Inspired Choices Network Host ~ Carol Glover Do you ever feel like youre playing the game of life and its just not happening the way you know it could? Does it feel like everyones playing with the wrong set of rules, rules they dont even need? And arent games supposed to be fun! Lets get back to fun please.  


  • Creative Energy … In Me? with Guest Cheri L.R. Taylor

    Creative Energy … In Me? with Guest Cheri L.R. Taylor


    Did you know that you're already wonderfully creative? Would you like to bring even more creativity into your life? Join Carol and her guest, Author and Creativity Coach, Cheri L.R. Taylor as we discuss the multitude of forms creativity can take and how to bring even more creativity into your every day. Cheri has played and worked in creative energy for many years and has seen first-hand the way it shifts ideas, moves paradigms and changes lives! Cheri L. R. Taylor holds a Masters of Fine Arts in Writing from Vermont College and is currently a writing instructor at Macomb College. She is the Founder/Director of Blushing Sky Writing, a company which provides written words for companies, individuals, and services for writers. She recently released her first novel, Leaving Walloon, to positive reviews on Amazon. In addition, Cheri has four chapbooks of poetry and has been published in several journals & other media. Her book of poetry, Wolf Maiden Moon, A Tale in Thirteen Poems was released from Pudding House Pr

  • Partnership with the Universe

    Partnership with the Universe


    You say you want change, you seek out information and guidance to achieve it and still nothing works. You play and replay your situation through your head all day - and maybe even all night - and still nothing changes. You tell your friends about it, you lament your sad state of affairs on Facebook even. Or do you lie and tell everyone that things are fabulous and then find more ways to judge yourself? Are you looking for the key, the one key, the golden key that will make things finally work so you can be happy? In this show, Carol will give you that key (and maybe a few more) that will unlock everything - guaranteed.

  • Tired of Humble Pie

    Tired of Humble Pie


    Are you caught between claiming your awesomeness and being humble? Are you not wanting to make others feel small, or are you dumbing yourself down to make others comfortable with you? Are you tired of being humble? Did you know you can claim your magic, show your magic, share your magic without being an arrogant jerk about it? Join Carol as we explore the ways to allow yourself to be the contribution you're meant to be while being an invitation for others to do it too.

  • One Voice to Change The World

    One Voice to Change The World


    Do you ever wonder if your single voice (or talent, or capacity) can make a difference? Meet “Peace and Love Heidi”, recently she opened a shop in the village of Ferndale Ontario with the vision of creating a healing, uplifting, and community based place. From my first conversation with Heidi and watching how people are drawn to her and her store, I knew she was a shining example of how one person truly can shift the world. I noticed too that people are craving this kind of community and each of us can bring what have to offer for all to enjoy. Beyond the shop, Heidi is creating a healing centre and continues sharing her voice with the world through her music - and I'm sure there's more! Join us as we explore what could be possible for the planet with a little willingness to share our selves wherever and however we can. You can reach Heidi on Facebook at Contact Carol at

  • Ascension, Healing, Self Love  More: QA with guest Esther Bartkiw

    Ascension, Healing, Self Love & More: Q&A with guest Esther Bartkiw


    This week I am thrilled to interview one of my guides, Esther Bartkiw, with questions like: What is the purpose of ascension? Can I really be healed energeticially? Why is self love important? ... and more. Esther is a Facilitator of Change, Transformation and Consciousness. She is a Spiritual Mentor, Core Belief Engineering and Energy Vortex Practitioner, Channel, Speaker, Writer, Star Seed. Esther works with people around the globe helping them to awaken to release limitations, blocks and fear, open to all possibilities and awake to the Divine Love True Self. She is a featured guest on various Television and Radio programs including The CBC's Steven and Chris Show, Gail Vaz-Oxlade Talk Radio, The Best People We Know Radio Show. Esther is featured in the book Women Power highlighted as a powerful and inspirational woman of influence and loves to inspire and facilitate change for all. Using ever changing and evolving tools, methods and processes Esther assists You in transforming any area of your life and ste

  • Family Jewels

    Family Jewels


    Do you like your family? Some of it? All of it? None of it? Would you be willing to acknowledge all aspects of it and be in allowance of everything family is to you? Family can either drive you crazy or be your inspiration – sometimes it’s both. Whether your family is big or small, close or extended, chances are they give you plenty to talk about and lots to think about. In this show Carol discusses the ups and downs, blessings, and curses of family. We may even find some jewels along the way! Connect with Carol at

  • You Know You Know – You Know?

