MBM - Getting Unstuck and into the Flow
    Duración: 22min | 06/03/2017

    “Before fear becomes fear it is pressure.” ~Grunburg Martin and Henry have a blast (so to speak) with this topic! How do you get unstuck? What should you do when you feel like your life is in a "rut"? How does ANYONE get unstuck? Well, the answer is a bit counter-intuitive. Martin recounts a little plumbing episode over the holidays. After fighting with a clogged drain for hours (blogpost here) he finally resorts to another tactic / tool offered by his neighbor to remove the clog. The plumbing episode leaves him shaking his head as he realizes that the same physics required to unclog the drain (getting it unstuck) ought to be used when someone whats to get their lives "unstuck"! Check out this fun and powerful episode! The Pressure Paradox® Book (Amazon Kindle) >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Thanks for checking out, sharing and subscribing to this podcast!   More Resources (FREE! The Habit Factor's Tracking Template) The Habit Factor® (website: BLOG, tips, tools and other resources) The Habit Factor® Book (Amazon Kindl

  • S3-11: FAF - Habit vs. Skill
    S3-11: FAF - Habit vs. Skill
    Duración: 17min | 03/03/2017

    “Habit lies at the intersection of knowledge, skill and desire." ~Dr. Stephen Covey Martin and Henry discuss a topic that has many of even the top behavioral psychologists in the world have a difficult time addressing, that is, how habit and skill differ. Think about it, is tying your shoes a skill or a habit? Or, is it both? Martin argues that rather that trying to explain their differences we ought to put more emphasis on why they are almost the same, fraternal twins so to speak. This matters because when we do that we can quickly dispel so many of the silly myths around habit development. For instance, that you need a reward to develop a habit or you have to perform the behavior every day or the classic myth, it takes 21 days to develop a habit. Just insert the word "skill" for habit and you can see how silly that becomes. Do you need a "reward" to develop a skill? Or, we know we can learn any skill without practicing/learning it daily. Or, imagine telling anyone you'll have that skill in 21 days. So, rat

  • S3-10: Overcoming Overwhelm
    S3-10: Overcoming Overwhelm
    Duración: 55min | 01/03/2017

    “I was facing some rejection from a lot of areas in my life... everything kinda caved in all at the same time.” Meet Cathey F! An amazing woman and a long-time THF reader, app user and podcast listener. MG begged her to share her story about her semi-recent struggles and how she was able to breakthrough. Cathey was in "total overwhelm"... trying to start a new business in the midst of a potential health crises, changes in her community, social circle and other difficulties made even tracking a few habits just too much. Then, she signed up for a "Focus & Discipline" webinar hosted by MG and shares how some of that content combined with tracking certain key habits proved to help feed her ongoing breakthrough. Every reader/listener is going through a challenge or will be! Her willingness to share her experience is likely to help others and bring great value to the audience! Brilliant job — thank you again Cathey! Thanks for checking out, sharing and subscribing to this podcast! ----------- More Resources (FR

  • S3-9: MBM - Master the Inner Game!
    S3-9: MBM - Master the Inner Game!
    Duración: 17min | 27/02/2017

    “All knowledge is based upon perceptual experience” ~Aristotle Empiricism is a theory that states that knowledge comes only or primarily from sensory experience. Here’s a couple questions to ponder deeply…  "How real are certain “truths”? "How accurate is your knowledge particularly as it relates to the stories you tell yourself about your desires, goals and intentions?" For instance, the US Supreme Court has nine justices? Why not just one? The reason is all nine people can and often see the same data, same experience and same "truth" differently. It turns out that their unique perception reveals to each a different story. So, the question becomes, what story are you crafting about yourself? Which ones impose limits on you? How “real” are they? Are you certain that you can’t change the story to better support your ideals and goals.  Knowledge is rarely static. Rather, we find that knowledge shifts around often throughout history. For instance, we know today that the world is round. There was a time that k

  • S3-8: FAF - Why Are Goals So Important
    S3-8: FAF - Why Are Goals So Important
    Duración: 14min | 24/02/2017

    “If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things." ~Einstein Why is it that we (humans) have this innate capacity to set goals for ourselves? If success can be defined as "creating your ideal future" then how anyone can go about achieving "success" is via GOALS. Goals provide people a sense of control and self-efficacy as well as purpose. The challenge is, most people don't know how to effectively go about goal achievement so unfortunately they give up or think it's futile. Henry and Martin review a few definitions and theories about "success" and realize that if we're trying to simply become better people, it is goals that help provides us the vehicle! And, any progress along the road is "success". It turns out though that success is NOT really an event or a destination but should rather be this idea of constant improvement — the journey. Check out this episode and set a big goal today! Here's a video explaining P.A.R.R. and HabitStrength™ >> Meet BILL Thanks for checking out, s

