Gastric Sleeve Cookbook: A Concise Guide And Proven Recipes For Stages One And Two Of Your Bariatric Surgery Recovery

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Give Your Body What It Needs After Gastric Sleeve Surgery!
Hopefully, your doctor and dietician advised you on starting fresh with a Gastric Diet. This audiobook builds on that advice by providing recipes that help you recover from surgery and satisfy your cravings – even in small portions.
Enjoy a wide range of delicious and satisfying Stage Two recipes:
- Soft and Pureed Foods
- Ready-Made (and Home-Made) Smoothies and Shakes
- Blended Meat Recipes
You’ll even learn how to avoid common gastric sleeve medical complications!
As you recover, you need to get a well-rounded diet with all the nutrition your body needs. However, balancing work, family, and recovery is a massive challenge. Let this audiobook help you understand and embrace the new post-surgery reality – the fun, easy, and tasty way!
Get all the information you need to make a healthy transition to a new, slimmer you. Order your copy of Today!