Increasing Self Awareness Through Dialogue


  • Emerging Analysis, Relationshit and Transformative Love

    Emerging Analysis, Relationshit and Transformative Love


    Two weeks ago Omolara Williams McCallister and I spoke at a regional UU conference at All Soul’s that was centered around Black Lives Mater and racial justice. Also speaking that day was Alonzo Smith who is a professor of Black history. I decided to turn our talks into a podcast but unfortunately have been super … Continue reading Emerging Analysis, Relationshit and Transformative Love

  • Am I A Nigger?

    Am I A Nigger?


    ASK YOURSELF! Am I A Nigger?                Am I A Nigger?                                                       Am I A Nigger? And if the answer is yes? Don’t be afraid to show it! Cause it’s the Nigger in you that makes you BLACK! …Once you learn to hate it… An acoustic dialogue on respectability politics, the diversity of Black self … Continue reading Am I A Nigger?

  • #ILoveBlackWomen Day Three: LISTEN!

    #ILoveBlackWomen Day Three: LISTEN!


    [You can also listen to this podcast on itunes by searching “Well Examined Life” under podcasts] It’s amazing what you can learn when you listen. I mean really listen and hear, another person. This site was founded on the believe that you can increase your own self awareness through dialogue. That means we can learn … Continue reading #ILoveBlackWomen Day Three: LISTEN!

  • Illogic



    Illogic is a response to messages that are beamed at us constantly in the media that are supposed to provide a framework for action and thought. Illogic is the only tool capable of destroying the current logic of being that is our illiberal society.

  • #BlackLivesMatter Podcast

    #BlackLivesMatter Podcast


      There is a movement happening in America… All across America young Black people are articulating the damage, the pain, the fear, the lynchings that come with being one of the backs upon which this white supremacist nation was built. It is important that we all bear witness to this pain. If you are Black, … Continue reading #BlackLivesMatter Podcast

  • Clare: The Stories We Tell Ourselves In Order To Live

    Clare: The Stories We Tell Ourselves In Order To Live


          I’ve debated with myself about what the purpose of these interviews is. I’ve been constantly questioning why I do them and, more importantly, what I want my audience to get out of them. I have yet to come up with a coherent answer to the second question but talking to my dear … Continue reading Clare: The Stories We Tell Ourselves In Order To Live

  • Processing #igotthetalk While in Mourning

    Processing #igotthetalk While in Mourning


    It has been a rough week. A week that has forced me to think a lot about family, the bonds we build and the comfort we provide each other. It was also a week of tremendous social upheaval in Ferguson, MO. Already the conversations about Ferguson on Facebook and Twitter were giving me anxiety as … Continue reading Processing #igotthetalk While in Mourning

  • Acoustic Discourse On Violence

    Acoustic Discourse On Violence


    Here is my latest audio art piece “Acoustic Discourse On Violence.” The piece explores a working logic of non-violent action that is complicated by visceral reactions to fear of the unknown, shame at our moral complicity and responses to aggression. I have been contemplating taking a vow of non-violence and compassion for some time now. … Continue reading Acoustic Discourse On Violence

  • Life Before The Revolution

    Life Before The Revolution


      Booing Up When All Your Friends Are Lesbians…& You’re Not     Here it is…the moment [a few of] you have been waiting for. The debut of my play writing prowess…a comedy of queer proportions…the story my dating life as read by my friends…the hilarity that might could be the DC Queer DIY Punk … Continue reading Life Before The Revolution

  • Strip



    This latest poem is less a poem and more a audio art experience? The Poem is called strip or remover of difficulties or the things they ask you to strip away. It’s new, its different, it complex. Listen to it twice and let me know what you think! Strip away the paint and the decorations … Continue reading Strip