  • S3-7: Jack Daly, Lifestyle By Design
    S3-7: Jack Daly, Lifestyle By Design
    Duración: 56min | 22/02/2017

    “My goals are posted on my website for the world to see, JackDaly.net” At 59, Jack Daly did his first Ironman Triathlon! Today's he's closing in on 100 marathons and has the goal to complete one on every continent! When Martin catches up with him in this H2G interview he's preparing to go compete at the USA Triathlon "nationals". Jack wasn't always an athlete and that's at least one of the many lessons in this entertaining and educational episode. Jack Daly has an extensive list of "Bucket List experiences" an MBA and his sales expertise makes him a sought after speaker and consultant. Although Jack's real specialty (as far as Martin is concerned) is his philosophy of "lifestyle by design" and throughout the episode you will learn the important lessons and mindsets, tools and tactics that helped him craft his unique and inspiring life. Yes, YOU GUESSED IT, it comes down to his HABITS and GOALS! ; )   Jack's Bestselling Books! Hyper Sales Growth! The Sales Playbook Paper Napkin Wisdom   Thanks for checking out

  • S3-6: FAF - How Long Does it Take to Lose a Habit?
    S3-6: FAF - How Long Does it Take to Lose a Habit?
    Duración: 18min | 20/02/2017

    "Habit is a cobweb at first and a cable at last." ~Chinese Proverb Let's say you have a habit of doing push-ups every morning. At what point does a habit cease to become a habit? Well, it turns out that psychologist, Clark C. Hull introduced something he labeled "habit strength" many years ago. As Martin puts it, his "formula" was a little eccentric, perhaps too complicated and Martin set out to reintroduce HabitStrength™ but make it much easier to apply and understand. Just like a muscle, habit is strengthened with consistency over time. By following the P.A.R.R. methodology anyone is able to increase their HabitStrength™ Plan. Act. Record. Reassess. P.A.R.R. is The Habit Factor's proprietary methodology to help anyone develop habits and increase their HabitStrength™. After each successive 28 day period (4 weeks) the participant, if they've registered 85% or better against their targets can "raise the bar." The fact is HABIT DEVELOPMENT demands three core elements/ ingredients... Knowledge, Skill (capacity t

  •  S3-5: FAF - HELP! I am STRESSED!
    S3-5: FAF - HELP! I am STRESSED!
    Duración: 16min | 20/02/2017

    “Muddied waters left to stand become clear.” Lao Tzu What is STRESS really?  Martin and Henry explore stress diving deep into the topic at hand. The idea is simple; the better we can understand the subject the better we can address it. Henry starts the discussion recounting an entrepreneur group meeting led by Martin discussing the same topic and how his comments and that quote above have stuck with him ever since. Henry and Martin review discuss and analyze stress from various vantage points and review different mindsets and techniques to help manage stress. Later, Martin shares a F R E E Gift (unplanned) but realizes it's a great way for listeners to help manage stress. Please see resource link below - As a Man Thinketh. Since you can only hold one thought in your mind at a time, this beautiful, short and powerful little book helps you to guide your mind and “think right” in times of great challenge. Check it out and learn other great tips and find out how to get your free gift! -------------------------

  •  S3-4: FAF - How can I FOCUS better?!
    S3-4: FAF - How can I FOCUS better?!
    Duración: 18min | 20/02/2017

    "The successful person is just the average person focused.” This episode is chock-full of tips, tools and techniques to help you master your focus and to be more productive! Martin and Henry discuss focus in an age of high technology and perpetual distraction. Martin shares that the very reason The Habit Factor even exists is because of his inability to focus and how THF was the answer that helped him to write two books. Henry covers a few great tips like time blocking (hours at a time) and changing up his environment, sometimes even crashing nice hotels! A few KEYS covered include: deep breathing, knowing you energy patterns, setting minimum focus time and changing your environment! "A five watt light bulb can barely light up a closet but when focused can cut through steel." Resources mentioned: WriteRoom (app iOS) Headspace (app) Brain.FM Pomodoro technique Here's a video explaining P.A.R.R. and HabitStrength™ >> Meet BILL Thanks for checking out, sharing and subscribing to this podcast!   More Resources

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