Podcasting is hard, its especially hard with kids around. We parent, discuss life, social media, and the world around us, all while trying to keep our 3 kids busy, which never happens.


  • Fake Laughs and Real Moves

    Fake Laughs and Real Moves


    Some big changes are on the horizon for us. In this episode we talk about our anticipated move to Portland. We're doing it. We're finally doing it. At least, that's what it looks like. We discuss the reasons for our move, the struggles and joys we experienced in Albuquerque, and the dream of starting new in a different city. We promised to link: KurzgesagtUtopia The Juliana Theory My Big Fat American Gypsy WeddingRun The Jewels Get in touch: Lindsey tweets at @LindseyFace28Lorenzo tweets at @offlohiParenting Vs Podcast tweets at @parentingvspodBarelas Podcaster's Guild, including guild podcasts can be found at barelaspodcastersguild.comAll our music is made by Jeff:

  • Giving Grace

    Giving Grace


     Time is moving slow and fast at the same time. How is this even possible? Every day begins the same--I wake up between 5:30 and 6. I stumble to the coffee pot then make coffee. I clean the dishes in the sink if there are any. Then I sit on my patio chair outside and watch the sun come up and wait for the chaos and noise that awaits when the all the kids wake up. Every. Day. Begins. The. Same. Way. It's like groundhog day, but with more masks, and less friends. It's no wonder 6 months felt like 100 years and 1 month at the same time. But in all this, it's hard to focus on your mental health. It's hard to get clarity. It's hard to breathe. To take a moment to think. To feel okay. It's hard. Then things begin to pile up, and frustration builds. I don't know about you, but I can take it out on the person that just happens to be in the same room as me. And more often than not it's a child of mine, or my spouse. The pandemic has been hard to say the least. In this episode we talk abou

  • Moving to Staten Island

    Moving to Staten Island


     We're not really moving to Staten Island, but it might not be so bad. The hot weather, pandemic life, working from home, and online school has brought us down. In this episode, we get into the nitty gritty of mental health, our opinions on faith and how it relates to politics, and we discuss the frustrations of doing online school with our kids while just trying to maintain. Lindsey tweets at @LindseyFace28Lorenzo tweets at @offlohiParenting Vs Podcast tweets at @parentingvspodAll our music is made by Jeff:

  • Quote Unquote

    Quote Unquote


    We don't mince words in this episode. Well, I'm not sure if we ever mince words. In this one we go into our faith, BLM, Trump, the evangelical church, anti-maskers, and local megachurch pastor Steve Smotherman. We brought up the Albuquerque journal article about the impact of sending our kids to school. You can find that here. Lindsey tweets at @LindseyFace28Lorenzo tweets at @offlohiParenting Vs Podcast tweets at @parentingvspodAll our music is made by Jeff:

  • A Cautionary Tale

    A Cautionary Tale


    We spent some time in Santa Fe to get our minds off Portland for a bit. Lindsey tweets at @LindseyFace28Lorenzo tweets at @offlohiParenting Vs Podcast tweets at @parentingvspodAll our music is made by Jeff:

  • Whatever Flips Your Meat: MLM pondering and Hey It’s Summer! (Kind of)

    Whatever Flips Your Meat: MLM pondering and Hey It’s Summer! (Kind of)


    Well, um, either way, I'm glad when we have those times when we don't have to worry, or think about this darn virus, this covid 19. This weekend we booked a New Mexico getaway and it was amazing. We talked about that. We talked about MLMs. We talked about what the beginnings of our summer look like. Lindsey tweets at @LindseyFace28Lorenzo tweets at @offlohiParenting Vs Podcast tweets at @parentingvspodAll our music is made by Jeff:

  • Bird Nerds

    Bird Nerds


    Being home has allowed us to really appreciate nature. We talk about our feelings, nature, birds, kids, and Mother's Day.It's good to just sit with your parent and reflect. I think that's one thing a lot of couples don't do...reflect. It feels so energizing to our relationship when we can be honest with how we feel, share our goals, our desires, our everything, without the fear of being judged, or not heard. Also, it's good to just sit down and talk about bird facts. We do some of that in this episode.I hope we're getting better at marriage. I hope we've learned how to respond to each other how we need to be responded to. I hope we can be nurturing parents to our kids.Thank you for listening!We read from this article:'s listening to: 1Q84, Run the Jewls, Glass Animals, Tame Impala, Eyes on the Shore, Pokey LaFarge, Kevin Morby, Sword and Scale, True Consequences, But Why?.Lorenzo's listening to: The Confessional with