    You Know You Know – You Know?


    You've followed all the rules: good grades, good job, married well, good kids, yet you're still dazed and confused about why you're not as happy or successful as you should be (because you followed all the rules!). Still seeking and still not finding - that one answer to fix it all. Do you find yourself with that nagging feeling that there must be another way to get happy & successful but you just can't figure it out? In this show we'll explore that nagging feeling of yours and invite you to acknowledge that you know that you know - even if you think you don't. Find out more about Carol at

  • Beyond Spirituality

    Beyond Spirituality


    By request, we'll be continuing our discussion from last week "What's Spirituality Got to Do With It?" In this show we'll be exploring what could be possible if we were to drop our definitions of religion & spirituality. What could be possible if you dismissed the constructs of both and allowed yourself to be in connection with everything - without rules, without judgement or definition? Are you willing to be so open so that you and the universe, and God are one? Are you willing to know you already are one with everything - and science has proven it? Who could you be and what could you do with this life if simply being took you further than you imagined you could go and still brought you closer to that "higher power"/universe/God than any church, ritual or rite ever could?

  • What’s Spirituality Got To Do With It?

    What’s Spirituality Got To Do With It?


    I've spent a lot of time exploring the worlds of religion & spirituality and usually I found myself grasping onto bits and pieces but something was always "not quite right" for me. In this - perhaps controversial - show, I'll share my thoughts, ponderings, confusions and musings about religion, spirituality and does any of it matter anyway? During the show I will invite you into some other perspectives that you too may find a contribution. What if there is more even beyond what you have already known?

  • Where How’s and Why’s Don’t Matter

    Where How’s and Why’s Don’t Matter


    So often we get caught up in "Why does this happen to me" and "How am I going to get this done" that we forget where we are and what's really happening. That's living life in your head … and how's that working for you? In this conversation, Carol will invite you to the space and place of knowing where the how's and why's don't matter. We'll explore the energetic difference between "how" as the question and "what will it take" and discover the moments of possibilities and choice.

  • I Did NOT Create This Trouble!

    I Did NOT Create This Trouble!


    Have you ever been in the middle of a situation you felt you couldn't change (because you haven't been able to so far) and had someone say "well you created it"? How much did you want to scream, shout, slap them and then cry? Ya, me too! Instead I asked "I did NOT create this! Why the heck would I create this hell?" and felt utterly exhausted and hopeless to change the situation. I was incorrect! In this show, we'll laugh at ourselves as we find relief that we're not stupid, dumb OR helpless in the situations we find ourselves in and discover some super simple magic tricks for breaking free from the traps we find ourselves in. Find out more about Carol at

  • What Trips You Up? with host Carol Glover

    What Trips You Up? with host Carol Glover


    Are you holding on to limitations, ideas, promises that are no longer required? Do they even still exist? Last week I wrote a very short blog about how we can imagine the things that are holding us back are not necessarily/not always any more significant than a wisp of air. In this show we'll explore the types of things that trip us up, how to recognize if they're still valuable in your life and what to do with all of them.

  • Your Energetic Business! with Carol Glover

    Your Energetic Business! with Carol Glover


    Building from my show Discovering The Energy of Your Business we'll discuss the energy centres of your business, how they differ from the Chakras in a person, and how the energy can be manipulated with profound results for you. You can gain awareness about what your business requires to be an even greater contribution to you - with greater ease. (And who doesn't want that?!) PLUS I will gift a few listeners a live business reading so you can see first hand how it works and the amazing contribution this awareness can be for you. You can call in live for your reading or leave your questions and reading requests on my Facebook Page or by email to Please include your name, your business name and a brief description (or website link) of what the business is about.

  • Ready for Anything: A Conversation in Resiliency

    Ready for Anything: A Conversation in Resiliency


    "Resiliency is the ability to bounce back from life’s everyday obstacles and overwhelming adversities. Resiliency skills help people to keep moving forward in life, consisting of a set of skills that assist us to stay “upright” despite the many obstacles and significant challenges we all have to face. Resilient people see the opportunity in every crisis, sharing several traits: acceptance of reality; a deep belief that life is meaningful; and an uncanny ability to improvise." Michael H. Ballard Join Carol and her guest, Resiliency Expert Michael Ballard as they explore not only the characteristics of the resilient but how you can build these skills for yourself. Michael H. Ballard specializes in building resiliency by helping groups and people of all ages learn how to deal with change and adversity in the fast pace of modern life with its overwhelming situations and stresses, through Resiliency for Life™ (RFL). Michael has delivered breakthrough solutions for over 207 organizations across North America and ar

