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Greetings from Meta Station, where a playwright and an English professor who have been best friends for sixteen years recap The CW's post-apocalyptic sci-fi drama "The 100." Season 5 returns in 2018, but stay tuned for all kinds of fun hiatus content!


  • His Dark Materials 1x03: The Spies

    "His Dark Materials" 1x03: "The Spies"

    25/11/2019 Duración: 02h56min

    Welcome back to Meta Station, where IT’S TIME TO CRY ABOUT MOMS! Lyra finally finds a family, we learn a lot more about daemons, some Dramatic Backstory is revealed, a show finally presents a suicide storyline responsibly, and we have a LOT of thoughts about white male patriarchy. Also, the alethiometer finally works, Ma Costa is our new favorite character, and Fleabag’s Hot Priest has joined the cast which means this show officially has everything. _________________________________________ 0:00 - Thank Goodness for the Gyptians, Adults Lyra Can Actually Trust 0:17 – How This Episode Gets Suicide-As-Plot/Character-Development Right 0:37 – Daemon Discussion Redux: Farder Coram Edition 0:41 – Lyra's Journey to Trust, Belonging, and a Working Alethiometer 0:53 – [Sidebar to Cry About Lyra and Ma Costa, the Ur-Mom] 1:11 – The Gyptians, the Magisterium, and the Value of Children 1:19 – Smash the Patriarchy, Part I: Who’s Outside the Machinery of Power, and Why It Matters That Boreal and the Master Are Black Men

  • His Dark Materials 1x02: The Idea of North

    "His Dark Materials" 1x02: "The Idea of North"

    18/11/2019 Duración: 02h50min

    Welcome back to Meta Station! Sadly for you, several of our BEST jokes this week happened before we started recording, and we apologize to our longtime fans for depriving them of the newest installment of our ongoing “vases vs. botulism” debate. (You had to be there.) Fortunately, this still ended up being one of our favorite conversations, because there is SO! MUCH! TO SAY! about Mrs. Coulter: from using femininity as a weapon to wield power over men, to the complicated relationship between women and anger, to why it matters that her (male) daemon has been silenced. We also talked Magisterium theology, Boreal’s dimension-hopping, and how relieved we are that our pure sons Roger and Billy finally found each other. P.S. Rather predictably, we have already completely abandoned any attempt to remain spoiler-free for people who haven’t read the books, for reasons that will become very clear in the Mrs. Coulter section. If you are aggressively trying to avoid any plot details from the books, you might want to

  • His Dark Materials 1x01: Lyras Jordan

    "His Dark Materials" 1x01: "Lyra's Jordan"

    10/11/2019 Duración: 02h17min

    Welcome to Meta Station’s first recap of “His Dark Materials,” the perfect show for a podcast hosted by an atheist English professor and a Catholic playwright. Join us for a deep dive into the transformation of the books from page to screen, with side quests into climate change, Vatican II, “Paradise Lost,” gender fluidity, and Galileo. Plus, we lay out a careful plan about avoiding spoilers and then forget it immediately, of COURSE Erin knows the Milton quote Philip Pullman got the series title from, and Claire hops in the wayback machine to reminisce about being a youth minister when these books first blew up in the U.S. Grab your alethiometer and your bottle of secret crypt wine, we’re going on an adventure! * * * * * * * * * * * * 0:00 – Hello, New Listeners, and Welcome Back, Old Friends! 0:02 – Page to Screen Adaptation, Part I: Asriel, Lyra and Narrative Perspective 0:21 – We Stan a Relatable 11-Year-Old Who Is Sometimes a Butthead 0:27 – Page to Screen Adaptation, Part II: Dramatic Irony, Pacing B

  • GOOD OMENS, Part the Second!

    GOOD OMENS, Part the Second!