  • Adjusting to COVID-19 with Ryan Freeman from Whats Up ABQ

    Adjusting to COVID-19 with Ryan Freeman from What's Up ABQ


    Hi everyone! It's hard not to talk about our new lifestyles with COVID-19, so in this one we do just that. We sit down with Ryan Freeman from What's Up ABQ and chat how we're adjusting to a new lifestyle. We also chat about how our community is adjusting, and how humans can do so much good when we're in crisis.Enjoy this co-broadcast with What's Up ABQ podcast, and make sure to subscribe to What's Up ABQ podcast to hear more of Lindsey and Ryan talking to the fine folks of Albuquerque about their passions.Lindsey tweets at @LindseyFace28Lorenzo tweets at @offlohiParenting Vs Podcast tweets at @parentingvspodRyan tweets at @RyanpfreemanWhat's Up ABQ tweets at @ABQWhatsUpAll our music is made by Jeff:

  • Garage Sitting

    Garage Sitting


    Isolation days bring ups and downs. It brought Lindsey to bead. Yeah, she's making "hope strands". There's hope. We won't be stuck in the house for much longer, we hope. Well, maybe that's wishful thinking.Isolation does some...interesting things to people. We've had to take into account *gasp* each other's feelings, thoughts, and wishes. Well, in marriage its good practice to do anyway. I'm hoping all this has just allowed us to work those muscles that we need to have a solid marriage. Either way, thanks for being on this journey with us. Thank you for the grace you give to us as you listen. We hope our, um, imperfections bring you comfort to know that there are other people who deal with issues. And if we seem really messed up to you, then you're right, we are. And please email us your secret for having it all figured out. Heck, tweet it. By the way, Lindsey scores high as an enneagram 4, and Lorenzo scores high as an enneagram 9. This one is all over the place. So, thanks or listening. 

  • Finding Our New Normal

    Finding Our New Normal


    Finding a new normal. Many people are experiencing this new reality. It's interesting to me how important our routine is to us. Even the youngest of us realize when routine is thrown off. This week we're over the freak out of realizing there's a deadly disease permeating the globe, and we're ready to do what we need to do to limit the spread, and balance contenting life at the same time.Emotions are weird right now, and I think this comes though on the podcast. We ask for grace as you listen. Both of us have had moments of being critical, judgmental, frustrated, etc. We're learning how to give grace, receive grace, and continue on. This too shall pass. Right?We hope you're well.Here are some links to stuff we talked about in the show:Jeff's music: Merritt's Twitter: @JonathanMerrittThe Samaritan Purses's statement of faith: tweet I responded to about SP:

  • How You Living!? (Corona Style)

    How You Living!? (Corona Style)


    The global pandemic COVID-19 has taken us by surprise and we've all had to build the plane as we're flying, as the saying goes. Parents across the country are having to learn how to balance working from home while keeping their kids entertained and educated. It's hard, but we have found that there have been some unexpected lessons that parents are learning.We hope this podcast episode finds you healthy as we weather this storm together.Shout out to these folks we mentioned in the pod:Jeff makes the music and Ryan's pod https://www.whatsupabq.comThe federal law I was thinking about was FAPE and Gio made a Podcast! http://brianandgiopodcast.comMKBHD makes amazing tech vids Clearly made an amazing video on Coronaviruses Things Often Podcast

  • Isolationist Anniversary

    Isolationist Anniversary


    It's our anniversary. 11 years of marriage. In this episode we talk about how we're dealing with the global pandemic that is COVID-19 while still celebrating each other. And what do you do during your anniversary during a pandemic? Luckily in New Mexico there are lots of open spaces where it's easy to isolate. We visited Mogollon, NM, a ghost town, and drove down dusty roads near Silver City, NM.The episode we were referencing on Lindsey's podcast can be found at is by Jeff Omidvaran. His sound cloud can be found at!

