A podcast dedicated to the people of Portsmouth, Ohio. 


  • 038_Eleventh Candle Co.

    038_Eleventh Candle Co.

  • 037_Winterfest


  • 036_Aaron and McKayla Hale from EOD Fudge

    036_Aaron and McKayla Hale from EOD Fudge

  • 035_Were Back

    035_We're Back

  • 034_The Importance of Sponsorship

    034_The Importance of Sponsorship


    As a business owner, you will inevitably get requests for donations and/or sponsorships. It is up to you to set the criteria so you do not feel the need to say "YES" to everyone. We sit down with Billy Dever, Donna Wolery, and Jeremy Frazie and discussed their sponsorship with PSKC for a five week event and also their stipulations for donation year long. 

  • 033_Video Content for Your Business with Derrick Mosely

    033_Video Content for Your Business with Derrick Mosely


    Derrick Mosley is back to talk to us about utilizing resources such as YouTube and how video content can be good for your business. If you have a store to tell, who better else to tell it? 

  • 032_At the Arnold Classic with Tango Charlie and Inkworks Erik

    032_At the Arnold Classic with Tango Charlie and Inkworks Erik


    We sat down at The Arnold Classic Fitness Expo with Tommy Tartaglia of Tango Charlie Apparel Company and Erik Watt of Inkworks. 

  • 031_Arnold Classic Preview

    031_Arnold Classic Preview


     A flashback to our experience and history with The Arnold Classic Fitness Expo. 

  • 030_Stay True

    030_Stay True

  • 029_ Masterworks

    029_ Masterworks

  • 028_Portsmouth Strong

    028_Portsmouth Strong


    WE'RE BACK AND TURNING THE NOB UP TO 10! Get ready for a new season of Portsmouth Strong Podcast, formerly known as Glock and Doc Audio Encounter. 

  • 027_G  D Outtakes

    027_G & D Outtakes


    What better way to spread Christmas cheer than to dedicate an episode to a FEW of the MANY outtakes from 2017. Dale and Tim take business very seriously, however; they tend to be the goofs when put in a room together with a microphone. Listen and laugh with us. 

  • 026_Hammerstrong



     The MOST anticipated episode all season! We have Michael Hamerstrong Longmire on the show discussing his journey that led him to becoming a full time personal trainer, changing lives forever. 

  • 025_Attorney Billy Dever PT. 2

    025_Attorney Billy Dever PT. 2


    Billy Dever is back to give you more advice for starting your small business. 

  • 024_Donna Wolery - Farmers Insurance

    024_Donna Wolery - Farmers Insurance


    Donna Wolery of Farmers Insurance right here in Portsmouth, sits down and discusses why insurance is her true passion in life and helping the people of Portsmouth is the most important thing. 

  • 023_Doc Spartan

    023_Doc Spartan


    Finally, the other half of Doc Spartan is here on the Podcast to give her 2 cents on working with Dale, being a female business owner, and her tips for success! 

  • 022_Bunker Band Brand

    022_Bunker Band Brand


    Tommy Stone and Aaron Cooper join us on this episode of Glock and Doc to discuss one of Portsmouth's newest businesses, Bunker Bands!

  • 021_THE Marketing Company

    021_THE Marketing Company


    Are you a local business who knows nothing about marketing or it's importance? These three guys from THE Marketing Company here in Portsmouth have got your back. Listen to their tips and tricks for getting your business off the ground and how they can help you succeed in a small town. 

  • 020_Dare to Dream

    020_Dare to Dream


    Dale and Tim discuss Dare to Dream Tri-State Pitch Competition, aimed to highlight the entrepreneurial heroes we have in the region. In hopes that High school students will see true heroes in the local business world and have a dream of being an entrepreneurial hero in the future!

  • 019_Would You Do It Differently?

    019_Would You Do It Differently?


    A common question for business owners is "What would you do differently?" In this episode, Dale discusses what he would do differently when opening up his gym. Listen, and you might be surprised by the things he would change and the things he would sustain. 

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