    29/07/2019 Duración: 03h36min

    Choose your faces wisely, because it’s time for Part II of “Good Omens,” where imagination is the greatest power of humankind, the kids are trying to figure out how to fix the world the grown-ups ruined, Madam Tracy finally gets takes center stage, Derek Jacobi pops in for a truly delightful cameo, and it turns out Crowley still thinks pretty highly of God. This one took us to some PLACES - we went deep on climate despair, youth-led protest movements, and the Horsemen as self-fulfilling prophecies, and then unpacked the theology of Aziraphale and Gabriel and got very real about when organized religion gets in the way of God. Hop on, this one’s a fun ride. Cheers, friends. TO THE WORLD! ---------------------------------------------- 0:00 – Welcome Back to “Good Omens,” Let’s Get This Apocalypse Show on the Road! 0:02 – We Are Now Ride-or-Die Lesley x Maud Shippers 0:05 – The Horsemen vs. the Them: Personification, Self-Fulfilling Prophecy, and the Triumph of Youthful Imagination Over Adult Despair 0:32 –

  • GOOD OMENS, Part the First!

    GOOD OMENS, Part the First!

    15/07/2019 Duración: 03h45min

    Hello, new friends! Welcome back, old friends! Meta Station is back and we've missed you, too! Summer is truly the best time of year for binge-watching television (some people will tell you it is the time of year for Going Outside and, like, Doing Stuff, in Nature, but those people are wrong and dangerous, stay in here with us where there's air conditioning and couches and snacks). So during July and August we're going to be podcasting on three different miniseries we love which we think you will enjoy too. First on deck is the delightful six-part Amazon Prime adaptation of Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett’s 1991 apocalypse comedy GOOD OMENS, and we are here to tell you as fans of the book that the show gets just about everything right. Join us for a nerdy conversation covering everything from “Paradise Lost” to “Angels In America,” from Francis of Assisi to the end of the Cold War, from the holiness of sushi chefs to the dangers of dudes getting redpilled, with a whole lot of metaphysics, nature vs. nurtu

  • Good Omens Podcast Preview!

    Good Omens Podcast Preview!

    14/07/2019 Duración: 23min

    Welcome to META STATION SUMMER VACATION! We're spending July and August covering some of our favorite binge-worthy miniseries of 2019, kicking off this week with a discussion on episodes 1-3 of Amazon's fantastic adaptation of Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett's shippy apocalypse romp "Good Omens." To whet your appetite, if you've missed us, or to introduce ourselves to you if you're new here (welcome!!), here's a 25-minute teaser - a mini-meta, if you will - to tide you over until the full three hours of nerdery goes live Monday! In this excerpt, we discuss the war between Heaven and Hell in the context of the original publication of "Good Omens" in 1991. Erin has thoughts on the Cold War, Claire has thoughts on "Angels In America," we're both spicy about right-wing dumbs interpreting the story as anti-religion, and Erin shamelessly promotes Claire's book for new listeners. COME HANG OUT WITH US WE'VE MISSED YOU ALL SO MUCH

  • Episode 5x13: Damocles, Part II

    Episode 5x13: "Damocles, Part II"

    01/03/2019 Duración: 03h52min

    Welcome back to Meta Station! Since last we recapped you, Erin finished her book, we went to a con, Claire's had the flu like three times, and Donald Trump Jr. is probably going to jail. WHAT'S NEW WITH YOU GUYS?? We split up this week’s 4-hour podcast in two parts, so pop on over to this link - - if you’re looking for our recap of Unity Days, the funnest funfest in the history of fun, and then come back here when you’re ready for our thoughts on 513! Also, to avoid burying the lede, we wanted to announce at the beginning of the podcast that this will be the last of our regular week-to-week recaps of the show.(This episode is now a collector’s item!) While the show is running, despite the heroic assistance of our cherished Editkru, Meta Station is basically a part-time job, and – in the words of iconic Netflix star/cleaning guru Marie Kondo – we ultimately determined that dedicating that amount of time and effort to producing a weekly podcast no longer

  • Unity Days 2019!

    Unity Days 2019!

