Celebrate Recovery: A Recovery Program Based On Eight Principles From The Beatitudes

Celebrate Recovery: A Recovery Program Based On Eight Principles From The Beatitudes


Alcoholism - Divorce - Sexual Abuse - Codependency - Domestic Violence - Drug Addition - Sexual Addiction These words are about more than "issues." They're about people who sit as close to us as the next pew -- or our own. People struggling with problems that sermons or Bible studies alone won't solve. But there is a way the church can help the hurting move beyond their wounds to experience the healing and liberty of Christ.Celebrate Recovery fills a long-standing need in the church in its role as Christ's healing agent. Developed by John Baker and Rick Warren of the renowned Saddleback Church, this program's life-changing effectiveness has gained it an explosive, grass-roots popularity. Drawn from the Beatitudes, Celebrate Recovery helps people resolve painful problems in the context of the church as a whole. Rather than setting up an isolated recovery community, it helps participants and their churches come together and discover new levels of care, acceptance, trust, and grace.Whether your congregation is large or small, this 25-session fellowship-based curriculum truly will be a celebration of Christ in the life of your church and its members. A proven, groundbreaking program, painstakingly and prayerfully developed to help people discover new dignity, strength, joy, and growth in the image of Christ.

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