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Ask yourself, What is my spiritual gift? What did I do with the gift God gave me? What are you doing with your gift today? Do you have a purpose in your life? If God can have anything in the world, can you give God something he will appreciate?


  • Your Love - The Tao Te Ching Song

    Your Love - The Tao Te Ching Song

    22/11/2011 Duración: 04min

    This song was written based on the content of a book I am writing. Visit for details. I hope this song will reach the young generation, so they will be interested in knowing God. Music influence: Beyoncé (Halo), OneRepublic (Apologize), and Leona Lewis (Bleeding Love) with a Christian flare. You are free to download and copy it to a CD. Share it at your wedding, church, and family gatherings. Please do not sell the song for profit. Song Lyric Verse: You think you know, but you don’t know. You try to figure out but can’t seem to find it. Every door that you open seems to close. Cause you are not looking in the right place… oh yah. In a world full of dark things. We try to find the love that brings. Brings you up and down on your knees. There is love, That cannot be taken over, That can give you all you need. Chorus Your love, is never ending Your love, has no name Your love, is greater than all Your love, like water in the rain Your love, consecrate life Your love, change to all Yo