We should be writing, but instead Jen, Katie, and Alex, history grad students, tell you all about what it's like to be in grad school, study history, and teach. Like all good academics, we were lured by the snacks and stayed for the learning.


  • Year in the Life of a Grad Student – IWTTBF Episode 44

    "Year in the Life of a Grad Student" – IWTTBF Episode 44

    12/12/2017 Duración: 25min

    Welcome to I Was Told There'd Be Food, where you can convince graduate students to attend anything with promises of sustenance. We hope that IWTTBF has been that for many of you during this series and thank you for joining us for a year in the life.

  • Radically Old–School – IWTTBF Episode 43

    "Radically Old–School" – IWTTBF Episode 43

    05/12/2017 Duración: 25min

    Making it through the final weeks of another semester? This week Jen and Alex discuss the recent firestorm over technology in the classroom, and the new and old approaches to education which go into a 21st century higher education experience.

  • Death with Taxes – IWTTBF Episode 42

    "Death with Taxes" – IWTTBF Episode 42

    21/11/2017 Duración: 25min

    A serious topic for the holiday weekend. This week Jen and Alex discuss the details of the proposed tax reform bills in Congress and how they will impact graduate students and institutes of higher education. This is not a fun topic, but one every graduate student should understand thoroughly, especially with the passing of the House of Representative's version of the bill last week. Jen breaks down the numbers: More Details from NPR: Ethan Siegel, "The GOP Tax Plan Will Destroy Graduate Education," :

  • Way to Make a Livin? – IWTTBF Episode 41

    "Way to Make a Livin'?" – IWTTBF Episode 41

    14/11/2017 Duración: 25min

    "....pouring out yourself a cup of ambition." as Ms. Parton would say. Though the academic job market is the dark cloud over many a graduate student conversation, there are ways to help prepare for the search and interview process. This week we review everything you should know about academic job interviews and hopefully help you feel a bit more prepared for application season.

  • The Parenting Track — IWTTBF Episode 40

    "The Parenting Track" — IWTTBF Episode 40

    31/10/2017 Duración: 27min

    Finding work-life balance in graduate school is always a challenge. Managing that time while also raising a family can seem almost impossible, by comparison. This week, we discuss what it's like to be both a graduate student and a parent, along with our special guest, Macey.

  • Comp-lications - IWTTBF Episode 39

    "Comp-lications" - IWTTBF Episode 39

    24/10/2017 Duración: 24min

    One of the two big milestones of graduate school, your comprehensive exams are potentially the most stressful experience on the road to graduation. This week we'll discuss our own strategies for completing the comps, offering suggestions of things you can start doing now — seriously, today — to prepare yourself. Or just indulge in the Schadenfreude of not having to worry about your own exams any longer.

  • Future of the Past - IWTTBF Episode 38

    "Future of the Past" - IWTTBF Episode 38

    17/10/2017 Duración: 26min

    Form and function - old and new - this week we tackle academic tech and the graduate school experience. Bibliographic and image editing software are new staples for the academic career track and yet so few historians have been keen to adopt them. We discuss the possible whys and offer insight on our favorite scholarly software. We'd also like your suggestions on the best new academic software worth adopting! "Historians and the Technologies of Research" -

  • Acka-dA-mia - IWTTBF Episode 37

    "Acka-dA-mia" - IWTTBF Episode 37

    10/10/2017 Duración: 26min

    Everything you ought to know before you're done and ready to graduate (and everything you probably haven't thought much about). Before you struggle with the post-docs and research applications, the teaching philosophy statements and student reviews, here are a few good ways to prepare yourself for a post-graduate career in the Academy...academia...academeme....

  • Bumpy Cohorts - IWTTBF Episode 36

    "Bumpy Cohorts" - IWTTBF Episode 36

    03/10/2017 Duración: 23min

    In no other job will you find a weirder relationship with your peers than in graduate school. Your community is told to constantly band together as you all develop professionally in different directions and the ambivalence can be maddening. Join our discussion of how to best deal with the emotional roller coaster of graduate cohorts.

  • Impostor Syndrome Revisited - IWTTBF Episode 35

    "Impostor Syndrome Revisited" - IWTTBF Episode 35

    26/09/2017 Duración: 20min

    Welcome to a revisiting of impostor syndrome — because it hasn't gone away and we hope you didn't notice how bad our first discussion was. In all seriousness, we tackle the bane of all academic and professional existence and maybe even find a few new solutions to help remind you that you are more capable than you might feel.

