Crestview Sermons

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Sermons from Crestview Bible Church in Hutchinson, KS


  • Confidence in God’s Protection

    Confidence in God’s Protection


    In this sermon from Psalm 121, Luke helps give us confidence in God’s protection through these days.

  • Direction for Life’s Frustrations

    Direction for Life’s Frustrations


    In this introduction and first sermon in our Psalms of Ascent series, Phil Auxier shows how Psalm 120 gives us direction for life’s frustrations and gets us moving on the pilgrim way toward God.

  • Heart Stirrings

    Heart Stirrings


    In this sermon from 2 Samuel 23-24, Phil Auxier wraps up our series in 1 and 2 Samuel by calling our hearts to be stirred in light of God’s covenant, how He gives victory, His acts of wrath and mercy, as well as our need for atonement.

  • The Lord Is My Rock

    The Lord Is My Rock


    In this sermon on David’s psalm of thanksgiving in 2 Samuel 22, Phil Auxier helps us see how God provides stability for us through His help, making us righteous, and His strength.

  • My Redeemer Lives

    My Redeemer Lives


    In this Easter message for 2020, Phil Auxier points to Job 19:25-27 as encouragement for gaining stability in these times through the truth of Jesus’s resurrection.

  • The Exalted Suffering Servant

    The Exalted Suffering Servant


    In this sermon from Isaiah 52:13-53:12, Phil Auxier helps us see how we can worship Jesus as the exalted suffering Servant. We hope this encourages you as we celebrate Holy Week. Related to this, here’s a link to the Holy Week Devotional for 2020.

  • God Is Serious

    God Is Serious


    In this sermon from 2 Samuel 21, Phil Auxier shows how God’s seriousness helps us to know His heart, save us, and remind us of His care.

  • Toward Stability

    Toward Stability


    In this sermon from 2 Samuel 20, Phil Auxier helps us see how David’s kingdom was unstable, what it means for our days of instability, and how we might find lasting stability.

  • The King’s Return

    The King’s Return


    In this sermon from Phil Auxier, we look at 2 Samuel 19 and what we can learn about conflict from David’s return to Jerusalem.

  • The Lord’s Deliverance

    The Lord’s Deliverance


    In this sermon from 2 Samuel 18, Phil Auxier helps us make some connections to the Lord’s deliverance.