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  • NARJ126: Gender is Weird

    NARJ126: Gender is Weird


    Don’t have any expectations about this episode and everything should go great! Lindsay (you know, the one writing this intro summary) is on the podcast this episode to talk about being genderqueer. Chris and Joel have some questions and learn more about not being straight cis dudes. Just for the record – I went with […]

  • NARJ125: Overthinking

    NARJ125: Overthinking


    Joel is about to go through a transition period of his life as he makes a job-related change. This brings out a discussion on the lasting impacts of “major moments” in one’s life and how we remember things later in life. What is career-related moments overshadow the smaller, warm and fuzzy moments of day to […]

  • NARJ124: It’s a Little Cattywompus

    NARJ124: It’s a Little Cattywompus


    Carrying on from our recent trend, this episode is heavy on the philosophy. How does stoicism and Buddhism fit into today’s world and political climate? Should we be trying to disengage from our emotions and situations or embrace them? Joel and Chris have two different takes on these ideas, but they are both feeling some […]

  • NARJ123: Stay Strong, Good Vibes

    NARJ123: Stay Strong, Good Vibes


    It’s a tough time for everyone these days. Should we discuss the bad things happening in the world? Or should we try to bring some lightness and escapism for those whose mental health is suffering under the weight of all the terribleness? It’s a fine line we all have to tread, including NARJ. In light […]

  • NARJ122: Philosophy Podcast

    NARJ122: Philosophy Podcast


    In a post-2016 US Election world, Chris and Joel get philosophical. What is morality? Is it possible to understand, empathize, and fine common ground with others without legitimizing views we find immoral? Why are these people spending so much damn money digging up Oak Island?! All of these questions are thoroughly discussed for your listening […]

  • NARJ121: Forming Habits

    NARJ121: Forming Habits


    Since the last episode, Chris and Joel have been through some stuff. Joel is giving not-drinking a try and Chris has just plain had the worst week ever. Habit formation and replacement is the big topic of discussion because of it. How much of our actions are just deeply ingrained habits? Are cultural habits part […]

  • NARJ120: Like No One Ever Was

    NARJ120: Like No One Ever Was


    Chris and Joel are back again this week with a new episode. Sorry again for Ep 119’s delay! In this episode they discuss the controversial iPhone 7 and its removal of the headphone jack. Is it merely a herald of a more streamlined technological advancement? Has Joel caught all of the Pokemans?! Quotes Talking Points […]

  • NARJ119: Spritzin’ All Over the Place

    NARJ119: Spritzin’ All Over the Place


    It’s been awhile, friends. But never fear, NARJ was just sleeping for a bit. Well okay, what actually happened was we all kind of forgot to mention it was recorded and then we didn’t edit it and then we didn’t do show notes. So this episode has been delayed. Originally recorded in early May you […]

  • NARJ118: Is This The Real Life?

    NARJ118: Is This The Real Life?


    After a maximum of three years, NARJcast finally has its triumphant return! In this extra long episode, Chris and Joel give everyone an update on the State of the NARJcast as well as what they’ve been up to with Firsthand. They also discuss travel anxiety and their latest creative endeavors. Quotes Talking Points Firsthand Website […]

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