  • Hey America, Save Us a Piece of That Corn

    Hey America, Save Us a Piece of That Corn


    Yeah, don't hoard the corn. If you hoard the corn, then there's not enough to go around. But seriously, the times we're living in are surreal. People are clearing out grocery stores, buying up all the toilet paper, pasta, meats, canned food, even ramen.We hope it'll be okay. We also hope this episode finds you well. If you're quarentied, or social distancing, perhaps we can find a spot in our podcast rotation. Thanks if we do.If you're curious about the enneagram, Sandra has an amazing instagram page found at We suggest you visit. Also, if you're curious about the enneagram, the authors we've been paying attention to are Richard Rohr, Ian Morgan Cron, and Suzanne Stabile.Music is by Jeff Omidvaran (but not O Fortuna) check out Ryan Freeman's books.https://www.ryanpfreeman.comFind our contact information at!

  • Pineapple Upside-down Cake and Coffee Talk

    Pineapple Upside-down Cake and Coffee Talk


    If you're into ASMR then you'll really be into this episode. But seriously? What's up with ASMR? We just don't understand it. And that's okay. There are things that we don't understand and we don't have to understand. To us though, eating and weird noises can be annoying to each other. That's marriage though, right? We look past the things that annoy us and move forward, looking more towards the things that we love about each other. So, we ask you, dear listener, to do the same. We'll be slurping coffee, and munching on cake, and there's background noise, but let it be endearing. Join us in the coffee shop. Imagine that you're eating cake and sipping on coffee with us. We hope you enjoy this episode!Music by Jeff Omidvaran us on Twitter @parentingvspod

  • Learning to Love

    Learning to Love


    What does it look like to love yourself? We've both gone through periods of time where we just don't like ourselves. I think it's important to care about yourself so that you're ready to love others. Maybe I'm wrong. We kinda talk through this idea on this episode. Enjoy!

  • Wheres This Plane Landing, Anyway?

    Where's This Plane Landing, Anyway?


    We had a list of topics to discuss and haphazardly went through those topics. Liminal space, gratitude, cults, megachurches, instapot, and an apocalypse were among the topics. Enjoy!Find more about liminal space here:

  • In the Thick of Your Adultness

    In the Thick of Your Adultness


    There comes a time in your life... In this episode we discussed what it's like to feel like you've made the wrong decision. We feel like our 30s have been self discovery, trying to discern what is worth dedicating our lives to. It's been a series of mistakes in parenting, in our careers, in our marriage. Now, we're trying to find out where to go. The journey isn't over, but this is us trying to talk through some of it. Enjoy!

  • Your Barista is a Really Nice Robot

    Your Barista is a Really Nice Robot


    In this one we talk about podcasts we listen to, life changes, enneagram, and artistic endeavors.Lindsey and Ryan's podcast is called What's Up ABQ, and it can be listened to anywhere you get podcasts. Check out their website, check out the KRQE story on them... out to Sandra

  • First World Problems and Four Kids

    First World Problems and Four Kids


    We've all got our issues... We all experience privilege in our own way. We're trying to navigate how to have empathy for others, deal with the problems we have, and not minimize the problems of others. (Especially those who we perceive to have more "privilege" than we do.)And...raising three is hard (for us). But, raising four, even if it's just for a week, is harder.Enjoy!

  • Lets Go To Sam Goody and Buy Some Cassette Tapes

    Let's Go To Sam Goody and Buy Some Cassette Tapes


    Faith has been on our minds. We talk a lot about what bothers us, and faith has been high on that list. Not faith itself, but our own faith. We were brought up with a certain set of expectations, and we don't fit into those expectations at the moment. For most expectations, we don't care very much. But, faith is a big one. We want to live "right". We want to raise our kids in the "right" way. Inclusion and values are also important to us... So, we're kind of left out. We kind of talk about these feelings in this episode. We also sort of just drink beer and shoot the shit. Shoot shit with us! It's fun!(note: we pulled this episode originally, but decided to publish it anyway...)

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