  • Submissions in Triplicate - IWTTBF Episode 34

    "Submissions in Triplicate" - IWTTBF Episode 34

    19/09/2017 Duración: 23min

    We told you all last week all of the good reasons that you shouldn't apply to graduate school. Apparently there are still a few crazy listeners, so we've decided this week to share our application experiences. What should and shouldn't you do when applying for graduate school? How do you decide what program, faculty, and graduate community are worth the next 5-7 years of your time? As always, start with promises of food.

  • Just Dont Do It - IWTTBF Episode 33

    "Just Don't Do It" - IWTTBF Episode 33

    12/09/2017 Duración: 22min

    Welcome to I Was Told There'd Be Food, a podcast about all things academia where this week we tell you why you should avoid joining academia. Are you considering whether or not graduate school is right for you? This week we discuss a myriad of reasons: limited job opportunities, stagnant income, mismatched skill development, identity crises; why you should seriously consider NOT becoming a graduate student...and hopefully better clarifying good reasons to still apply. Timothy Burke, "Should I Go to Grad School?" - Joel Warner and Aaron Clauset, "The Academy's Dirty Secret," - Laura McKenna, "The Ever Tightening Job Market for Ph.D.s" -

  • Back to School Special - IWTTBF Episode 32

    "Back to School Special" - IWTTBF Episode 32

    05/09/2017 Duración: 22min

    It's the start of a new semester and Jen and Alex are here to share tips, stories, and comic warnings about how to set yourself up for a good round of teaching. Now with extra fanfare! Music Employed for Fair Use Purposes of Education from United States Marine Band, performers. "True to the Flag March." Blon, Franz von, composer. Orange, NJ: Edison, 1922. From Library of Congress, control number: 00694039. MP3, WAV. (Accessed September 3, 2017).

  • Show Me the (Grant) Money - IWTTBF Episode 31

    "Show Me the (Grant) Money" - IWTTBF Episode 31

    29/08/2017 Duración: 23min

    A new school year's upon us and funding is always a big concern. For many of us, it is a season for remembering to fill out grant and fellowship applications, but what are the best ways to go about selecting them? Help us help you prepare for the money angle of academia.

  • History and Monuments IWTTBF Episode 30

    "History and Monuments" IWTTBF Episode 30

    22/08/2017 Duración: 22min

    Just like most of the nation, we have also been drawn into the controversy surrounding Confederate statues. We discuss the history and also try to explain how historians contextualize such events.

  • First Historical Memory - IWTTBF Episode 29

    "First Historical Memory" - IWTTBF Episode 29

    15/08/2017 Duración: 25min

    Do you remember the first thing that you ever remembered, the first time you noticed events moving in a larger historical world? This week we discuss Katie's new classroom icebreaker - our first historical memories and what they say about the earliest role of history in our lives.

  • Archives: A Day in the Life in the Box - IWTTBF Episode 28

    "Archives: A Day in the Life in the Box" - IWTTBF Episode 28

    08/08/2017 Duración: 24min

    Welcome to I Was Told There'd Be Food, the podcast that proves that the promises of food can always motivate good scholarship. But where does that leave archives - the essential tool of the humanities where the material might be old enough to start eating at you. ("Careful, they have a taste for flesh.") Whether you've never visited an archive or if you're a finding aid veteran, join Jen, Katie, and Alex as we learn about that very special kind of knowledge...the information you can't find via Google-search.

  • Writing Goals and Deconstructed Bread Loaves - IWTTBF Episode 27

    "Writing Goals and Deconstructed Bread Loaves" - IWTTBF Episode 27

    01/08/2017 Duración: 21min

    Welcome to I Was Told There'd Be Food, a podcast about all things academia and history. Summer is half over and everyone is freaking out about the writing they still haven't done. What are the best ways to set writing goals for yourself and stick to them (or at least get your peers to guilt you into regular writing productivity)? What are the best ways to start a writing workshop or group review sessions? Is a taco a sandwich? All questions answered in this week's IWTTBF episode!

  • All the Presidents Food, Pt. 2 - Episode 26

    "All the President's Food, Pt. 2" - Episode 26

    25/07/2017 Duración: 24min

    The second installment of "All the President's Food" where we talk chowder, Fresca, and iced cream. Tune in to find out which presidents match which food.

  • Weirdest Thing Youve Ever Eaten - IWTTBF Episode 25

    "Weirdest Thing You've Ever Eaten" - IWTTBF Episode 25

    18/07/2017 Duración: 22min

    What's the weirdest question you've ever used to start a conversation? This week on I Was Told There'd Be Food, Jen and Alex try to puzzle out Katie's suggestion that weird food questions are the best lead into starting off a new discussion section. What are some of the best ways to get students to actually talk in class? Join us for another episode - and another round of history trivia that once again dabbles unnecessarily in 90s pop culture references (see footnote explanation for why that is presentist nonsense, listener).

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