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  • NARJ148: Fake it ‘Til You Make It

    NARJ148: Fake it ‘Til You Make It


    After interesting (but not exciting) visits to their local faires and parks, Chris and Joel sit down for a chat about Apple products. They also dig into a discussion about confidence rebuilding and the importance of being social about business. And don’t panic, this is the correct episode number. Quotes Talking Points Hopewell Rocks Dynamite […]

  • NARJ146: Business is Personal

    NARJ146: Business is Personal


    Chris is back from WordCamp Chicago, so it’s time to record a new podcast. Things haven’t changed a whole lot for Chris or Joel since last episode, but they do dig into some real talk about hiring. Are you ready to be a manager? Quotes Talking Points 2Bobs podcast The Family Knife blog Gear Picks […]

  • NARJ145: A Desire to Not Disappoint

    NARJ145: A Desire to Not Disappoint


    This week the kingly content for your ears comes from Chris, who is contemplating cutbacks. Everyone makes mistakes in life, and it’s no different in business. But the best thing to do is acknowledge them and learn from them. Quotes Gear Picks The Influential Mind: What the Brain Reveals About Our Power to Change Others […]

  • NARJ144: Cold Open

    NARJ144: Cold Open


    Chris and Joel do one of those pre-show things… a trailer? Foreplay? You know, the talking before the show. Joel also interviews Chris about Gutenberg, the new WordPress editor that is currently in development. Chris talks about why it’s happening and what it can bring to WordPress. Quotes Talking Points Gutenberg Gear Picks Muji A5 […]

  • NARJ143: Slippy to Slippery

    NARJ143: Slippy to Slippery


    Lindsay apologizes for getting this one up a bit late! But now you can finally listen to Joel’s review of the incredibly fresh and never-before-reviewed iPhone X! Quotes Talking Points iPhone X Gear Picks Alien Quadrilogy DVD Box Set Seville Classics Expandable Kitchen Counter and Cabinet Shelf Listen [powerpress] Find us on:  iTunes  •  Stitcher […]

  • NARJ142: Plan The Thing

    NARJ142: Plan The Thing


    This week, Chris calls in Joel from Moncton. They talk about how best to harness your motivation, enthusiasm, and energy for a task or project. Rather than just doing the dang thing, plan the dang thing first! And just a heads up – no episode next week! But if you have questions please feel free […]

  • NARJ141: Finding Balance

    NARJ141: Finding Balance


    Finding the balance between work and rest is much more difficult than it sounds. This week Chris and Joel pick apart this topic to discuss what they’ve done right and wrong in the pursuit of balance and why it is so important to business and entrepreneurs in particular. Quotes Talking Points TMBA podcast Gear Picks […]

  • NARJ140: 20 Minutes

    NARJ140: 20 Minutes


    Chris and Joel are recording this episode extra early in the day so it’s… a little short while also… stretching for… time. 20 minutes is a good minimum, right? Quotes Gear Picks Jabra Speak 510 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker for Softphone and Mobile Jabra Speak 410 Wireless Speaker for Skype and VoIP Marpac Dohm Whitenoise Machine […]

  • NARJ138: Look After Me

    NARJ138: Look After Me


    This week we welcome on Dr. Julia Charity! She stops by to talk to us about career changes, the many hats of an entrepreneur, and the challenges of working in the tourism industry. Quotes Talking Points Look After Me Gear Picks Mapping Experiences: A Complete Guide to Creating Value through Journeys, Blueprints, and Diagrams by […]

  • NARJ137: The Business of Disappointment

    NARJ137: The Business of Disappointment


    No guest this week because we had to re-schedule some stuff, sorry! Instead, Chris and Joel talk about business positioning. Why is it important in marketing and yet why is it so undervalued? Joel also loses hope in his own words part way through but things work out. PS, I will be posting a screenshot […]

  • NARJ136: Less Than Perfect

    NARJ136: Less Than Perfect


    Chris is sick again and Joel is busy setting blogging goals. The two sit down this week to talk about common WordPress mistakes made by small businesses. They also delve into general advice for website building and being honest with your needs. Quotes Talking Points The Family Knife – Market Positioning: Who is your product […]

  • NARJ135: A Good Audio Experience

    NARJ135: A Good Audio Experience


    There’s audio issues all around in this episode, but Stephen does a great job smoothing things over with music. Because of the audio problems, everyone’s a little out-of-sorts and not much business talking gets done. Quotes Gear Picks Set of 6 Essential Oils The Last Templar by Raymond Khoury Listen [powerpress] Find us on:  iTunes […]

  • NARJ134: Couch Episode

    NARJ134: Couch Episode


    We’re breaking new ground here – Joel is recording from his couch rather than his desk. These are exciting times, indeed. Joel and Chris also have a discussion about the value of cost-cutting versus purely trying to increase revenue. While costs can only be decreased, so much and revenue has a near-infinite ceiling of possibility, […]

  • NARJ133: The Business of Despair

    NARJ133: The Business of Despair


    Joel wants to do another show-in-a-show. But he’s spent too much energy this week fighting a certain Canadian postal service provider to do that, so let’s talk about management, leadership, and emotions instead! Quotes Talking Points Ask a Manager Gear Picks The Business of Consulting: The Basics and Beyond by Elaine Biech Wilton Holiday Grippy […]

  • NARJ132: Awful Awful Squad Squad

    NARJ132: Awful Awful Squad Squad


    Oh, you thought NARJ was going to be 100% about business 100% of the time now that it’s back to a weekly schedule? Well, you thought wrong. This episode is mostly about Chris and Joel watching other people play a video game. But don’t fret, it does circle back to business eventually. Quotes Talking Points […]

  • NARJ131: Homeopathic Feedback

    NARJ131: Homeopathic Feedback


    Chris and Joel are keeping good on their promise to record regularly and talk about their experiences as business boys. Joel, specifically, has also increased his abilities at being a web boy and now has a shiny-new updated website. But is including pricing on your site a good idea? It’s certainly not common practice, and […]

  • NARJ130: Season 2, Episode 1

    NARJ130: Season 2, Episode 1


    No time for fanfare or announcement, Season 2 of NARJ starts right now! Chris and Joel have big plans to get back to weekly ‘casting, and this week they are starting things off right with lots of business talk. What’s the deal with blockchain? What’s the best way to set achievable goals for your business […]

  • NARJ129: The Biggest Company

    NARJ129: The Biggest Company


    Things have been quite busy lately for Chris and Joel, hence the long absence of episodes. As it turns out, running a business is difficult and requires a lot of emails.  And what better way to relax and catch up than to discuss all the successes and failures of Apple? But as business owners, there’s […]

  • NARJ128: Inquisition Intermission

    NARJ128: Inquisition Intermission


    It’s time for your very regularly scheduled video game discussion podcast! Chris and Joel have a little talk about Dragon Age: Inquisition and then have a very off-topic conversation about marketing and entrepreneurship. I mean, no one ever talks about those things, especially on this podcast. iOS11 is also briefly discussed even though Apple products […]

  • NARJ127: Non-canonical

    NARJ127: Non-canonical


    This week Chris is back from visiting Joel in Canada! And you better believe they went treasure hunting… They also discuss Apple’s recent WWDC reveals like HomePod, iOS11, HomeKit changes, and AR. Quotes Talking Points Apple WWDC 2017 announcements Gear Picks Street Tribe collapsible water bottle Satechi Bluetooth media button Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain […]

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