    28/02/2019 Duración: 54min

    We talked for so long about Unity Days 2019 that we pulled it out of the recap podcast to post on its own. Join us as we relive the magic, glory and wonder of the third (and maybe final?? unclear??? Sachin is VERY PERSUASIVE????) Unity Days convention in Vancouver B.C.! It was hands-down our favorite yet, with brand-new guests we'd never met before (hi Paige! hi Lola! hi Erica! hi Shannon! hi Tati!), lots of deep dives into the nerdery of television craft (from props design to acting craft) and tons and tons of laughs. Most of all, it was full of those amazing special moments of irreplaceable cast magic that make this con such a unique and wonderful event - from sharing deeply heartfelt stories about what acting means to them, to doing impressions of their coworkers as Fran Drescher or Yoda. (You had to be there.) Thanks so much to everyone at Unity Events Canada for their hard work and dedication! If UD3 is the last of these cons, it went out on a high note; if Sachin gets his way and there's a UD4, we'll s

  • Meta Station Interviews Lola Flanery!

    Meta Station Interviews Lola Flanery!

    06/09/2018 Duración: 40min

    She's been in the biz since she was nine, she's fluent in French, she knows how to swordfight, and she loves "Fight Club." She's also twelve years old. We sat down with the fantastically delightful Lola Flanery on Sunday, for a super fun interview which then got eaten by Skype Recorder (*shakes fist at ALIE*), so we gave it a second try on Wednesday and had even MORE fun. Join us as we plot a prank war against Sachin and Bob, discuss Warrior Cats and My Little Ponies, get the scoop on stunt training and Trigedasleng, hear what it's like to be the kid on set in a room full of grownups, and learn what Lola loves most about playing Madi. TL;DR - THIS KID IS THE BEST AND WE'RE ADOPTING HER NOW

  • Clairin Outtakes - Cat Talk

    Clairin Outtakes - Cat Talk

    06/09/2018 Duración: 21min

    ERIN FOUND A KITTEN IN A PARKING LOT SO THAT WAS THE FIRST ORDER OF BUSINESS TODAY Yes, the Lola interview will go up tomorrow, yes, we're eventually going to recap the finale, yes, we've still got Chris Larkin and William/Ivana interviews on deck, but for now, please enjoy this outtake that is literally just twenty minutes of Claire and Erin talking about cats. We missed you too.

  • Episode 5x12: Damocles, Part I

    Episode 5x12: "Damocles, Part I"

    04/08/2018 Duración: 03h15min

    Welcome back to Meta Station! [INSERT INAPPROPRIATE JOKE ABOUT MARCUS KANE LOOKING LIKE A SNACK HERE] LOTS of deaths this week, including Vinson, a whole bunch of redshirts, and the myth of Blodreina (and we’ll feel a lot better once we know Gaia and Kane are okay), but the fractured groups are finally beginning to coalesce back together, which is a HUGE relief. We know you all had strong feelings about this episode, and we did too; we clocked in at over four hours (don’t worry, this one is edited!) because there was so much to unpack. Initially Erin and Claire were a house divided regarding a few of the storylines, and met more in the middle on rewatch, but overall we’re feeling better at the end of this episode than we did at the end of the last one. We got hope! We got forgiveness! We got love! We got families! We got hugs! We got closure! We got new beginnings! We got another cryptic drive-by reference to Eligius III! In other words, we’re right where we should be as our heroes head into the fina

  • OUTTAKE - Lets Do The Trig Warp In Jan(uary)

    OUTTAKE - Let's Do The Trig Warp In Jan(uary)

    03/08/2018 Duración: 04min

    Has anyone else had "Sword of Damocles" from Rocky Horror stuck in their heads ever since they announced the title of the finale? We derailed on Rocky Horror/The 100 crossover possibilities for five solid minutes before we even managed to start talking about the episode this week, and gave ourselves stomach aches from laughing in the process! P.S. We are 1000% serious about the "Time Warp" in Trigedasleng thing. If someone translates it, we will MAKE THAT HAPPEN at Unity Days 3 in January!

