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  • Podcast Episode 3 – “Anna Overmoyer”

    Podcast Episode 3 – “Anna Overmoyer”


    A special "Back to School" episode of the EyeWonderWhy Podcast, with recent student and current starving artist Anna Overmoyer. (Just kidding; she eats well.) Anna's a dimensional illustrator, so to get y'all introduced, here's a few of Anna's pieces (All from her website, Here's the audio to the podcast (also available on iTunes!).

  • Podcast, Episode 2 – “Helena Sorenson”

    Podcast, Episode 2 – “Helena Sorenson”


    It's the 15th of August, and you know what that means? You don't? Well, shame on you! A new episode of the EyeWonderWhy Podcast is available just below these words! Just click the little play button and off you go.  My guest is Helena Sorenson, author of the novels Shiloh and Seeker, which, in Helena's words, explore "the … Continue reading Podcast, Episode 2 – “Helena Sorenson”

  • Podcast, Episode 1: “Son of Laughter”

    Podcast, Episode 1: “Son of Laughter”


    Episode 1 - Singer/songwriter Chris Slaten, who performs under the name Son of Laughter. We talk about his process for songwriting, why he doesn't like to write songs down, and musical inspiration. Enjoy the show!