  • Is Your Life Loopy? with Carol Glover

    Is Your Life Loopy? with Carol Glover


    You wake up one morning with the realization that you've done it again: you're in another bad relationship, you've picked another rotten job, another rocky business, another fight about the same thing with your parent or child - whatever it is that keeps looping in your life. Why does this keep happening? It makes you just want to go back to bed and hope you wake up in a different life. You've consulted your best friend, your therapist, your dog, your guru and they all insist that there's a lesson to be learned and if these things are repeating you just haven't learned it yet. Or worse: "you created it", "you have a limited belief", or something equally aggravating. There's no room for further question or possibilities for making it stop once and for all. To top it all off, you've now decided you're an even bigger wreck and more wrong than you already knew you were. ARUGH!!!! What if there's absolutely nothing wrong with any of it - or you? What if there's another way to make it stop once and for all? Join Ca

  • Sensitive, Introvert or Avoiding Life? with Guest Joanne Del Core

    Sensitive, Introvert or Avoiding Life? with Guest Joanne Del Core


    Do you or other people call you sensitive or an introvert? Do you allow these labels to cover your secret? Are you hiding behind the masks of introversion or sensitivity to avoid stepping into really living? It certainly can seem safer hiding behind these terms: people don’t ask so much of you; people are sensitive towards you and your feelings. But, how much of life are you missing while the labels hold you down? Are you ready to peek into new possibilities? Join Carol and her guest Joanne Del Core as they discuss sensitivity, introversion and empowering you to step into living beyond your labels.  

  • Investing In Your Most Valuable Asset with Jeremy Tracey

    Investing In Your Most Valuable Asset with Jeremy Tracey


    Join Carol and her guest Jeremy Tracey as they discuss how to: increase your energy, improve your ability to handle stressful challenges, be more positive and productive at work and at home. Learn four of Jeremy's Foundation Principles of Health and receive clear and manageable action step to naturally fit them into your day. With an extensive background in the fitness industry as a Holistic Lifestyle & NLP Coach, Jeremy speaks on health, wellness & stress management. He has traveled and consulted with an international fitness consulting company whose mission is to help people make exercise a non-negotiable part of their lives. Jeremy enjoys helping his audiences get excited and motivated to create positive and lasting change. Jeremy currently resides in Elmira with his wife, Elaine and their three sons. He enjoys running marathons, reading, Qi Gong and his favourite hobby is off road unicycling. Learn more at

  • More Ease Please! with Carol Glover

    More Ease Please! with Carol Glover


    Are you tired of being told that you have to work hard and persevere to get ahead? Is it working for you as well as promised? Do you know that you're different and this doesn't have to be true for you? In this show, Carol invites you to play with the idea that maybe it doesn't have to be hard at all to be as successful as you desire. What could your world look like if you were having fun and following the energy of success in everything you do? How much fun could you have as you prove to the world that you don't need to work hard.

  • Why Is Everything So Complicated? with Carol Glover

    Why Is Everything So Complicated? with Carol Glover


    Juggling schedules to get all the kids to all their activities every day? Spending your evenings toiling over your latest volunteer venture - that you got into for fun and to make a difference but the only difference is less time to yourself and your family? Do you find yourself complicating things at work - perhaps to justify your "expert" title or wage? And then suffering the consequence of having to work in unrequired complexity? Do you wish things were simpler? Do you think simplicity means being a jerk and saying 'no' to everyone? Join Carol in this candid conversation to break the chains of judgment - real or perceived, from others or yourself, and get on with simplicity! You know you want it. You know it's possible. You know it could save your sanity, your family and give you more. And/or email your questions in advance to

  • Energy: Your First Language with Carol Glover

    Energy: Your First Language with Carol Glover


    Babies know it, animals know it, you know it but maybe you're just a little rusty: energy. Would you like to remember that you know it too? And what if that energy could give you all the knowing, all the healing, all the guidance you require to be at greater ease with and in your life. Would it be important to you to know that you know; to be able to perceive what is required at work/with your children/with your spouse/with your body? Take an hour to reacquaint yourself with the energy you know and begin to play with your first language. Wednesday, May 28th @11am ET.

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