  • Episode 5x11: The Dark Year

    Episode 5x11: "The Dark Year"

    29/07/2018 Duración: 03h18min

    WELP, CONGRATULATIONS TO EVERYONE WHO BET MONEY THAT IT WOULD BE CANNIBALISM YOU WIN AN EXTREMELY GRIM AND DEPRESSING EPISODE Jump in our Way-Back Machine and return with us to a simpler time, where we can revisit our old friends Kara Cooper, brighter indoor lighting, and Kane's good hair! Enjoy this brief flash of a more-or-less sane Octavia before everything falls to shit again and life is The Worst! Claire now bitterly regrets ever having uttered the words “hey wouldn’t it be dope if Abby and Octavia ever had a storyline together” I’M SORRY GUYS THIS ONE’S ON ME I PUT IT OUT IN THE UNIVERSE AND I CAN’T TAKE IT BACK NOW (. . . kudos to Propkru, though. We're never eating Jell-O again.) Meanwhile, in the future, Jason grants our wish to finally get all three Griffin ladies in the same room, though shit's pretty bleak over there too. There’s lots to love (Abby gets cured! Bellamy speaks Trig! Murphy gets a giant gun! Diyoza wants Kabby reunited as much as we do! Raven and Shaw kiss! Echo is in charge

  • Episode 5x10: The Warriors Will

    Episode 5x10: "The Warriors Will"

    20/07/2018 Duración: 03h51min

    Hello and welcome back to Meta Station! We are, again, unfortunately subjecting you to our unedited ramblings, as Erin is on her way out of town and Claire is at San Diego Comic-Con, so our schedules this weekend are a little crazy. Hooray, you get this week’s podcast a few days early! Boo, you have to listen to our unfiltered verbal chaos. But we have so much to scream about, starting with the fact that BILL CADOGAN KILLED BECCA PRAMHEDA OH MY GOD Y’ALL CAN WE SCREAM FOREVER ABOUT MONTY/BECCA, CADOGAN/OCTAVIA PARALLELS PLEASE AND THANK YOU But that wasn’t the only piece of delicious angst we were fed this week by the brilliant Benson sisters, oh no no my friends. Monty saves the day (for a minute), Madi goes rogue, Abby hits rock bottom, Indra is at peak Battle Mom, and there’s no coming back from this for the Blakes. Plus we finally find out why everyone’s so scared of Vinson, we’re beside ourselves with relief that nobody died in that pit (we were REAL worried about Gaia, fam), and we’re delighted th

  • Episode 5x09: Sic Semper Tyrannis

    Episode 5x09: "Sic Semper Tyrannis"

    15/07/2018 Duración: 03h42min

    Hello and welcome back to Meta Station! Our nightmare of biweekly hiatuses has come to an end and now we’re on a runaway train speeding downhill towards the finale, and BOY OH BOY are we excited. How are you guys holding up? Is everyone breathing? Eating? Getting enough sleep? Are we all stressed as fuck about how Abby’s only remaining friend is a serial killer, what the fuck went down during the Dark Year that turned Miller into a Blodreina zealot, how long it’s gonna be before Madi blows up at Clarke for her new “shoot first, ask questions later” parenting style, and whether there’s any chance in hell all three of those characters will somehow magically make it out of the fighting pit alive? Yeah, us too. In the meantime, though, Miranda Kwok hits it out of the park with a stunning hour of television where ALLLLLLLLL the shit that’s been simmering for the past eight episodes (or the past six years) (or the past five seasons) finally starts to explode all over the place, and the show continues to keep c

  • Episode 5x08: How We Get to Peace

    Episode 5x08: "How We Get to Peace"

    30/06/2018 Duración: 03h09min

    Et Tu, Bro-té????? Welcome to our episode recap of “How We Get to Peace,” an episode that was far superior to its weirdly clunky title. But HOLY WORM EXPLOSIONS, BATMAN, what a ride! Apologies in advance that this one’s going up mostly unedited, because it was another weird schedule week, but we didn’t want to make you wait any longer for the chance to come flail with us about all the CRAZY SHIT THAT WENT DOWN. Kara Cooper gets the John-Hurt-in-“Alien” treatment, times a billion! McCreary is back to fuck shit up! Indra gets demoted! Kane is a godfather now! Echo and Raven are friends again! Emori is done being jerked around! Monty and Harper are PEACING OUT (literally)! Abby solves the medical mystery! Bellamy says “mama bear” out loud! Miller is kind of a dick! Vinson is kind of a bro! WORMS ARE EVERYWHERE! Teenage Diyoza used to make out under the bleachers! And Octavia finally gets outplayed at her own game when Big Brother does the one thing we all believed he’d never, ever do! EVERYTHING HAPPENS S

