Gastric Bypass Recipes: Simple Bariatric Meal Plans To Eat After Your Surgery For Easy And Healthy Recovery

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Enjoy a Healthy and Happy Gastric Bypass Recovery!
Are you considering Gastric Bypass surgery?
Is a loved one going through this process soon?
Do you need more information (and recipes) for the various phases of Gastric Bypass recovery?
In this audiobook, you’ll find a comprehensive guide to the days and weeks after your surgery. You’ll learn about the types of recommendations your doctor and dietician may make – and be better prepared for your consultations.
This audiobook includes over 80 delicious Gastric Bypass recipe choices for the different phases of your recovery – from Mocha Frappuccinos to Salmon Pate. You’ll thrill to favorites like Root Beer Floats and Pumpkin Cheesecake Puddings as your digestive system heals. It’s time to create a brand new you after this life-changing procedure!
Don’t wait until after your surgery to get the information you need – order your copy today!