Combate tus tensiones (Stress-Busting)

Real-life scenarios of stressful situations with which listeners can identify, and effective ways of coping. Relaxation-inducing exercises.

Nuestros hijos (Our Children)

How to improve relations between parents and children: respect, discipline, substance abuse, nutrition, schoolwork, quality time together.

Sabor latino (Latin Flavor)

Recipes from Argentina, Brazil, Cuba, Mexico, Peru, Puerto Rico

Cómo conseguir trabajo (Job-hunting)

How to look for a job and job opportunities today and in the future. Resumés, interviews and job training advice.

Educación sexual (Sex Education)

Hygiene and puberty. Pregnancy and contraception. Impotence, myths and sexually transmitted diseases.

Cuentos de Hans Christian Andersen (Hans Christian Andersen Fairy Tales)

Hans Christian Andersen's originality, sense of humor and his wisdom delight every reader. Includes: The Beetle, The Princess and the Pea, and Thumbellina.(Musical interludes)

Tradiciones peruanas (Peruvian Traditions)

Palma's short narratives, his "Peruvian Traditions," amusing and satirical, mix fantasy and reality to depict Peruvian history uniquely —as a work of literature— from the...

Postres (Desserts)

More than 25 U.S. dessert recipes popular in Latin America: brownies, pies, cakes, cookies.

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