  • Episode 5x07: Acceptable Losses

    Episode 5x07: "Acceptable Losses"

    23/06/2018 Duración: 03h59min

    First things first: Meta Station is raising money for RAICES Texas to help reunite and free immigrant detainee families! We started with a goal of raising $2500, which we BLEW OUT OF THE WATER in less than 24 hour thanks to the enormous generosity of Lola Flanery (Madi), Marie Avgeropoulos (Octavia), and 49 other amazing fans, so now we are just going to see how much money we can raise between now and August 7, when the season finale airs! You can donate to our fundraiser here: Or, if you're outside North America, you can donate directly to RAICES here: If you donate to RAICES directly and still want to be included in our fundraiser, you can DM us a screencap of your donation receipt (here or on Twitter or Tumblr). Crowdrise accepts offline donations, so we can still add you to our total and send you lots of love! ----------- We had LOOOOOOTS to say about this episode!! (*laughs ne

  • Kabby Roundtable With Special Guests!

    Kabby Roundtable With Special Guests!

    13/06/2018 Duración: 03h59min

    Starved for Kabby content since there’s no new episode tonight? WE GOT U, FAM! After many delays caused by travel, book deadlines, and the sheer nonstop vexation of attempting to edit out the background noise caused by recording in a Los Angeles Airbnb with woefully thin walls, THE KABBY ROUNDTABLE PODCAST IS FINALLY HERE! Claire is joined by returning Meta Station guests Brittany of The Afictionados (@brittania_, @theafictionados) and Samantha of TellTaleTV (@samcaseys, @TellTaleTV_) along with new guests Jenn (@abigriffins) and Emily (@ifollowedfires) for three hours of everything from plot analysis to high-pitched squee-flailing on every aspect of the glorious wonderfulness of Season 5 Kabby. We’ll get real about Abby’s addiction storyline, spin some conspiracy theories about weddings and babies, roast each other lovingly on the pronunciation of “Eligius,” and painstakingly catalog every Kabby hug, kiss and touch to unpack our emotions about it. COME JOIN US P.S. if you missed the Bellarke roundtable

  • Episode 5x06: Exit Wounds

    Episode 5x06: "Exit Wounds"

    07/06/2018 Duración: 03h42min

    Hey look! Our 506 pod is here for you on a THURSDAY!! That's because Erin is going to visit Claire tomorrow and Claire is on a work deadline, and therefore we had almost no time to edit, so--apologies in advance for all the ums and likes and that one time when Erin's dog experiences VERY LOUD bronchial distress causing Claire to completely forget what she was talking about. Grab up as much Swiss chard and apples as your arms can carry, because Blodreina is coming for your veggies! 0:00 - This Is EditKru Appreciation Week, Because Now You All Get To Hear What We Sound Like Without Them! 3:40 - Diyoza and McCreary and Kane, Oh My! 9:00 - Echo, Raven, and Shaw: Friends or Foes to Kane? 16:00 - This Is a War Over Power Masquerading As a War Over Resources 23:00 - This Episode Shuffles ALLLLLL the Decks When It Comes to Characters' Presumed Loyalies, and WE LOVE IT 27:30 - Et Tu, Niylah?? 31:30 - HOW MANY TIMES IN ONE EPISODE CAN OUR HEARTS BREAK FOR CLARKE GRIFFIN 34:30 - Clarke and Bellamy Run Smack Into Their

  • Claire and Erin Interview Luisa DOliveira!

    Claire and Erin Interview Luisa D'Oliveira!

    29/05/2018 Duración: 01h18min

    Claire and Erin sat down for an interview with the wise, lovely and hilarious Luisa D'Oliveira and fell immediately and irrevocably in love with her. Join us for a conversation about artistic bravery, how science fiction helps us understand our humanity, the relationship between Emori and John Murphy, her experience playing a chipped version of herself, and how she keeps herself centered in an industry that's so full of constant negative feedback. We want her to be our new 4 a.m. phone call best friend, and after this interview, you will too.

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